Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

From Red Eye:
Further north near the Red Line, Jen Bakja said she has been a happy neighbor to the Wilson and Lawrence stops. But as of a month ago, she has found the sounds of the Red Line so disturbing that she offered to call "Going Public" and hold the phone up so I could assess the decibel damage myself.

"It's unbearable for the last month—with windows open or closed," Bakja, 36, of Uptown wrote in an e-mail to "Going Public." that ended with the phrase: "Please help!"

Don't fret, Bakja and Katrichis. Help is on the way for both areas of track. Gregory said the screechy sounds are the result of track that needs to be lubricated. New greasing machines have been installed in the State Street subway, Gregory said, and the machines are being calibrated to release the appropriate amount of grease. Between Wilson and Lawrence, the CTA is working to replace old greasing machines located near the Sheridan curve, Gregory said. In the meantime, the transit agency is manually greasing track curves that do not have working machines.

Maybe the agency needs to apply even more of that elbow grease Bakja's way. Nobody deserves to live near a CTA screech-fest.

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