Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Might Pertain To Some Uptown Folks

Photo taken prior to February 2007 election

A reader writes in:

The IRS has just released its latest version of Publication 1828 (Tax Guide for Churches and Religions Organizations)

According to Research Institute of America, a prominent tax law and analysis publishing firm:

IRS has once again attempted to set clear boundaries on the issue in its recently updated Publication 1828, “Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations,” which includes detailed guidance on what is and what is not prohibited political activity.

RIA observation: The new, detailed coverage of prohibited political campaign activity in revised IRS Publication 1828 is essentially a restatement of the principles and examples carried in Rev Rul 2007-41, 2007-25, issued at the dawn of the 2008 Presidential election season. What the revised Publication adds is expanded guidance on voter education, voter registration, and get-out-the-vote drives, and an admonition for charities to heed the difference between election law and tax law.


  1. I'm conducting a seance right now to figure out who you mean. It is fueled by Guinness and popcorn.

    I see tattoos. I see an elderly man trying to act hip. I see a large number of young people with beards and bad haircuts.

    I see the mixing of government and religion on the hyperlocal level. I see people being called "racist" for having different views.

    I see trolls posting on various online boards under various nom de guerres.

    I see religion and sexual perversion twisted into one uniquely screwed up package.

    Gotta be my good friends over at JPUSA. Jon Trott and his Trottkateers.

    I should write a song based on the Mickey Mouse Anthem.

    J- Cause we Love Jesus

    P- Cause we imPOTENT

    U- Cause we need U to work for us

    S- Cause we bat Shit crazy

    A- Cause we All Knowing Cause Jesus loves us Best

  2. Need more info on JPUSA? Then go to . (No kids, it's NOT a hate site - just a TRUTH site!) LOTS and LOTS of useful info on this CULT by several of the nations top cult experts, as well as stories by ex-JPUSA's, links to the Chicago Tribune's article on JPUSA and much, much more!
    Also, if one goes to this site's own Uptown Update Forum - link is near the top right hand section of the home page - there is a link to an ex-Children of God site that mentions the child molestations that have gone on at JPUSA over the years.

  3. Boy, it sure seems like uptown update wants a flame war with JPUSA (or at least the people who live there) regardless of how many times you say you don't. What is up with that?

    I was just at 920 yesterday and that sign is not there. Why not disclose the date of this photo as well?

    And Mark, you need to find a life. What a damaged person you are- I hope you can find counseling and forgive your father someday.

  4. And why would the sign still be there? Any of Helen's minions would I think have at least the brains to know in this context it would be held against them both. Besides, the election was a long time ago.

    And if it was photoshopped? So what, it's no worse than the fictitous images Helen distributes vis a vis Wilson Yard. And we all know if something isn't worse than before it's perfectly all right.

  5. Bradley,

    I supposed I don't have the brains because I am not one of the "minions" as you so generously judge me to be. Thanks for your broad stroke of judgment, you are a true gentleman.

    Uptown Update is a favorite daily read of mine, numerous times a day actually. It would be nicer if it dealt more with real issues of the community than to keep lobbing Molotov Cocktails in the direction of 920 and specifically the people of Uptown that live there, especially when the site so often speaks of being a unifier in the community. Constant prodding like this obviously dated photo do nothing for the unification of the people of uptown and border on hypocrisy.

  6. Otto my little Palindrome!

    Please feel free to scroll down the posts and to look at past posts to see that Uptown Update does in deed deal with "with real issues of the community"

    Ho long have you been holding that in your pocket to throw out? Seems to me they hit a broad range of topics weekly, sorry if the JPUSA one gets your goat.

  7. The photo was taken sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. I took it so I should know.

    I could look it up, but Otto Von Bismarck doesn't deserve any more of my time than this.

    What Uptown Update did by posting this IRS story is show how our friends over at JPUSA pick and choose what laws they adhere to.

    Of course there is no coercion and everyone loves Jesus there. On with the spankings.

  8. JPUSA displayed election materials during the 2007 election period, and also during the 2003 election period. They may have done it before then, I don't remember. I am certain that JPUSA and its leadership knew they were violating IRS regulations.

    I'm equally certain that if WhatTheHelen and then Uptown Update hadn't run those photos, 920West Wilson would be flying their election posters AGAIN in 2011. Wasn't it just a few months ago that they were removed from the JPUSA property across the street?

