Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clean Slate Keeps Uptown Sidewalks, Streets Clear

A reader writes in:
"I thought I'd share a couple photos. While running errands on 12/19, I noticed the Clean Slate crews working Lawrence and Broadway to clear sidewalks and try to get a handle on the messy intersections and cross-walks.

Arthur in the four-wheeler was eager to pose for a picture. Jay (with the shovel) was a little upset I didn't ask first, but when I did ask, he again was happy to pose the shot with his friend.

I've always had good experiences with the Clean Slate folks. I think they do good work. I'm glad to see them around."


  1. They were out earlier today on Broadway. Very friendly and I appreciate having them in the neighborhood.

  2. I have observed "Clean Slate' for a few months while I work out at world gym. They really seem to be good workers with a good attitude.

  3. Whats the story behind Clean Slate? Is this a service the city pays for? I see them doing things that I would expect Streets and Sanitation to do.

  4. You betcha the do the work that in other area is done by Streets and San. Additional $$ is tacked on area property tax bill.

  5. Leland between Sheridan and Broadway is part of the SSA that pays extra taxes for this service and there has been NO service from any of the storms this year! And we pay for it!

  6. See the website for more info about them...their efforts are really appreciated.

  7. Funny how you people like the homeless/ex offenders when they are cleaning your streets huh?

  8. Ya know Davie,

    I don't mind ex offenders when they are making an actual effort to be productive and contribute to society.

    Which is more than "you people" likely do.

    I believe in the simple things. Like holding the door open for others. Cleaning up my own mess. Not littering. Shoveling the snow. Not robbin' or rapin'.

    Ya know. Being a good citizen and neighbor.

  9. Well Mr. Pirate, it seems like you have out done me. I am glad you recognize what it means to contribute to society and be a good citizen. The qualities you have listed, in order to meet your standards, is quite respectable. Now- if you can, be a good neighbor and help me out! I do need assistance with snow removal at me building Mr Pirate! Arrgh ya said no rapin' ey? Well howa bout ya whistle me that song from the Irish Spring commercial?

  10. David,

    Pleas put the crack pipe down and go back to sleep.

  11. Davy,

    just let me know what gutter you are sleeping in and I'll be glad to toss some snow over you.

    There are also other things that help make one a good citizen.

    Like donating blood. LifeSource loves me because of my negative blood type and positive attitude.

    You however, probably shouldn't donate. I suspect injecting non prescribed drugs would make you ineligible.