Monday, September 1, 2008

Power Outage At Broadway And Leland

We just received word that the traffic signals at Leland and Broadway are out and the police are there directing traffic. Also, anyone near Leland and Broadway is more than likely without power. Break out the candles.


  1. My roommate and I just walked up Broadway from Wilson to the Fiesta Mexicana on the northwest side of the Broadway/Lawrence intersection. The stretch of Broadway starting about half a block north of Wilson to the other side of the red line tracks is very dark. We could not see any evidence of anyone trying to fix the problem.

    We decided it was still safer than walking past the JJ Peppers shooting gallery.

  2. My experience is that while the dank stretch of Broadway, between Wilson and Lawrence is grim, there aren't any sinister 'campers' like there are on Sheridan.

    To that point, I avoid Sheridan when the sun sets.

  3. Power is back on, if its the same problem we were having in Edgewater