Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open Letter To The Uptown Community

Dear Uptown,

Wilson Area Merchants Association would like to send out a great big thank you to all those who purchased bracelets for Experience Uptown. Businesses received tremendous response from community residents. Where there may have been some learning opportunities along the way, those of us at WAMA will continue to grow and learn and make Experience Uptown bigger and better in 2009.

There were more than 40 businesses that participated and we would like to tip our hats to them as well. WAMA's goals with the monies raised is to first bring a little more Holiday spirit to Uptown this Season. The SSA will be providing wreaths and bows again this year and WAMA will be investigating Holiday lights along Wilson Ave. Next year we hope to extend the lights to other areas.

Stay tuned, because in January WAMA will present our new quarterly newsletter filled with advertisements and coupons from local businesses. As well, we will be featuring a local business with an entire page each month on our website. Please go to

Once again, Thank you Uptown for all your support.

Sincerely, WAMA Team


  1. Hi WAMA team!

    Please keep us updated on your progress and any budget concerns--Christmas lights in Uptown are a worthy cause. Thanks :)

  2. How can one get info on how much money WAMA raises, and how much (percentage) goes to actual activities vs. WAMA staff salaries?

    Does it have a exec director, and, if so, what is his/her annual salary?

    Inquiring minds want to know . . .

  3. WAMA's director does this for free. Any cost are for materials (Postcards, posters, ads, ect.)

    It is in his best business interest to generate foot traffic in this area since he owns a business. But that being said it is in all our best interest to have local business.

    All volunteers. No Staff, just Robert Davis and a few friends he can wrangle together to help.

  4. WAMA asked UU to post this:

    If you want to know the amount of money we have in our account, then just email any one of the Directors at We raised about $900 in bracelet sales. Certainly not what we had hoped. Hopefully, when we get more businesses to now join the association, we will have enough money to at least do the Holiday lights this season. We have maybe $1500 in the WAMA account. As well, there is no Executive Director, there are only directors. We also have a treasurer and a secretary. NO ONE is paid any type of salary nor will we ever be. These positions are all volunteer and the money goes back to the community for business development.

    Whirlofagirl, thank you for your comment. We are certainly giving it our best to get Holiday lights. As you can imagine, our budget is fairly small. We are also trying to update our website in the next few months.

    WAMA is always looking for donations. Any donation to the association would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    WAMA Team

  5. Thank YOU WAMA! I enjoyed the discounts...

    Friday evening was Fat Cat night.
    Saturday, -Phad Thai at Dib.
    Sunday - doggie spa day at Soggy Paws!

    This was a great idea, and well done. I saw a ton of people walking around the neighborhood this weekend (more so than usual) despite the weather. I hope everyone enjoyed it!

  6. We had fun too. Fiesta Mexicana, a tour of the Aragon, including backstage, Demera and Fat Cat. All places I'd never been before; having the discounts was a good excuse. I'll definitely be back.

  7. I had a great time.

    Friday - Fat Cat
    Saturday - Fat Cat
    Sunday - Agami (my first time, my god it is good)

    Many thanks to WAMA!

  8. Too bad it was such a lousy weekend. Wonder what would happen on a sunny day!