Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uptown: Portrait of a Palace on WTTW Saturday

Screening Alert from WTTW: Gorge on leftover Halloween candy in the comfort of your own warm home and tune into Channel 11 at 9:30pm on Saturday, November 1st for a beautifully produced documentary about the Uptown Theatre.

Details: WTTW11 and Image Union present
Uptown: Portrait of a Palace

Description: Two Northwestern filmmakers tell the story of the shuttered Uptown Theatre, named one of "America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1998. In exploring the landmark's past and potential future, they take you on a breathtaking tour through one of the city's most beautiful venues unused and unavailable for Chicagoans. Meet members of the community working to open the theatre's doors and change the face of the Uptown community.


  1. thanks, interestingly enough i don't see it through my tivo scheduling ...

  2. I saw the documentary on the big screen a few years back at the Portage Theater.

    The Uptown is magnificent. I hope one day to see it restored.

  3. Folks interviewed include Ald. Mary Ann Smith, Ric Addy of Shake Rattle and Read Bookstore (which is right next door to the Uptown), and "Dave the Doorman." Dave's the caretaker, and you may have seen him working out in front of the theatre, cleaning, sweeping, and performing general maintenance.

  4. The listing should be under "Image Union" at 9:30pm on WTTW11.