Wednesday, December 3, 2008

News-Star: "WAMA Saves Christmas"

Like Sam the Snowman, the holiday-happy narrator in his favorite Claymation Christmas special "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer," Rob Davis wasn't going to let the holidays pass without decking the Wilson Avenue business district.

After receiving word that Special Service Area #34 was suspending Christmas decorations along Broadway in Uptown because of the gloomy economy, Davis got busy. He quickly galvanized the dozen members of WAMA and began soliciting Uptown residents for donations. Enough money was raised to buy reflective beaded chains and ornamental balls to string in the trees along Wilson Avenue between Broadway and Beacon.

"This is something I enjoyed doing since I was a kid," Davis said. "It's about bringing happiness to the community and some sense that it's Christmas."

Davis said that WAMA will continue accepting donations for Christmas decorations through tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 5. After that, any extra money will go into a special fund to promote and improve Wilson Avenue businesses. (For more info, call Davis at 773-561-0324.)

Davis is the founder of WAMA and owns the Unique So Chique Tea and Chocolate Room at 4600 N. Magnolia. He does not resemble the late Burl Ives in either girth or size. Some of our more advanced readers will remember the portly Ives as the performer who voiced Sam the Snowman in Rudolph.

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