Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dog Found On Kenmore

UPDATE from the reader who notified us about the dog: "Dog and owner were reunited late this afternoon. When you see a number of neighbors take time out from their busy day to accomplish this happy ending, it's a testament to how caring and responsive our wonderful community is. Thank you all."

A reader writes in:

"Dog found around 8:00am today, Thurs., Nov. 13 on the 4300 block of Kenmore with no collar, tags or chip. Female - all black around 40-50 pounds. Friendly. Call 773 525 XXXX for more info."


  1. When walking past the south corner of Sheridan and Broadway the other day, I noticed a sign for a lost dog that I believe was black and had big ears, but I'm pretty sure it was a male because the dog's name was Sebastian. Probably not the same dog, but it might be worth checking out. I'm not in the neighborhood now so I can't run out to check the flier, but maybe someone else who is there can post the info.

    Good luck! Hope she gets back to her home.

  2. There were two little dogs black and white and some brown, on the Eisenhower East Bound just West of Harlem yesterday. (they did not make it accross the Eisenhower, sadly), they looked like small beagles with pointed noises) Just in case someone is looking for them

  3. Thank you to everyone who helped in the return of the dog found on Kenmore. Her name is Madison and she is currently resting following her adventure today. I always thought this was a great neighborhood and today proved that even more so. It is fantastic knowing that we live in a neighborhood with people that care about each other. Any number of people could have easily looked the other way when a loose dog is running around. But thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, Madison was taken care of, fed, given a temporary home and returned to me before the end of the day. Thank you all again, specifically Doris and Kent for helping Madison and even more for helping me in finding Madison. It is very much appreciated and will not be forgotten.