Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Hurry Here

Almost a year after a fire tore through several units in the Gill-Park Co-operative at Broadway and Grace, we thought we would stop by to see if the units had been repaired. Nope. Plywood and charred markings are still easily visible on the outside of the building after almost a YEAR. Any guesses as to why this hasn't been repaired? Does anyone know if people are living in the boarded-up units now?


  1. This building is a co-op. Meaning no one really owns their unit...just a share of the building. I am guessing the entire building is cash strapped and can't afford to pay for the repairs. Sucks for the occupants of those units and the units next to them. I am surprised the city allows this to happen in a non-city owned high rise.

  2. This is a 100% low income/subsidized building. (To the tune of $3million plus last year.)

    Get used to it, this is Helen/Peter's idea of mixed use.

  3. I thought this was an artistic rendering of the Wilson Yard housing?

    My mistake.

  4. Hey, if Kenmore/ Winthrop was "Arson Alley" in the 1970's, until the greedy condo owners cleaned up the mess, just wait till the new wave of mean condo owners has to buy out the dilapidated Wilson Yard about 20 years...

  5. I heard they're holding off repairs as a rumored rehab effort is in development.

  6. So is the Uptown Chicago Commission or any of its allied organizations ging to do anything? Or just sit and whine and use this as "proof" about how horrible Ald. Shiller is?

    Whoever wants to be the next alderman should work to fix this problem in some positive would sway a number of votes away from Shiller.

  7. CrewDude is right -- it's OWNED by the residents. They don't seem to have th cash to fix it.

    With all of the real estate people and profressionals in Uptown, no one can be tapped to help the co-op get the financing to fix it?

    Also -- what is the record of fires in high rises in Uptown?

    It seems to me that the "low income" buildings of 4640 N. Sheridan, and the senior building 4645 N. Sheridan have had fewer problems (as far as units burning)than the condo building of 4343 N. Clarendon in the past decade or so.

    BTW, Wilson Yards might be similar to 4640 & 4645 in terms of people, but SMALLER (i.e. far fewer units)!

  8. JP, why on earth would the UPTOWN Chicago Commission use its resources to help a privately-owned co-op in LAKEVIEW?

    Maybe they should help out the Loop and your very own 6th Ward as well. I guess maybe, in your world, they should do something about the drug problems in Belleville and the governor's mansion in Springfield, too.

    How long has it been since you've lived in Uptown? And remind us why you moved to the South Side when you moved from Rogers Park?

    Home may be where the heart is, but your manipulative contempt for anyone who disapproves of Ald. Shiller is really irritating, especially since you don't have any skin in the Uptown game and haven't for many years.

  9. Thanks for this post. I remember the fire and I look at this eyesore every day as I view south from my building. I was recently trying to figure out how long it had been since this fire took place (and when/if repairs will ever follow) and UU comes through!