Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Reminder Regarding Car Break-Ins

A reader writes in with a reminder for everyone:
"Wanted to let you know that our neighbors car had the window smashed out and items were stolen from inside their car on 11/18/08. It was during the night while people were sleeping. The car was not on the street and in their parking spot next to the building.

Please advise Uptown residents to beware and not keep items in cars.

Specifically this occurred in the 800 block of Ainslie. I am not sure if there were multiple incidents or just this one car. A police report was filed."


  1. I've seen broken window glass on the ground twice on Winthrop around the 4700 block. People shouldn't leave valuables in plain sight, especially laptops, portable GPS systems and MP3 players. Those are the most common items stolen from a parked vehicle.

  2. I also witnessed a car on Sheridan, close to Cuyler with its passenger window shattered on the way to the train this morning.

  3. Last night I was coming home around midnight and saw a woman walking down the sidewalk peering into parked cars on the 4600 block of Winthrop. I called 911.

  4. That was my girlfriend! She was trying to find her friends car!!!!
    I had to bail her out this morning!

  5. Such incidents are part and parcel of living in the city--especially neighborhoods like Uptown--and parking your car on the street and even in private, albeit unsecured, locations.

    With the failing economy and rising unemployement, such incidents will likely increase. Even if Uptown residents become more vigilant about not leaving personal items in plain sight, there will be many more motorists from different area codes who park in the neighborhood and don't.

  6. "With the failing economy and rising unemployement,"

    Oh that is why this is happening. Damn white collar workers breaking in to cars because they got laid off. They must have been hoarding stereos for years just waiting for the Dow Jones to fall.

    Wow and here I was all set to blame the lazy thug criminals who have been roaming the streets for years in Uptown.

    I didn't even think to blame Bob who used to work in the office. Thanks Bob!

  7. Chip: Don't be such a moron to discount the many kids and young adults who--facing a lack of job opportunities in our failing economy--will resort to this type of crime.

    Yeesh. But I realize your intent was to make me look like a fool more than to make sense.

  8. Chip doesn't need any help in that department, Billy Joe. You do a great job of looking like a fool on your own.

    Chip - why provoke the troll? Don't you want to be a good boy and get your Chrismaramahanakwanzakkuh presents this year? I thought our New Years Resolution for 2008 was to ignore him?

    PS. That's all I've got to say, he won't provoke me into further dialogue, no matter how insipid the remarks.

  9. I like BillyJoel! Provides a little balance to this blog.

  10. "With the failing economy and rising unemployement, such incidents will likely increase."

    billyjoe, are you suggeting that poverty and crime might somehow be associated? I would have thought you would be in the "poor people are not criminals" camp.

    I'll completely fall on the floor in disbelief if you tell us that you're against Ald. Helen Shiller's plan to concentrate even more poverty in the Wilson Yard area.

  11. billyjoe

    Different blog, same result...