Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Uptown Community Meeting, October 14 @ St. Augustine College On Argyle

From an Uptown Chicago Commission email:
An Uptown community meeting is planned for October 14 at 7 pm at St. Augustine College on Argyle. Like Truman, best to walk or take public transportation, as parking is limited.

The main objective is to introduce Uptown's residential leadership and encourage/facilitate connecting citizens concerned about safety issues with neighbors already working on these issues (and others). We would like each block club president to make a 5 minute presentation about his/her club's activities - including its public safety concerns.

Then Good Neighbors Awards will be presented to the neighbor who found Baby Wilson and the officer who located the mother.

The 20th and 23rd District Commanders will introduce their Uptown beat facilitators and then the Commanders will discuss some of the manners in which their districts are addressing our public safety issues.

The elected officials present will be invited to make a few comments. We expect Heather Steans and Greg Harris to be present - and possibly Alderman Smith.

As this meeting may last up to 2 hours - so there is no open mic time planned.


  1. "We expect Heather Steans and Greg Harris to be present - and possibly Alderman Smith."

    And a big ol' "UP YOURS" from Ald. Shiller to the community she's sworn to represent.

  2. Where is Schiller? Has she moved to Florida for the winter?

  3. Shiller must be hovering over the blueprints of her one dimensional agenda… safety doesn’t fit into her agenda so as always, she ignores it.

  4. It's probably a good thing that Hell stays away. Otherwise she will do her alderbabble and highjack the meeting.
    How can a person speak so many words and say nothing? I love it when her peeps cheer after she speaks and the rest of the world says "
    What did she say?"