Friday, September 5, 2008

Want To Stay Up To Date On Uptown TIF's?

Use this link below to print out the form needed to register for information on all 4 Uptown TIF's: Wilson Yard, Clark/Montrose, Lawrence/Broadway, and Clarendon/Lakeside.
Download and print this form and mail it to the address listed on the form.


  1. I want to push a "sign and share" approach here, but I'm afraid this is some sort of clerical trap.

    Sign up, overwhelm the clerical staff, give the Mayor a "compliance" excuse to take TIF funds, watch him slap property owners around.

    Is signing up here a win-win scenario?

  2. sure

    send in the form and then step back and watch as your mailbox overflows with bountious TIF info

  3. Not sure what kind of info you get by signing up, but if you are looking for the most recent annual TIF reports, I've posted them all online via a TIF map I created. It's unfortunate that the city still hasn't posted these reports online. You can get them here
    (with 161 TIFs in the city, it's a large map, so give it time to load).

  4. it is weird that you have to fill out all this paperwork in order to get something that is public record. the obstacle is suspicious.