    Otto feels that JPUSA is the victim here. I disagree. I see JPUSA as an organization that got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and is blaming the nasty, nasty people who actually expect them to follow the law. Shocking.

    Now that the election posters have been taken down, how about tackling the graffiti on the awning of 920 West Wilson that's been there for years?

    The Molotov cocktail statement is rather disingenuous. UU isn't the lawbreaker here, Otto, just the publisher of photos of the law being violated.

  9. Chippy my sweet little fellow,

    I haven't been holding that in my pocket very long, although it seems very much that the authors of UU just can't keep their minds off of 920 and its people.

    A good JPUSA post on a regular basis seems like a sure fire way to increase traffic and comments here, the way I see it.

    UU is still a favorite regardless. I appreciate the relevant content regarding the community and its people. When UU tries to be the IRS or teach tax law I guess I do have an issue. I have a set of parents already.

    Maybe UU would like to provide a service to all Uptown Update readers in the area of auditing prior year tax returns to find fault? Who is first?

  10. Tygerkub,

    which windows are church at 920 and which are residential or business?

    Laws broken? A large charge for certain.

    Irishpirate seems enamored with spankings. Maybe you are jealous of the misdirected people of 30 years ago. You can still dream I suppose.....

  11. Otto, stop splitting hairs.

    The main entry door of a 501(c)(3) organization's headquarters displayed election posters, in direct violation of IRS regulations. Illegal. The IRS has stripped hundreds of organizations of their tax-exempt status for similar violations.

    I'm sure they'll be impressed by your argument that the door is actually used by tax-paying residents and businesses.

    JPUSA screwed up. And they got caught. I'll bet you a Cornerstone compilation album that we don't see election posters on that door in the future. Lots of eyes on your front door now.

  12. JPUSA knew what they were doing was wrong and they continued. It was their way of giving the finger to anyone who wouldn't drink their kool-aide.

    Had UU not captured their illegal action and posted the evidence, those posters would have been still up. We all know that. I'm guessing they will be reaping what they sowed for many more years to come.

  13. A big issue is that the signs don't represent much of the community of JPUSA. That more than anything will go a long way in keeping those with over-zealous political views from posting too much signage inside as well as outside of the doors.

    OH, I wish I didn't have a job that kept me on the computer so much. It is so hard to avoid the temptation of U.U....I really do like it here, discussion and all. As long as we keep the name calling to cute names its kind of fun!

    Really, I would enjoy discussion like this with full disclosure of who we are and where we come from- it would be far more beneficial although highly unlikely and nearly impossible with the internet as our medium.

  14. A big issue is that the signs don't represent much of the community of JPUSA.

    If you click on the link, you will see that your argument doesn't hold water as far as the government is concerned:

    Under the Internal Revenue Code, all IRC section 501(c)(3) organizations, including churches and religious organizations, are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.

    . . .

    501(c)(3) organizations must avoid any issue advocacy that functions as political campaign intervention. Even if a statement does not expressly tell an audience to vote for or against a specific candidate, an organization delivering the statement is at risk of violating the political campaign intervention prohibition if there is any message favoring or opposing a candidate. A statement can identify a candidate not only by stating the candidate’s name but also by other means such as showing a picture of the candidate,

    See, JPUSA -- when it affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church -- automatically received status as a tax-exempt organization by virtue of being a subsidiary (for lack of a better word) of ECC. It very well may have its own 501(c)(3) designation, as many organizations under the umbrella of a larger organization do, but its status is defined by its connection with ECC. Whoever made the decision to display campaign posters not only put JPUSA at risk, but also the tax-exempt status of the umbrella organization. I'm sure ECC's tax lawyers had squirmed when they realized the situation at JPUSA.

    Don't shoot the messenger, in this case, UU. JPUSA screwed up. It got caught. Hopefully it won't do it again. That's all.

  15. I am more upset so to speak that U.U. decided to post a dated picture and allow it to represent current news. It implies that JPUSA is currently posting a sign and also assumes that JPUSA is ignorant of the law and is thumbing its nose at the law.

