Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Before Popeyes, There Was Frank Lloyd Wright

Next time you are standing outside our crumbling and urine soaked Wilson L station, with its numerous vacant storefronts that now serve as homeless shelters, stop a moment and take this into account. You are standing on the site of a former Frank Lloyd Wright designed building that stood on the corner of Broadway and Wilson for a mere 13 years before it was demolished to make way for our current-day station. Check out the photo above to see how this corner looked in 1917 when the "Stohr Arcade" occupied it. For everything you could ever want to know about the history of our station, check out "" for lots of great photos, like the one above, and the history on every station in Chicago.


  1. If Frank Lloyd Wright were alive today, I'm sure he would eat a Popeye's.

    Actually if he were alive today, he'd be beating on the cover of his coffin.


  2. Well that really sucks. An American great...Go to Oak Park and see his work.