Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Fix, Bad Sitch

A reader writes: "I made a point of going to Alma Pita for lunch today to show them some love after their break-ins. I was glad to see that the doors to both Alma Pita and Agnes Cleaners had been replaced. Both businesses had to pay for new cash registers since the ones they had -- past-tense -- were ruined by being thrown around the stores. They also had to pay for new doors and board-up service.

"Harjit and Alma told me they were devastated, as was Agnes, because they saw the neighborhood getting so much better lately. Plus, it's slow season, and the money they had to pay out-of-pocket is going to take quite a while to replace. Harjit confirmed that Three Harmony, across the street, had been robbed the same way Saturday night, and Mr. Salsa, too, so he suspects it's a couple thieves making the rounds.

"He will speak to a detective in the next day or so to see what evidence the police were able to collect. Harjit asked me to call the CAPS office and ask about getting a task force together since so many businesses have been robbed in the past few weeks. I was really sad to see this happen to two businesses that have been in Uptown for so long, true Wilson Avenue pioneers."


  1. This makes me incredibly angry. I wish I would have busted them. I walked home from a party about 1 AM and I didn't see anything.

    I hope this doesn't encourage them to put up those ugly gates.

    What is the point of that damn camera??????


  2. We should all be angry that brave retailers who took a chance opening in Uptown are being victimized.

    Dark, empty streets, with very few pedestrians encourage criminal activity.

    Until we get an alderman who is pro-business, who encourages business development by streetscaping, better lighting, who uses real community planning for a Wilson Yard retail center with brightly lit shops, busy restaurants, and Wilson El station that acts as a welcoming hub--we're going to all suffer the consequences.

    It's that simple.

  3. Thanks to alderman S and her ideals about having all the like of undesirable people she like to have hang around in our uptown area and is asking for more...The wilson yard project!!!!! our area is in for a big hit when she is done with giving our uptown a real slap in the face......

  4. "Until we get an alderman who is pro-business, who encourages business development..."

    We still have three years of this woman who uses the ward and ALL its residents to further her interests.

    In the meantime, what options do we average law-abiding, tax-paying citizens (evil condo owners and renters alike) have in the face of these crimes being committed in our community?

  5. Why don't they have alarms? They should get alarms with SUPER loud sirens. Then if I hear them go off I will run down there with a baseball bat!

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again... why don't these places leave their registers open with empty drawers clearly visible on the counter so that anyone who looks in will be assured that there is nothing in the register???

  7. The next aldermanic election is February 2011. Barely 2 years...

    I want a new alderman who:
    ~ Builds bridges not walls
    ~ Leads with heart, not hate
    ~ Sees the "we" not the "us v them"
    ~ Understands the only difference
    between poor and doing-fine is
    the opportunity

    We can make and are making a positive impact right now.