    It does not consider that JPUSA in it current form may very well be within the confines of the law as it pertains to a unique group such as JPUSA. You have become the judge and jury and decided to interpret the law for yourself. That is fine if you are applying that judgment to yourself and your behavior within the law, but you are taking a whole different angle when you them impose your interpretation of the law on someone else- especially if we are going to try and figure out something (possibly) illegal such as income tax laws. Yes, I am that far from center in my political beliefs! Of course we have a responsibility to uphold the law in many many other circumstances such as child abuse, murder, and stealing. That is a given. But taxes? Come on. You don't even have a right to tell me how much of a home office credit I can legally take; its up for grabs and every accountant will tell you something slightly different.

    For the record, if you are swayed in your voting by seeing a sign endorsing a certain candidate- please do not vote! Let the rest of us take care of things until you get a clue. Just a side note.

  16. Yeah, yeah, Otto, JPUSA is so very unique and special. The IRS is so very unclear in its regulations. And sentences like "all IRC section 501(c)(3) organizations, including churches and religious organizations, are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in ... any political campaign" are just so much fiddle-dee-dee, on par with how much a home office deduction should be.

    And I just fell off a turnip truck.

    And JPUSA took down its election posters from its properties out of the goodness of its heart.

    Enjoy the kool-aid, kiddo. No one will ever win an argument with you.

  17. Sorry, didn't know it was an argument. Didn't know you wanted to be a winner so bad.

    I'm a loser, you are the winner! Congrats! Gold star for you!

    People live at churches and run businesses out of them all of the time! Of course! Why didn't I ever notice that before? That isn't unique at all!

  18. What is unique is that JPUSA thought it could gleefully disregard tax laws and think people in the neighborhood wouldn't notice it. After all, they love Jesus and anyone who is bothered by it must be a heathen and hate poor people.

    When we finally get a forum that brings some much needed light to the actions of JPUSA, they cry victim rather than apologize. That is a commonly used tactic used around here to escape accountability. Don't try selling it 'cause I ain't buying it.

  19. OTTO=jOn trOTT,

    I'm sure the dual name thing and the whole alpha and omega palindrome thang with "OTTO" plays into to his messianic complex.

    He probably figures only he and Jesus could figure that out.

    Oh well. The signs are gone. My memory is that some nasty Uptown resident used those photos in a complaint filed with the IRS against the JPUSA collective.

    If only they knew Jesus as the JPUSA knows Jesus.

    Somehow when I think of JPUSA "Elmer Gantry" always comes to mind:

    Lulu Bains: Oh, he gave me special instructions back of the pulpit Christmas Eve. He got to howlin' "Repent! Repent!" and I got to moanin' "Save me! Save me!" and the first thing I know he rammed the fear of God into me so fast I never heard my old man's footsteps!

    Elmer Gantry: Sin, sin, sin! You're all sinners! You're all doomed to perdition!"

    Which just shows that I am too well read and indoctrinated in American movie culture to truly love as my JPUSA neighbors love.

    Who needs mans laws when you have Jon Trott and Jesus. In that order.

  20. I thought I was actually being complimentary in assuming Helen's minions would "at least have the brains". Incidentally, I wasn't referring to OTTTO specifically, I was really thinking of bat-man or someone else in her office.

  21. Irishpirate, you really shouldn't be drinking so much before you spankings for you no matter how hard you try! Its over, move on!

    You don't really want to discuss this issue because it would take us to what the intent of the law is in the first place. Is the law really concerned about non-profits as an institution having a bias toward a particular candidate and presenting that bias to the general populous or is the law more concerned about non-profits being set up by particular leaders and used to control the followers and ultimately the government system?

    I know we can't get deep here, you are content to lob grenades.

    Overall, thanks for being forthright and posting the date of the photo. That at least gives the appearance of some sort of integrity from the original poster of the (non)story.

  22. Jon,

    I got news for your sorry self. You don't get to decide it's a "non-story".

    Just like you don't get to write IRS regulations.

    Now go back to creating some more Uptown Unity blogs and spreading the good news of Jesus Trott.

    As for it being over was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Hell no.

    Lord, freedom really bother you doesn't it? Except your freedom to tell others how to live and direct their lives. Now go have a concert somewhere and find some more broken souls to screw with. After all your "ministries" need free labor.

  23. A few years back, the Trubune mag. did a great expose of the cult. Great article. Tells how homophobic,"We gotcha and you cant escape" it really is. Scary!

