Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Your Next Party At Unique So Chique

With Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, Unique So Chique invites you to host your next party at our multiple award-winning tea and chocolate room. With menus ranging from scones and savoriesto our more than 50 flavors of toffees and truffles (, we are certain you will find a reason to have that next special event at UNIQUE SO CHIQUE. Book any type of themed party between September 17th and October 17th 2008 and receive a 20% discount off your entire package. Savings are as great as $270. Booking must be paid in full and the event must take place before December 31, 2008.

Also, buy a $100 gift certificate between September 17th and October 17th 2008 (certificate expires one year from date of purchase) for our afternoon tea room and receive a FREE $25 gift certificate good for any of our retail items.

Please inquire about our Yoga Tea held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7pm-9pm!!

Become a part of the Uptown community. Please visit to learn more!


  1. okay, I'll bite. What's a Yoga Tea?

  2. I love this place. To bad the alderbeast woudn't allow a patio there this summer. Why he continues to opperate in an area where the alderbeast could care less in beyond me. He is a better person than I.

    I would like to see Robert offer free WiFi to increase business. Nice warm pot of tea while trying to work is soothing.

    Other than that i find it sad the community doesn't support it and other business more.

  3. A business with the name "Unique So Chique" seems rather an affront to the memories many of us have of the more downtrodden Uptown and Wilson Ave. of yore.

    Just reciting this business's name to someone like Helen Shiller or another sage Uptown community activist (remember Slim Coleman?)would seem the equivalent of them reacting to hearing finger nails scratching a chalk board.

    I'd rather skip Unique and go have a beer at Carol's--"Old Uptown" while it still exists.

  4. I had a baby shower at Unique so Chique and think its a wonderful option in Uptown. Beyond the Magnolia Cafe and Agami, we have few upscale restaurants. I greatly appreciate that the owners have taken a chance on Uptown and hope residents will continue to support it. It's a great place for Sunday brunch.

  5. Carols? THat place used to be cool. Now its like $4.50 for an Old Style.

  6. $4.50 a beer--at Carol's?

    "Old Uptown" is dead.