Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From Wilde To Wild

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  1. It's such a shame they lost their "e" because it looks better and is more British-sounding, but I am so glad they have a functional website up.

    Using and Oscar Wilde quote? A stroke of genius.

    I just can't wait until this place opens up!

  2. Don't feel too bad. Wilde has brutal service, over priced food, and mediocre (at best) beer selection.

    Long live the Pug!!!

  3. Put an "e" on the end of the word "pug" (puge). It will tweak them a little and make a great story years down the line.

    Or spell it "Wylde" Pug...

  4. I second the stroke of genius comment. Well played, pug.

  5. That sux. Good to see the owners are taking it in stride. Fantastic attitude after the owners of Wilde showed such a piss poor one. I know where I will be taking my excessive drinking...

    Not to be a pain here but I thought the Pug was supposed to be opened in May/June?

  6. it was supposed to be opened in the spring but there had been a few bumps along the way with perments, zoning and the liquer license, but from what I hear now everything has been cleared up and it should be opened by next month

  7. Figured it was something like but didn't know the new timeframe. Thanx for the info, Petunia!

  8. huh? said:
    That sux. Thanx for the info...

    I saw what you did there...

  9. And they ran out of money along the way as they are always looking for investors.

    Hope it makes it.

  10. This is pathetic on Wilde's part - as the owner's of the Wilde Pug state, its a shame that the two businesses can't coexist. Especially considering they are in different neighborhoods. I've frequented Wilde in the past, but will no more. I am not a fan of frivolous lawsuits, and won't support those that are.

    I also let my thoughts known to Wilde, for whatever its worth. You can also do the same by calling (773) 244-0404 or writing here:


  11. It's not a shame at all, it's business and if Wilde lets another put use their name then anyone in the City could use that name.

    Perhaps Wild Pug should have thought though of registering their name in the first place with the state as a DBA.

  12. Why can large multimillion dollar companies like United Airlines, United Properties, United Group Limited, United Van Lines and United Way all operate while sharing a similar name?

    Type in Wild on Metromix and there are numerous bars with Wild in it already: Wild Hare, Wild Dogz, Hog Wild, Wild Duck, Wild Tuna....

  13. Wilde Bar & Restaurant doesn't own the rights to Oscar Wilde's name. If Wilde Pug had the funds to fight this meaningless injunction, they would win.

    You can't patent a name you don't own to begin with.

    I used to really like Wilde Bar & Restaurant, and I have respect for how beautiful the owners made that place, but this was ridiculous on their part. These two establishments aren't in the same neighborhood, provide different services and aren't in direct competition with each other.

    This is shameful.