Monday, October 27, 2008

Fix Wilson Yard: Lawsuit To Be Filed Within 30 Days

Hello All,

Concern has arisen in the Uptown community regarding the alleged progression of the Wilson Yard development as described in recent Crain's articles. Regardless of any of these articles, the Fix Wilson Yard organization has a litigation plan which in no way is altered by these reports.

Prior to the financing article, the Fix Wilson Yard group had decided to temporarily cut back on our public presentations and place 100% focus on finalizing the lawsuit. The lawsuit will be filed within the next 30 days.

The City of Chicago has been put on notice that Fix Wilson Yard intends to file a lawsuit against the City for several violations surrounding the Wilson Yard Redevelopment Plan. Please be aware, the existence/non-existence of a big-box retailer or financing for the development in no way alters the focus of our litigation.

We believe that the recent activity by the City and Holsten is a direct result of the strength of our impending lawsuit and the strength and unity shown by the Uptown community against this development. Fix Wilson Yard is monitoring the situation closely and will take any actions necessary to counter any developments as they arise. We appreciate your continued support during this brief period of "public" silence. Please know we are continually hard at work to secure the vibrant future of Uptown. We promise to keep you updated on the status of the lawsuit and how your support will be needed.

Many thanks,

Molly Phelan
Fix Wilson Yard


  1. Tear'm apart, Tiger!
    Molly for mayor!!

  2. This ain't gonna be easy.

    Daley ain't gonna let his TIF's be attacked without one hell of a legal and/or extralegal fight.

    Witness his over the top response to Assessor Houlihan's suggestion of sending TIF money back to the taxing districts to alleviate tax increases.

    Nope, this is gonna be expensive and nasty. "Da mare" is an aged spoiled brat who thinks the city belongs to him, his family and his cronies in that order. In a very real sense TIF's are what let him spend money and garner aldermanic support while feeding his family and friends at the taxpayer trough.

  3. Fighting is the right thing to do, however I don't believe their is an honest Judge in Cook county when essentially you are going against DaMares personal slush fund.

    With that said good luck and I will donate once again.

  4. This will certainly help shed light on the mess that is the TIF program, and also on Helen Schiller's sloppy governance.

  5. Pirate,

    Does Wilson Yard fall under the catagory of "Spreading the Wealth?"

    I can't help but draw comparisons to this and other projects spearheaded across the country. If this isn't redistribution what is it? If we are fighting this on the local level why are we excepting it from a presidential canidate?

    This is the same thing. TIFS are redistribution of wealth. How come no one is talking about this?

  6. I would have to take exception to this comment above and hope this doesn't degenerate into another one of those catty blog threads.

    I find the generalization of 'redistribution' somewhat unhelpful. I support helping those in need and like living in a diverse neighborhood. However, I feel that without adequate support and oversight, poorly-run and -managed housing allows small numbers of people to make life miserable and dangerous for those it is designed to help. Clearly, the CHA and its affiliated organizations have not been successful in cleaning up a number of buildings in our community, and have inadequate support from the politicians (funding for staff, checking of criminal records, drug screening, etc.).

    Furthermore, TIFs appear mainly designed to allow aldermen to have their own unsupervised pet projects of all kinds that are often ill-conceived and merely suck our hard-earned tax money away from schools, police, etc. It's not redistributing anything to the needy - it's just redistributing the money back to the mayor and those who fawn all over him.

  7. Digger, thanks for trying to clear it up, but I call a spade a spade and Wilson Yard is what it is, a redistribution of wealth. Is it not taking money from one economical group and sending it to another?

    Wait until we have the Mount Laurel Doctrine as a national law. Then cases like Molly's won't see the light of day.

  8. Chippie,

    we are talking a hyperlocal issue. Not national issues.

    As for redistribution take a look around the web and find out what the McCainiac said in 2000. Pretty much the Obama position of today.

    Taxes are what we pay for a decent society. When Palin criticized Biden for saying paying taxes was patriotic, she obviously forgot of the taxes that go to pay the cost of the body armor her son wears in Iraq.............etc etc etc.

    Now let's please keep the issue on Wilson Yard. Only 8 more days till Obama ascends to sit at the right hand of the father and lead this nation. Sorry for the over the top Catholic allusion. It just amused me him being the Messianiac versus the McCainiac.

    Don't get me started.........I haven't even had any alcohol yet.

  9. I agree that we should try to stick to the local issues. Maybe UU can do a post about election day in Uptown and that would be a good place for people to muse on their views of who Uptown decided to send to the white house.

    Sometimes we are able to get some good discussions going across various perspectives but when it comes to the fundamentals I am not sure we ever will. But I do enjoy reflecting on how hyperlocal issues are refracted through these perspectives.

  10. WY is absolutely a redistribution of wealth...taxpayers to Holsten...period.

  11. Actually, my last comment isn't totally accurate... I recall from earlier posts that others besides Holsten have supped at the TIF trough. (the tatoo folks and some lawyers)

  12. Sassy -- we're been asking people to go to the Uptown Update Forum to discuss election issues (and anything else not covered in the board posts). No takers so far (although I haven't checked in the last couple days). I guess it's more fun to go off-topic. ;-)

  13. Does Wilson Yard fall under the catagory [sic] of "Spreading the Wealth?"

    no, not spreading in the sense of wider benefit

    " ... TIFS are redistribution of wealth."


    TIFs are redistribution UPWARDS, AKA "reverse Robin Hood"

    TIFs raise property taxes on middle-class homeowners to benefit corporations

  14. TIFs raise property taxes on middle-class homeowners to benefit corporations

    Which would be fine, if the circle were to close and those corporations were to stimulate economic growth, and return the "favor" by raising standards of living and property values while increasing the overall health of the neighborhood.

    But you knew that already ;)