Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puptown Fundraiser A Success

Ah-oooooo! The good-sported dogs of our community participated in the Saturday, October 18th Eighth Annual Howl-o-ween Costume Contest supporting Puptown dog park in Margate Park. 75 dogs, and over 200 canine guardians and onlookers, attended the event supported by area businesses such as the Bark Bark Club, Broadway restaurants like Crew and Fat Cat, and about two dozen other community businesses.

Proceeds totalled nearly $2,000 (corrected amount) to help maintain the park and support future improvements. Alderman Mary Ann Smith helped judge the contest, reportedly announcing it was one of her most difficult tasks given the whimsy and creativity of the dozens of dogs and dog guardians present, who all deserved prizes. She's a perennial judge and a constant supporter of all activities in the parks in her district, and promises to return next year as usual.

This was Puptown's eighth annual community event and, even in this economy, the most successful fundraiser ever. The park district funding for dog-friendly areas are limited, and our very own Puptown is one of the city's most proactive to support and maintain their park. Come by any Saturday and watch the average Joe scoop poop, sweep gravel, rake leaves, and spray disinfectant ... all a volunteer joy. But the effort to support dog-friendly areas helps keep dogs from running loose for exercise, marking our lawns and the human park areas themselves. As evidenced by our Uptown park, areas like Puptown have acted as neighborhood watch groups in areas that were once much more occupied with loitering, drug activity, and a pastiche of other crime. Kudos to the canines!

Pictured here is Chloe of Magnolia Avenue, paying tribute to all the CPD who work so hard to safeguard our communities.

Update: Another reader adds that many more photos of the dogs and owners who participated in the event are here. "Any pics bought online from this gallery will have proceeds that go directly to Puptown, so that's pretty cool, too." (Psst! Superhero Honey is #19 on the list of photos. She placed second in the best storebought costume category.)

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  1. I did see this dog. About 25 feet behind it was the dog dressed in the Couraj outfit making sure the pd dog didn't bite a gangbanger.