Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crack Pipes, Syringes, & Condoms, Oh My!

A reader writes in:
"I live at the 4700 block of Magnolia- this morning I found a glass crack pipe in the alley right next to my car (sadly we do not have secured parking). I see people loitering and drinking, and using drugs in this alley at night- I've frequently find soiled condoms near my car and near the rear entrance to my building. I also found syringes every now and then.
I also see a lot of people using this alley as a short cut between Lawrence and Leland- Please keep a sharp eye out for the questionable people that hang out in this alley!
If you see anything suspicious call 911. We do not need this alley to get any worse, or anyone walking home from a concert/work/bar to get hurt."


  1. A very helpful thing we have on the side of our building is a motion detector with a bright flood light attached to it. Nothing stops some of that illegal activity from happening faster than a bright light in someone's face.

  2. Yes, a motion sensor with a bright (protected) light does help considerably. We installed one and it works. If you are interested I can give you the name of a good electrician who will do it for a reasonable price.

  3. Oh thank you for finding my pipe. Although its not a crack pipe, I use it to only smoke tobacco. Please mail it back to me at the following address:

    Attn: H.S.
    4544 N Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60640

    P.S. Those condoms and needles were already there when I lost my pipe.