Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Green Space" Accomplished

Demolition is now complete at the northeast corner of Sheridan and Irving. The earlier picture was taken in late June. Nothing's there now except a lot of flat land and the required wrought iron fencing.

(We find it intriguing that a newly empty lot complies with the fencing requirement, but Dearborn Wholesale has been able to skirt this law for years now. Wonder why?)

Update: In related fencing news, the parking lot at the corner of Clark and Wilson is getting a new fence installed today.


  1. Does anyone know what is going in this space?

  2. My friend lives in the adjacent building and he said the hospital bought the land to make it into a parking lot. I guess they needed more parking.

    The difference is the hospital wants to use the land and Dearborn Wholesalers doesn't use their land. I would love to take a walk on Dearborn's land this winter, slip and sue them. A fence would be up within a week. Maybe we all should stage a "slip-in" on their land.

  3. Damn, I was hoping it would be some type of retail or housing to offset the shady smoke-shop across the street.

  4. I was told by someone in a law firm that Thorek is the hospital your ambulance-chasing lawyer will send you too. You get a neck brace and some documentation getting you punitive damages. Not only is the parking lot ugly, but it's gotta be hard for all the businesses across the street to thrive. There's been newspapered up windows on the old Thai restaurant for over 6 years.

  5. I emailed Thorek and will post something if they respond.

  6. Notice the lovely "art" one of our local taggers left on the building next door?

    With the other building gone it is a new 'canvas' for them to work on.

    At least if they fall while tagging there is a hospital nearby.

    As for Thorek there use of parking lots is a blight on the community.

    Build a damn garage, put retail on the ground level and apartments above.

  7. You know Thorek's new building at Irving and Bdwy would have been quite nice if the planned for CVS would have went in the retail space - however, Ald. Shiller insisted the Currency Exchange get back on that corner, so CVS said "Adios."

  8. New fencing at Clark and Wilson? Something must be going on because I saw the exact same thing going up on front of the Taco Bell on Addison and Clark this morning. Not in Uptown but not far from it. Mere coincidence?

  9. Coincidence? Let's see, the mayor's pal in the fencing business needed some money for holiday shopping, so the contract is put in play and the fencing, however, ugly/unnecessary, goes up.

    Am I the only one who understands that Robert Frost's famous quote, "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors" is supposed to be taken IRONICALLY?