  24. Thanks for deleting your comment Spanky (Irishpirate)

    There is no Jon in my name. You are fixated on spankings and some mythical man in your head named Jon. Lets try to keep this PG, ok? If you could get those two fantasies out of your head you may be able to communicate a little better. I have seen some fine comments from you in the past- you have good things to say when you can get to the point and get past the regurgitated rhetoric.

  25. Buena,

    homophobic! That's rich! Was that in the article? I missed that part.

    Thanks for your input.

  26. Jon,

    I deleted the post because it had an incorrect link to the "Animal House" reference. I then immediately reposted with a correct link, but then you know that don't you. Notice no use of a question mark.

    JPUSA is not homophobic. They love homosexuals. They just hate their homosexuality. Just like you love spankings, but hate having it publicized.

    Now as to whether or not I like spankings my sex life is like "Wonder Bread": Plain and vanilla. To get really twisted one often had to be a right wing Republican or some type of twisted self loathing religious type. I hear the hookers did really well in Denver when the GOP was in town. They also do well during various religious conventions and gatherings.

    Ah to be a hooker among the true believers. At least the hookers are more honest with themselves.

  27. irishpirate-

    Actually, the Dems were in Denver; the GOP just left St Paul, MN.

  28. Correct Bradley.

    Unlike Jon Trott or the JPUSA I can admit a mistake. An error. I can move forward in the righteous knowledge that Jesus loves me just a bit more than he loves everyone else.


  29. Jon-

    I really don't understand your fixation with this being a "hate site" with a few individual, albeit frequent, exceptions, I find this a balanced site. In fact, in my estimation, the right-wing contributions here are pretty left-of-center compared to the rest of the counrty. I remember chuckling when you called UU a hate site at the Hears/Harris meeting.

  30. Thanks Otto.

    I mean Jon. Jesus help me. I'm confused.

    If you can't take the heat boyo take your cult and move out of Uptown. Perhaps you can move to Boulder with your right wing evangelical brothers. There are lotsa young mixed up youth there for you to exploit for their labor. Just hang out at the hemp stores.

    At least some responsible property owner might buy your Uptown properties and improve their sordid appearances.

    You can convert them to left wing nutjobs.

    Your JPUSA would hardly be mentioned here if you didn't get involved in local elections and post campaign posters on your non profit buildings. Then Otto can post about how little understanding we poor taxpayers have of the true intent of IRS regulations.

    There is a reason that America is much more religious than Europe. Separation of Church and Government. When they get too intertwined it breeds cynicism and contempt for both.

    As for you Jon perhaps you can just take a deep breath and head over to the tattoo shop and get some more tattoos to dazzle the kids with. You are so COOL.

    I love a man who stands up for his principles. Particularly when JPUSA posted the campaign poster of Daley/Shiller. I recall your contempt for Daley. Oh well, I guess your principles are like my underwear. When I utilize any I change them twice a week whether needed or not.

  31. Irish Pirate wrote:

    "Perhaps you can move to Boulder with your right wing evangelical brothers."

    Uh, get your bigotry straight, man! (Wink)

    The "evangelical vatican" is Colorado Springs, not Boulder. It used to be Wheaton, but the baton passed long ago.

    As Keith Olberman says (about an Aussie/Irish pirate), "ARRRGGGGH."

    Jon (not Otto) Trott

  32. Jon,

    you missed the memo. The evangelical Vatican moved from Colorado Springs to Boulder for a day. However, it just moved again to Wasilla, Alaska.

    I expect it to move back to Colorado next week when Palin gets tossed off the GOP ticket.

    That will be proof that God exists and that SHE has a sense of humor.

  33. The "Two Sides of Jesus People" blog entry on July 8, '08, has comments by Trott, Otto, and a few other JPUSA members, including Marty Phillips who posted on July 10 at 2:39 p.m. that Trott and Otto are two separate JPUSA members.

    Basically, I do what I do with regard to providing info on JPUSA at various net sites because I'm not damaged from the place and someone needs to spread the word about this cult, it's lurking-in-the-shadows leaders, it's two pathetic spin doctors (Trott and Eric Pement - who left 8 years ago but still defends the cult.) HUNDREDS of former members are, sadly, too psychologically, emotionally and spiritually wounded to speak up. I receive e-mails from former members from time to time and the things that are shared by them about CURRENT issues going on at J-PUKE-A infuriates and saddens me.

    The government needs to step in and intervene just as was done with the FLDS's leader, Warren Jeffs, a few years ago.

