Saturday, October 11, 2008

Schwinn-g! No Pedal, Just Metal

It took months of repeated 311 calls, but this long-abandoned rusty bike frame is about to make its final journey. A reader writes: "Walking back from dinner tonight, we saw that this bike had been tagged for removal. Awesome."

With all this sudden "home improvement" in the Wilson and Broadway area, we do declare we feel quite faint. Smelling salts, anyone?


  1. It's almost a little embarrassing that we Uptown residents get elated when a little bit of work gets done in the neighborhood. Could you imagine residents in our neighboring wards putting up with this crap for as long as we have?

  2. We've had scrap metal collectors steal the chain off our dumpster at least 3 times and yet know one was willing to cut the lock to collect 15 pounds of Huffy steal. There really is an education gap in this country.

  3. There are a few more bikes around the hood that are labeled for pickup.

  4. Other wards it's one call from the alderman, job done. Here in the 46th it's a few hundred calls to 311, job done.

    Cheers on another small victory showing progress CAN and WILL get done regardless of Shillers lack of participation.

    ~Remember the Squeeky wheel gets the Grease!

    Apparently even long after the wheels have fallen off!

  5. I called one in last April and called again on the same abandoned bike (just parts of the frame were left) last August. Glad it's finally getting picked up!

  6. Don't think Helen is finally allowing this ward clean up because of community calls to 311 or a sudden warming in her heart toward the community.

    No doubt she's thinking that the "big Target announcement" may bring reporters to film their story in Uptown.

    Expect a lot of sprucing up around the ward for Helen's own personal and political gain. The community is just a minor annoyance at this point. This is Helen's big moment, not ours.