Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sneak Peek At Unique So Chique

"When what to my wondering eyes did appear...... but holiday ornaments, in Uptown - right here!" Wilson Area Merchants Association (WAMA) is putting out the call for business owners to invest in decorations to make the upcoming holiday season festive (and hopefully profitable). Read the previous post here. They've put out a little appetizer in the trees in front of Unique So Chique to give businesses an idea what's available. Check 'em out!

We've heard rumblings that the SSA will not be putting up traditional wreathes this year (although nothing official has been announced; it's all hearsay at this point). But there's the distinct possibility that the WAMA decorations will be the only ones in Uptown this year. Definitely something to keep in mind. We strongly urge all businesses who can afford to invest in the decorations to do so.

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