    Please take time to read the info on JPUSA at the site, ESPECIALLY the info at Rick Ross's site.

    I'm used to the invective and insults that J-PUKE-A defenders hurl at me. It doesn't even make me flinch. It simply shows that they, like cockroaches, can't handle it when light is shed on them.

  34. Mark wrote: "including Marty Phillips who posted on July 10 at 2:39 p.m. that Trott and Otto are two separate JPUSA members."

    Whew, now that we can agree that Marty Phillips is a credible source maybe you can head here and read what he and his wife have to say in response to content on other sites speaking directly about them.

    Thank you Mark for validating Marty as a reliable and trustworthy person in your testimony here on Uptown Update.

    Sorry I couldn't come out and play too much today, I am busy photographing weddings and getting tattoos.....

  35. One other thing about the site:
    It can be printed off on one sheet of 8.5 X 11 paper ( write the domain name at the top in case it doesn't get printed ) and then copied and placed on car windshields, placed under doors, taped to various lampposts, etc.
    Spread the word!
    Let your neighbors - including JPUSA members - know! Mail it to those in city government! Or the media!

    IMHO, the reason JPUSA is so upset with UU (and the exjpusahelp site) is because this site is literally in their back (and front and side) yard. Other efforts to expose JPUSA have not occurred directly in their own neighborhood, and other efforts to expose this CULT have probably not been known to JPUSA's neighbors
    GODSPEED to ALL those who tell the truth about this cult that has wounded hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people!

  36. Irish Pirate wrote:

    "you missed the memo. The evangelical Vatican moved from Colorado Springs to Boulder for a day. However, it just moved again to Wasilla, Alaska.

    Now that was funny. Really. I liked it. Obama / Biden '08!

    Jon Trott

  37. The reason JPUSA's/Trott/Otto/etc. are so defensive and invariably resort to ad hominem attacks instead of counter-arguements is this: they live in their own little world - a "fish bowl" within the sea of humanity. They must resort to personal attack in a feeble attempt at deflecting attention away from themselves. It's nothing more than a classic cult response to exposure.

    Most(perhaps all)of the crimes committed within the confines of JPUSA have been dealt with "in house". This includes rape, child molestation, and incest. For reasons known only to them, the leadertwits feel that it is perfectly acceptable to keep everything "within the family" and that there is no need to bring civil authority into the picture.

    For 35 plus years, crimes have occurred at JPUSA, IRS and Social Security fraud has been committed, and basically, the laws, mores, standards and codes of society have been ignored.

    It's time that the "bowl" of JPUSA is "broken" (figuratively spoken lest anyone jump to false conclusions of physical violence) and the "fish" are allowed to swim free of the constraints of a leadership that only has the interests of the leadership at heart.

    (I imagine that with regard to a rather irritating snott(that posts here a lott with a bunch of rambling rott) who is pushing 60, the following applies: A humiliating realization is occuring to them that they have spent the majority of their adult life as the stooge/puppet/lap-dog/spin-doctor of a bunch of ex-hippie-dirt-freaks turned religious con-artists that would make Elmer Gantry look like a choir boy. The poor, poor, poor little man. On Sept.5 at 2:32 p.m. he said he wasn't going to respond to me, but just over 24 hours later he did, with erroneous info and unsubstantiated claims. )

  38. Having just re-read Trott's most current post, I've come to the conclusion that he is not only delusional, but it appears he is losing touch with reality.

  39. Blogger Mark Scheiderer said...

    "Having just re-read Trott's most current post, I've come to the conclusion that he is not only delusional, but it appears he is losing touch with reality."

    and that isn't ad hominem at all....

    Mark, you didn't post anything of substance to respond to!

    You are a large facade, but a thin one at best. You don't know me, don't understand me, and you certainly need some serious healing in your life.

    You show none of the characteristics of a true follower of Christ. Your fruit is rotten.

    Out of the abundance of your heart your fingers type.

  40. Here's a little something Mark posted over at a little while back:

    "Your former boyfriends
    Besides Bill Mahr and Bob Guccione (sp?) Jr.( a pornographer ), who have you dated?
    You're nothing but a leftist in conservative's clothing, trying to make a fast buck by filling up a small niche: That of a ranting psychotic she-male who says outlandish things to make the right look wrong.

    Adjust your meds. And please NEVER, NEVER, EVER reproduce.

