Saturday, December 20, 2008

St. Mary Of The Lake Photos & History

St. Mary of the Lake Parish has been standing in Buena Park since 1901. Many of you may have never set foot inside. A reader tipped us off to the church's website that has some amazing photos as well as a detailed history of the church. Check out the photos here, and the history here.


  1. Those pics are great. If I didn't fear the roof collapsing I might set foot in there.

    Maybe in my next few decades in Uptown.

  2. Irish - I have been a frequent attendee at Masses at SML and have never feared the roof collapsing or any other catastrophe. Over the past several years they have been doing some major upkeep to the sanctuary so as to avoid any accidents.

    See you at Christmas!

  3. well, let me tell you - SMOL is by far one of the most beautiful churches in this city. To think that just about ten years ago the church, I believe, was slated to close. Thank God families and evil condo owners moved into the area. From what I’ve been told attendance has only grown over the years. This is not usually the case. I may be off base….

    So sad however that the Pastor of the church thinks Helen Shiller is a God send and encourages his “flock” to vote for the damn b….

  4. Gayle,

    the roof might collapse at any Church I attended. I get a special dispensation from the Almighty for Weddings and Funerals where my attendance is expected.

    Otherwise, for the safety of myself and others I stay away.

  5. Jimo - To the best of my knowledge SML was never slated for closing. It has always managed to "hold its own" thanks to an active school (many of whose students' parents are not even parishioners, what a shame), its historic status, and a few wealthy old-school Uptowners who have always come through in a pinch. (Several years ago one of them died and left a healthy portion of his estate to the church for renovation purposes.)

    What is really cool about SML is that its congregation is so representative of the Uptown/Buena Park population. At any given Mass you will see senior citizens, yuppies with kids, a few physically or mentally disabled people, probably some homeless, every ethnic group imaginable, all coming together for one Purpose.

    But yes, the current pastor leaves a bit to be desired in the "public relations" department. I much prefer the two assistant priests. BTW one of the assistants for many years was the late Auxiliary Bishop Ed Conway, head of Catholic Charities.

  6. IP,

    Yeah, I understand. I don't go because I tend to burst into flames. I do qualify for the wedding/funral exemption though.