Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Abandoned Baby In Uptown

A newborn baby girl was found in an unheated vestibule of an apartment in the 1000 block of West Sunnyside. The baby is reported to be only days old, but is fortunately "taking nourishment and seems to be in good condition."

Thanks to the many UU readers that forwarded on this information and links to articles.

There were several news outlets reporting this story including NBC5, Chicago Breaking News (Tribune, WGN, CLTV), ABC7, CBS2.


  1. Well, the Judge in the Baby Wilson case pretty much sent the message to the youth of Uptown that this isn't that serious of a crime, in fact it's not even really a crime. It's more of a mistake without consequences.

    Baby Wilson, Baby Sunnyside...
    We ought to thank this Judge soon we could have Babies named after every street in Uptown.

  2. You hit the nail on the head.

  3. I can see the commercial now..

    Have you tried abortion? What about adoption? Sick of the hassle of dropping your unwanted kids off at fire departments, police stations, and churches?

    Well then your in luck! Come to Uptown, lacking personal responsibility and accountability since 1987!

  4. Do you really think the girl who left the child there is familiar with the Baby Wilson case?


    What needs to be publicized is that newborns can be dropped off at Police Stations, Firehouses and hospitals with no fear of criminal charges.

  5. While it may be "Unlikely" that whomever left the baby was familiar with the baby Wilson case they sure seem to be familiar with the lack of consequence in our Justice system.

    Heck, I will even give the mother the benefit of the doubt that maybe something tragic happened to her as well. But the lack of respect for law and order in this town is mind blowing.

  6. I think we should push to have a baby abondoning center put into the Wilson Yard project.

  7. Good Idea WCE! The "good" news is that the kids will only have to take the elevator to the lobby to drop the kid off. Don't even have to go outside. If Target takes LINK, then just place the baby in a basket and leave by the diapers.

    For those that may be slow...the above post is sarcasm.

  8. There are monsters in our midst.

  9. "But the lack of respect for law and order in this town is mind blowing."

    As if such a character deficit was totally unique to Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, or the entire United States.

    Type the following into your Google (News) searchline: "Abandoned baby found"

    The Chicago incident appears at the top, but there are many other instances of abandoned babies throughout the United States. Yes, it's a darned big and complicated world out there, too complicated to be dismissed with pat comments like "There are monsters in our midst."

  10. i hate to admit it, but im with bj and irish pirate on this one, guys...

  11. Knowing nothing about this girl - or the mother of Baby Wilson - I have a hard time assuming either had malicious intentions.

    The problem isn't how the justice system handles these cases, but how our society fails to educate young women about family planning, or...gasp...birth control.

    However, have you checked the price of birth control lately? I imagine it's a luxury for many Americans, especially teens.

  12. "However, have you checked the price of birth control lately? I imagine it's a luxury for many Americans, especially teens."

    Very good point.

  13. *The problem isn't how the justice system handles these cases, but how our society fails to educate young women about family planning, or...gasp...birth control.*

    ooohhhhhhhh..... this statement just chapped my butt......

    Let me start out by saying it takes two to tango.

    Second...ohhhhh I am counting to ten now....

  14. There was a line Tina Fey delivered on SNL Weekend Update that went something like this:

    "remember girls your mouths can't get pregnant".

    I think I'm done for the day.

  15. 30 days in the click might "educate" someone as to why it is wrong to abandon a child like that. I can't belive that you can say 'society has failed'.

    I have said enough... I don't want to say any more or I might get banned from UU forever....

  16. True, IP but your mouth can catch alot of other things.


  18. For another "take" on the problem of abandoned babies check out my post under "Baby it's cold outside." (P.S. That song is one of the most disgusting "holiday" offerings on the Christmas music stations!)

  19. Jason: Yea...putting a 15 year old girl in jail is the most responsible way to make sure she grows up to be a productive member of society, not to mention to cost to taxpayers for keeping her incarcerated.

    And, can you name a place that offers free birth control that a 15-year-old from Uptown can get to, and enter without a parent or guardian?