    Mark Scheiderer"

    mmmm, you seem to be a very balanced individual there Mark. I just sense that Christian love oozing from you. And what a great example you set for dealing with the substance and not attacking the person! Maybe you were having a bad day?

    If only we could all be more like you!

  41. Otto-

    You neglected to mention that the quotes of mine you posted were left in the comments section of ANN COULTER'S article. I have nothing but comtempt for her. If she's one of your heros, that's tough.

    In the third post on this topic you state that you "hope you can find counseling and forgive your father some day". Snott states that I live in Akron, Ohio and run a rug cleaning company ( not true on both counts), that maybe I'm upset with Cornerstone for rejecting my article on the cult I used to be in (I didn't even know I submitted it for publication in Cornerstone!) , says I made prayed for the death of a leader of a church I used to be in (since when is a cult a church?) and makes other idiotic statements - oh, and lest I forget, he stated that he would not be responding to me ( on Sept.5 at 2:32 p.m.)

    You JPUSA defenders don't address issues. You simply come here and "stir the pot". When I provide info on JPUSA - such as the excellent info contained at the links on the site - you resort to ad hominem attacks, AND, when I and others do the same, you lose it! You want to have it both ways. Well, that isn't how life works, but, then again, since you live in a fish bowl, you can't function in the real world.

    The facts at exjpusahelp are true. Your statements about me are untrue and irrelevent to the SCAM that is JPUSA.


  42. J-PUKE-A Defenders-

    Counter-cult experts Ron Enroth, Rick Ross and Paul Martin never lived at JPUSA. I never lived at JPUSA.
    SO WHAT!!!!
    You have no right to tell others what they can or can't say about your stinking cult!

    There are hundreds of people who have left JPUSA wounded over the years. They talk. People listen. People publish articles, books, etc. Get used to it!


    The way you resort to ad hominem attacks.

    The way you bring up issues that have nothing to do with JPUSA.

    The way you twist facts and lie.

    The way you ignore the issues that people raise about JPUSA.

    The way you threaten people.

    The more you post, the more you show your true colors.

    Say what you will about me, insinuate what you will about me, and lie about me. It doesn't change one thing about the crimes that have occurred at JPUSA.

    With freaks like you, it's no wonder that so many of the children of the leadership ( and JPUSA spokesmen ) have left JPUSA.

    Exposure of JPUSA is only going to get worse.

    Godspeed to it's demise!

    Mark Scheiderer

  43. Mark wrote:
    "You have no right to tell others what they can or can't say about your stinking cult!"

    I haven't and won't tell you what you can and cannot say about anything. I am just noting that you are irrational and not a credible source of any information.

    What you have to say is independent of truth, regardless of how many times you regurgitate it and where.

    Did you leave messages on Jons' machine or not? Lead by example Mark, the world is watching....

  44. and Mark, Jon didn't respond to you- he addressed you.

    Are you demanding proof of the other information about you, or what? Can you prove otherwise? Where do you live, what business do you have? Do you want links to pages on the web where you wish the leader of a group you were involved with (showing a history of poor discernment on your part and damaging your credibility) dead, and rejoicing in the news of that death?

  45. All right, I'll admit it......

    I totally fell for Otto and Trott's Karl Rove tactic of "don't stick to the issue - incite the critics".It's happened at other sites and I've, for the most part, not played into their hands, but this time I lost my cool. It amazes me how much "research" they did on me, and how ALL of it had no relevancy to the topic at hand. But then again, it's only done as a feeble attempt to deflect attention away from their cult!

    As a Libertarian/Independent, I should have realized these tactics.
    Perhaps they've dutifully studied the book "Bush's Brain".

    They do have the assumption game down pat to. I'm extreme right? Not hardly.

    Kudos freaks! You got me, but the good thing about all of this "dialogue" - or should I call it "Liar-logue"- is that you are simply showing your cultic characteristics.

    2 Corinthians 11 talks about "another Jesus, another Spirit, another Gospel". JPUSA has all three. Basically, the "Jesus" of JPUSA ( Just People Undergoing Spiritual Abuse ) is a demon in a Jesus costume.


  46. Since this has turned into a discussion between Otto, Jon and Mark, and since it really doesn't have much to do with Uptown anymore, UptownUpdater and I respectfully request that it be taken to email.

    Thank you.