Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If We Ever Did Have A T-Shirt...

... this would be it.

A commenter mentioned that a JPUSA member had been seen wearing a t-shirt reading "Uptown Update Is Stupid." If this is true (and we hasten to add that we haven't seen it with our own eyes), well, we're kind of stunned that JPUSA seems to think they're having a flame war with us.

Huh. Who knew?

In any case, it led to a conversation (punctuated by much laughter) about what the Uptown Update official-issue t-shirt would say. We thought the words of Ald. Shiller's very own bat-man, George Atkins, summed up our philosophy best.


  1. uptown update is AWESOME!!! LOVE YA!!!

  2. You need to add the full web address so there's no doubt where to go.

    T-Shirts are cheap. I would recommend having 50 made and handing them out at UU-mentioned meetings. They would go faster than fast.

  3. They could be sold to raise money for various causes. Like my drinking fund.

    Since SOME people would balk at funding my need for self medication, perhaps using the cash for FixWilsonYard would be good and various other stuff. BPN does the food giveaways and school supplies and stuff.

    You could even expand it to include winning a tour of the JPUSA world headquarters building on Wilson. Buy 20 shirts and perhaps Jon Trott could conduct it himself. He is very hip and it would undoubtedly bring you closer to the Almighty.

    Also I just did a quick google search and posters are cheap. Sell them for $3 apiece and still make money for my drinking fund......ooops........I mean the children........always the children.

  4. I keep running into people who I would have never dreamed would be interested in this blog, and they tell me it's one of the best ways to get news about the neighborhood. I've told everyone in my building about it and many of them swear by it as well.

    Good going UU!!!

  5. There could be a whole line of t's, sweats, coffee cups, posters and of course personalized kevlar protective clothing.

    Here is a quick idea. Something about "Welcome to Uptown".

  6. IRISH, your image is sadly brilliant, and fitting.

    Another T-shirt idea, could be 'support your Alderman, and receive free lobotomy'

  7. Can I get on the waiting list to buy one?

  8. I see irishpirate is spending too much time with the folks on scc too! I'm waiting for their Chalkie olympic bid t-shirt myself.

  9. brilliant! sign me up for one too. proceeds going to fix wilson yard is a fantastic idea.

  10. If you are serious about getting shirts made, my friend owns a shirt printing company, go check out www.cvichicago.com and tell him Dave sent you.

  11. Brilliant, you just made my morning with that picture.

    I have to add I was at a wedding of a neighbor in my building, this past weekend. Most of the people at my table live in Uptown. The topic of neighborhood events came up and not long after several people mentioned how they love Uptown Update and how they get a lot of info from the blog. Several people asked “Why do we need to go to a blog to find out what was happening in Uptown when we pay an alderman to do that for us?” Very good question let me know if anyone has an answer, I don’t.

  12. Try cafepress.com, they will put your image on a T-shirt, handle all the store, payment stuff, and then cut you a check.

  13. Could you use this as a fundraising idea?

    Hi, Jon!

  14. Oooh...I want a shirt with a George Atkins quote.

    I too would like the proceeds of these shirts to benefit Irishpirates's drinking fund.

  15. I LOVE IT! I think they should be used to raise funds for Fix Wilson Yard. I'd buy two!

  16. Thank you Uptown Girl. Your troll like comment gave me another chance to plug FixWilsonYard. Donate early and often. I have.

    As for my alcohol fund, I seldom have to pay. I am so sexy that generally bar owners let me drink for free because I bring in crowds. I am truly "The One".

    I also tend to date waitresses since they are some of the only people I ever deal with. They dig me because I tip well and I dig them because of their work ethic and the fact I might get a free drink or twelve out of it.

  17. I missed commenting on JPUSATruther's work of art.

    It moves me and it reminds me of a line from "Elmer Gantry":

    Lulu Bains: Oh, he gave me special instructions back of the pulpit Christmas Eve. He got to howlin' "Repent! Repent!" and I got to moanin' "Save me! Save me!" and the first thing I know he rammed the fear of God into me so fast I never heard my old man's footsteps!

    Which reminds me of a prayer:

    Lord, Save us from those who claim to love you. Save us from those who claim to know you. Save us from those who would save us.


  18. I am not sure it's even smart for me to reply,but I feel I must.A friend of mine who loves this site called me to let me know someone said,something about my sister or I wearing a shirt about the UU that was negative.I dont frequent this site,and have really no judgement for it,nor am I some zombie that can't think for herself.Yes I grew up at JP,I no longer live there.Not liking my father or what he stands for should be taken up with him.I doubt most of you share political and religeous veiws with yer dads!For the record neither my sis or myself,own any negative shirts on the subject of UU.I would love to know how said witness knows what my sister or I look like I am a little creeped out.We live in uptown,have our whole lives.We are about truth and justice and positive change not bashing others.Just wanted to clear my name.Thanks guys.

  19. Helloworld, it's all cool. Someone wrote in who had seen someone around Uptown wearing a t-shirt saying that UU was stupid. It gave us a laugh to come up with some ideas for an "official" UU t-shirt, which turned into reality a day later.

    The UU t-shirts aren't anti-JPUSA, or anti-anything; they're just for fun. If someone's going around wearing a "Uptown Update is Stupid" t-shirt, well, it helped inspire a lot of fun coming up with the "ultimate UU tagline."

    We're glad not to be in a flame war with JPUSA, or with you personally, for what it's worth.

  20. Caring Neighbor-

    Do we know for a fact that the person wearing the shirt is from jpusa?

    It might not be wise to assume.

  21. Nope. We don't. She says it wasn't her, and so we have no idea who it was who was wearing it.

    Any flame war with JPUSA is ... non-existent.