  20. "As if such a character deficit was totally unique to Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, or the entire United States."

    Um..BJ, I live in Uptown, Chicago, that is why I generalize my comments to Uptown, Chicago. You should try it sometime.

    And Jane.."but how our society fails to educate young women about family planning"

    What??? Society?? How did anyone I know ever make it without the Village sending me my sex-ed booklet?? Damn "Society", how dare you victimize these poor girls and leave these babies for dead.

  21. "And, can you name a place that offers free birth control that a 15-year-old from Uptown can get to"

    Yes it's called the Abstinence Clinic. Imagine that??

    It's on the same street as the bank that won't give you a lone if your credit score sucks and you have no down payment.

  22. *15 year old girl*

    Do you already know the person who did this? I never heard any report that she was a 15 year old girl.

    I gues you are right, it is easier for a 15 year old to buy crack in Uptown then get a condom.

    Even most animals don't abandon thier young. So don't give me this 'society' BS. "Gee, I will just leave this baby here so it will die a slow painful death...." Nice. Way to blame society for.... never mind. I love beating tree-huggers and liberals with dead baby seals...

  23. Jason-

    I think the "15 year old" comment refers to "Baby Wilson."

  24. Rather than being able to afford birth control, I'm wondering if the bigger concern is that a 15 year old is having sexual intercourse? At 15, I was nervous about having my first little kiss.

  25. When I was in high school (graduated in 95), kids were having sex at 13 and 14. We had sex ed, but it wasn't very practical, it was just the biology of it. There was no talk of safer sex or birth control.

    I think education at a young age (puberty - 12 or 13) is key. We can't just say, "well we didn't do it at that age, so our kids won't." That's really naive. Especially with the risk of HIV and other STD's, let alone pregnancy.

  26. It's tragic, that some girls feel their only option is to 'drop' an unwanted infant somewhere, especially a dangerous location.
    It's not an Uptown issue....it's a country wide issue, and the bottom line is these kids need to know that their parent(s) support them.

    I think in these cases the parents of these young mothers have failed them.

  27. Thank you, marathonman.

    CPS offers no sex ed. Some schools bring in abstinence training, which however ideal, is a ridiculous notion in our sexualized society. Have you turned on MTV lately?

    Sure, parents should ultimately be responsible, but that's apparently not happening. The cycle of teenage parenthood - often coupled with poverty - will continue unless society does something.

  28. However, have you checked the price of birth control lately? I imagine it's a luxury for many Americans, especially teens.

    Please, it's called Planned Parenthood. They, and clinics like them have been offering low-cost, and many times, FREE birth control all for years, without questions. I'm so sick of all the coddling and deflecting of personal responsibility. If these poor little 'kids' can't be bothered to take their precious time to visit a clinic because they are 'grown' and can have sex now... perhaps they deserve to face the consequences of their actions.

  29. Jane, I think society can only do so much.
    Look at the failed Nebraska 'child drop off' law.

    The very idea that a child is unconditionally supported, no matter what, can only come from a parent.

  30. Regardless of the situation, there is absolutel NO excuse to leave a baby alone to die. Absolutely none. I don't care how old these 'kids' are. Unless they have the mental functioning of a car tire, they KNOW the difference between right and wrong.

    God bless this little baby girl, I hope she ends up finding a better life than her birth machine was willing to provide. Sorry, I can't call her a 'mother' as procreating doesn't a mother or a father make.

  31. Yes indeed, that is stating the obvious.

    This 'kid' was no 'mother' in the traditional sense.

    What made her think that the idea that she could 'dump' an infant in a cold hallway?

    Hello Mom....Hello Dad?

  32. I also think religion is somewhat to blame. The ideal that you should practice abstinence or wait until marriage for sex is not practical or realistic. Then, teens end up feeling ashamed and guilty over their sexuality and desire. They can't talk to their parents or a reasonable adult about the issues. They probably don't even know about planned parenthood or where to get condoms.

    Is this something we should try to address with community organizations such as Alternatives? It seems like such a thorny issue when you have such a strong conservative, religious establishment to fight against. Hopefully with all the liberals in this city, it won't be too difficult.

