Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Parking Permit Abuse From The Ward Office?

A reader writes:

"I am so steamed about the explanation from the alderman's office about parking permits and how they get in the hands of Truman students. My BS meter is way off the charts.

There is a building that was rezoned (without community notification) at the corner of Leland and Kenmore. The owners of the restaurant at this corner are regularly given permit parking stickers from the alderman's office for their customers, while the residents who paid for their permanent stickers have to battle for space."


  1. So Shiller's office admitted that "there were instances they neglected to ask for proof of residency when selling daily permit parking passes"

    Who wants to bet that by "instances" they really mean ALL THE TIME.

  2. This is why I am against any parking permit requirements on my street near Truman College. They are merely another tax on residents without any tangible benefits. I've never seen someone in Uptown handing out parking tickets the way they do in Lakeview or Lincoln Park.

  3. Cowboy, sorry but that's silly. There are problems now, sure, but if there were no permit requirement in place the problem would be ten times worse with all the Truman students coming in.

    And if you think parking tickets should be handed out, call 911. I've done it before when I saw unpermited cars on my block. The police send someone right out because they are anxious for the revenue.

  4. Not to mention but I see people from that restaurant litter on that block of Kenmore all the time. I was dumbfounded when two men, seeing me standing right there, just walked up to their car, tossed their trash on the curb and drove off. I've seen people leave take-out containers full of food from that restaurant also on the curb.

  5. The woman lied and she's been caught (again). The pathetic thing is that she probably doesn't even care that we know she lied.

  6. The parking permits have eased parking on Kenmore during concerts. The pickings are slim, but at least I can find a spot on Kenmore during Aragon Concerts.

    I think the permits were well worth it, even if there is abuse.