Thursday, November 13, 2008

News-Star: "Uptown's Search For Solutions To Crime"


Sequels are often less exciting than the original. Monday night's sequel to last summer's town hall public safety meeting in Uptown proved to be anticlimactic. At July's first town hall meeting, more than 400 Uptown residents packed the Truman College cafeteria after a rash of neighborhood shootings. Only half as many attended the follow-up meeting on Monday night. Attendees were asked to sign up for working groups to address public safety in Uptown.

Read the entire article here. And here are Greg Harris's meeting minutes that he sent out via email:


  1. Is that Rep. Greg Harris in the pic, or Greg Harris doing his best Charlie Brown impersonation?

  2. He looks like something out of star trek... "Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here in the 46th ward!" haha.

  3. I need a vacation, i had the same thought as BJ. Ahhhh!

    Seriously though thanks for all the help Rep Harris.

  4. We are just kidding, in ca you read this. Well, maybe not BJ

  5. Michael Stripe.


    Ok. I'll keep my day job.

    And, yes, we are only kidding. This wouldn't be a thread on Uptown Update without a little snarkiness.

  6. He looks like a fairly respectable bald-headed fellow.

    On the other hand .... there's this:

    (Check out Google Images for more.)

  7. Greg looking like Michael Strip, heh? I think he'll chuckle over that one.

    I said this in an earlier posting that was already getting old, so forgive me for repeating:

    If you are going to serve on a committee, I urge you to seek 4 things:
    1. Insist that your committee meet during early evening hours in order to encourage more resident participation.
    2. Find a consistent time to meet (please avoid having it conflict with CAPS meetings). This way, people can make easier arrangements to attend.
    3. Your interventions should be grounded in the use of best practices that have been used successfully elsewhere. This also includes a way to objectively measure the successes of the interventions.
    4. Keep the activities of the meeting open for public review. There are tons of experts out there who can't come to the meeting but they have wonderful ideas. Also, keeping it open makes the process transparent, which is sorely needed in this ward and the city.

    As we all know, meetings in Uptown can sometimes be polarizing and I think the above ideas may help the committees to focus and accomplish more.

  8. Has anyone received any emails from the last meeting? I signed up to participate in a committee and have not heard anything. I am a concerned neighbor of Uptown and anxious to help others build a better community. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.