  33. Oh believe me, I do blame this girl's parents 150%. They are just as responsible.

    It amazes me that you have to have a license and training to drive a car, but any moron can be a parent.

    It boggles my mind, and terrifies me to think of how many people are being raised by ignorant 'parent's' to have no personal responsibility and be completely absolved of any comprehension of morality. The selfishness boggles my mind.

    And I do consider this a very selfish act. Who cares if the baby freezes, or dies of thirst and hunger? Whatever! I just don't want to get caught! It's all about MEEEE!

  34. Religion is usually always to blame, when it comes to 21st century logic-off-course discussions.
    Was it just this week, that the Pope equated homosexuality as prime a threat, as global warming?
    Come on.

    There's a reason that there is a separation of church and state.

    Smart parenting should trump this nonsense.

  35. I'm agreeing with marathonman on this one. The bottom line is that we have had two abandoned babies in Uptown this year and that indicates a serious problem. This issue of where someone can get free birth control or comprehensive education about sex in Uptown is key.

    I do not know but I know that some of our fellow readers do. So, please share! How about the community health clinic on Wilson? And what is the status of birth control in the public schools these days?

    If the options are scarce, I think this is the kind of issue that be worked on no matter what our differences. While I personally think that getting education services and free birth control in the hands of people who need it is key, also talking about the issues with unwanted pregnancies matters also. Anyone with a pulse would agree that wrapping a baby in a plastic bag or leaving a baby in a freezing vestibule is wrong. I think you have to get people considering what they would or would not do if it happened to them BEFORE it ever does. When you are scared and stuck with an unwanted pregnancy is not the time to be making clear and responsible decisions. And especially where children are concerned, it is the responsibility of adults to enable children to make the best decisions that they can. It's not "fair" that might have to do that intensely for my own children and then pitch in when other parents may have failed, but so it is. There are things that "society" can do and I think we must do them.

  36. "I also think religion is somewhat to blame. The ideal that you should practice abstinence or wait until marriage for sex is not practical or realistic."

    Who says abstinence has to be for moral purposes? Abstinence was started by the church, but for financial purposes. The church was giving away it's land to it's parishioners and the only way to slow down the loss of it's land was to include abstinence.

    Why not teach Abstinence for financial reasons? How about we start teaching kids and ADULTS the financial burden of raising kids. The burden not only on them, but the burden we tax payers pay in a welfare state.

    It is easy to blame "religion" or "society" for the pith of society but without the charities of these organizations a lot more babies and people would be on the street. I am sorry if they hurt your feeling MM1977 as a homosexual man but remember homosexuality just became mainstream in the last 20 years and not all of America grew up in Chicago. Give the rest of the country, and religion a few years to catch up to our Moral Superiority.

  37. I'd have to check it out but I remember reading somewhere that birthrates for women are going down in western countries (for poor women too.) I think teenage pregnancy is down too and some think it is because girls are aware what having a baby young may do to their future. I'll see if I have some time to post some links cuz I am just talkin' outta my arse right now! :)

    But, Chip, I think that education about what it takes to raise a child is useful information for people to have in general. I don't know if it would change a young person's sexual behavior, but it might affect their choices with birth control. I am sure so many kids think, "oh, just this once will be fine..."

  38. chip my man...I'm truly surprised you're so willing to excuse, apologize, and give the benifit of the doubt to religious for their bigotry yet so quick to judge others when you don't even know all the circumstances.

  39. I did not grow up in Chicago, I grew up in a small town in upstate NY. I really think there are parallels between my struggles with sexuality and the women that I am friends with. The Christian myth tells women they can be one of two Mary's...either a whore or a virgin. They don't get the opportunity to have their sexuality and their spirituality unless they wait until marriage. As a gay man, I don't have any options other than hell.

    I know it's easy for you to fliply say that "my feelings were hurt" by religion, but you really don't understand the depression and anxiety that goes along with growing up gay and Roman Catholic in a small town. Why do you think teen suicide rates are so high among the gay youth?

