Sunday, October 5, 2008

Register To Vote By October 7th

One of the first things we learned when we moved to Uptown was that everyone has strong political opinions, and that includes the folks who snooze in the local bus shelters. (Check out the luggage of this person we saw a month or so ago at Wilson and Hazel.)

So we know you're already registered to vote, but if you know someone who wants to vote in the November election and needs to register, there are still a couple days left to get on with it. People can register at several places:
  • Downtown at the Chicago Election Board (69 W Washington) on Monday, October 6 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and Tuesday, October 7 (8 a.m. to midnight)
  • Ald. Shiller's office (4554 N Broadway, Monday only, 10 - 5)
  • Ald. Schulter's office (4237 N Lincoln Avenue ), regular business hours (9 - 5 Monday & Tuesday)
Contact the Chicago Board of Elections for more information.


  1. I know your going to take a hit for this picture but I must say......CLASSIC!

  2. I thought the same thing....but hey, it's reality up here.
    Like the cow sculptures, a few years back on Michigan our Alderman's eyes, it's 'OK' that this exists up here in Uptown.

  3. That photo definitely inspires me to make sure everyone is registered to vote.

  4. Make no excuses! Early voting starts MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 AT TRUMAN COLLEGE

    ...and as you can see many other locations!

    Time for change!