Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Open Video to Helen Shiller About Wilson Yard

Another great toe-tappin' video from D.Stratis:
"Yesterday is history, and it’s never comin’ back."


  1. I must admit I was confused by some of the images/graphics, but the message is great.

    I REALLY hope Helen is in turmoil as we speak.
    Everything she does, goes by the way of the Hindenburg.....big gaseous explosions of tragedy.

  2. "big gaseous explosions of tragedy."

    Sounds like my first wife.

    I did like the video by the way.

    Dave Stratis is one talented Uptowner.


    UpTown Resident?

    In any case the video rocks. Unlike Shiller.

  3. Funny it was all about the part of Uptown that is in Mary Ann Smith's ward. LOL.

  4. Actually there are many scenes from the 46th Ward part of our neighborhood in this video.

    Although most of the good stuff was in 48.

  5. Great video Dave!

    Man, you'd think at some point Helen would think to change her ways after reading about how we feel...because you KNOW she reads UU!!! But.... to quote a GREAT man, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig!"

  6. jeez......i'm sorry, but i found the video overly long and extremely annoying (especially that music). i stopped watching and forwarded to the "letter" portion of it. even then i was already thoroughly annoyed by the whole thing and no longer cared what they had to say.

  7. I think the part of the video that moved me the most was when the subwoofer was puking out music notes. Brilliant film Dave.

  8. I'm new to this issue regarding Helen Shiller and the Wilson Yard, so the video meant nothing to me. Can someone point me to a site that'll get me some info on all of this? Maybe that'll help clarify everything for me.
    Thank you!


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