Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Water And Ice And Everything Nice

A reader writes about the Bezazian Library at Ainslie and Magnolia: "A water pipe burst in the library parking lot last Monday. City workers came a couple of days ago to inspect it, but nobody since... Gallons of water have been pouring out of the ground for 8 days."

With the cold temps, we hope no one slips and falls on the ice slick that's been forming there. Be careful, folks!


  1. what is the address of this place?

  2. What is the internet?

  3. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. That was Jason and Karl. They'll be here all week. =]

  4. I am working on it! I got that hole filled didn't I? On Winthrop? Hello?

  5. Jason, we who live on Winthrop salute you!

    Yes, the hole at Winthrop and Kenmore is no longer a threat to pedestrians and Mini Coopers, and they seem to be doing something at Winthrop and Leland with the holes that were left by the aborted curb cuts.

    Nice job.

  6. Thanks! That work should be completed soon.

    Work should begin TODAY to fix the water leak at the library. At least there should be no more water gushing.