    I'm glad to hear that you haven't had to deal with these struggles and abstinence comes so easy to you, Chip. I wouldn't wish these issues on anyone, but the reality of it is that it's out there - small town, big city, everywhere. I can agree with you on one point, the cause of the issues (religion or society) is not as important as the solutions.

    I don't agree with you on just telling people to be abstinent, though. That's not realistic. I think education and the free or low cost availability of birth control are the real solution.

  40. "I think education and the free or low cost availability of birth control are the real solution."

    I agree MM1977. I do feel for you on the homosexuality issue as well. I just cant fault the church for sticking with there beliefs the same way i can't fault gay men and women for being gay.

    Bradley my original post said.."Heck, I will even give the mother the benefit of the doubt that maybe something tragic happened to her as well."
    So it would appear not only do I give religion the benefit of the doubt but also whomever birthed this baby as well.

    Sassy or Saskia...you always make good counter points.

  41. :) Thanks, Chip. Of course what we both know as parents is that once you have kids this is one part of your life that really changes!!! If these crazazy kids only knew...

  42. Eeek - having kids! Yeah, that's not in my future! :)

    I'm happy to hear that you agree, Chip, I thought you were saying that abstinence was the only solution. I'm sure that you and Sassy will do a great job communicating with your kids on these topics - and I'm not jealous. I can't imagine how awkward those conversations are!!! It's no wonder parents don't talk about it.

  43. The list of dangerous items with a present trend towards a future where they will be banned from schools.

    1) soft drinks
    2) junk food snacks

    The list of dangerous items already banned in schools.

    1) firearms
    2) basketball rims; backboards are ok

    But the real problem is that there isn't enough family planning and sexual education in schools. Also, prophylactics are far too expensive.

    All of the above is total nonsense. Sexual intercourse has real risk associated with it. It's incredible risk when you pair it with teenage or preteenage youth that are remarkably poor at assessing risk of any kind at their respective ages. However, "they're going to do it, so why don't we make it safe."

    The relativists have buried themselves in contradictions. If "they're going to do it" should we make sterilization an option to boys and girls in the reproductive stages of their early lives. You know, it's like a polio shot which we already give to children by law. It could save their lives. Even the price would come down as we eliminate a barrier for market entry.

    Or, we could take another look at our culture where life begins at 18 and realize that a good portion of the population has their adult life start well before that.

    Or, we could just tell reproductive age children that intercourse is very risky behavior that can damage your long term health, both physically and mentally. We could tell them that sexual intercourse really is wrong at that age because the entire construct of our society says that that age is one where all sorts of risk can throw you off the expected course of 18 years old and off on life you go. Make the best of it.

    I'm cool with making it loud and clear about the safe, anonymous drop off points, but I'd love to build a consensus to teach more people that when you're pregnant you really are responsible for both heartbeats and that other minor issue of the father is pretty darn important as well.

  44. There is a Planned Parenthood right off the Red Line by Loyola. They offer low-price (and maybe free depending on your income) birth control. Problem is, they don't get any funding with the abstinence only push.

  45. ALSO -- how did nobody (family, friends, teachers) realize that these girls/women have been pregnant and not offer any help? Anyone notice someone who was pregnant and now is no longer?!

  46. Too bad that sometime in the last couple decades we decided that public or private homes for unwed mothers, where they could get "three hots and a cot," medical care and adoption information and support were somehow a bad idea.

    Probably dreamed up by the same folks who thought that "dumping" mentally ill people on the street rather than keeping them in (well-run) supervised situations was somehow good for society.
    However awful the old Manteno, IL facility may have been, I shudder to think what the alternative would have done to my aunt back in the 60's.

  47. Good point, Gayle, but I actually believe the mentally ill homes (and I learned this from someone who researches and writes on the subject) were closed after pro-civil liberties people thought they were too restrictive to the mentally ill and won that fight. Sometimes you think you're winning, and you actually lose.

  48. Sorry chip, I guess the sarcasim dripping from all your other comments distracted me.