Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ask And You Shall Receive

We posted the picture of the Uptown Update t-shirt just for yucks, but a few people actually wanted one! So we just set up our own online "Uptown Update Shop." Check it out now and dazzle your friends with the latest craze to sweep Uptown. We will be adding new styles and items as they become available.

If you'd like any styles or designs not shown on the site (like reversed logos between the front and back of the shirt), let us know via email and we'll see what we can do about setting it up. All profits made from the CafePress items will be donated to WAMA for their beautification project of Wilson Avenue.


  1. That was fast. To whom do the proceeds go?

  2. But yet another example of what highly motivated people can do to get a message out. Can’t wait to see some of these shirts at the next community meeting.

  3. Quick question, I just went to order one and what they showed only had the Uptown Update on the front of the shirt, but no "why dont you blog about it" on the back..

    Are both the logo and the quote on all the shirts, etc?

    Thanks, cannot wait to order mine!

  4. Which shirt style were you wanting the front and back logo on? We can swap it around.

  5. Can I get one with verbiage that says

    "This ain't your college campus sweetie."
    And then a graphic of my tax dollars floating into an open window of the Men's Hotel.
    And then a graphic on back with gang bangers lounging on Wilson with Helen on their shoulders pronouncing
    "Not My Issue" ?? If so I'll buy 2 XL.

  6. Who cares 'to whom the proceeds go to?', per the first
    Probably to maintain this great site!

    I still like the 'free lobotomy, at the 46th ward office'
    as an option. Helen does seem to cast some sort of
    'spell' on her 'followers'

    Thanks U-Town Update!

  7. Who cares 'to whom the proceeds go to?', per the first
    Probably to maintain this great site!

    Who cares where my taxes go! Probably just to maintain Daley's corrupt friends!

  8. RE: Confused

    Do you seriously think, the proceeds from these shirts are going to 'Daiey's freinds'?

    clearly, your comments live up to your chosen
    name. 'confused'

    Though I've got nothing to do with the shirts, I'm
    guessing that it's simply an opportunity for those that feel inclined, to purchase a shirt, that says, 'check out this site, and see what's going on in Uptown'
    And again, it's a 'fashion' response to the prior mentioned Jesus People shirt.

  9. Sorry if my point was not clear. I certainly do not think proceeds from these shirts go to Daley. I was referring to city taxes as an example. My point is that I personally would like to know where the proceeds go, just like I like to know where my city taxes go. If the proceeds are going into one person's pocket versus being donated to a worthy local cause, I would be less likely to purchase a shirt. I've got nothing against entrepreneur-ship. God love 'em if they can make money with a great idea. I just would like to know who gets my money when I give it up.

  10. For what it's worth, Confused, I read ya loud and clear. ;)

  11. CONFUSED, I can't speak to where the money goes,
    since I have no affiliation to this site.

    I'm only guessing that they go to supporting the site.

    Maybe the host can clear this up.....

  12. The post has been updated to state that proceeds go to the Wilson Ave Merchants Assn. Thanks!

  13. Okay, just to clear things up:

    The original post didn't say where the proceeds would go because we hadn't figured it out yet. About a half hour after the original post, we added a blurb mentioning that any proceeds would go to WAMA to help them get planters and beautification on Wilson Avenue.

    These shirts and other items have nothing to do with JPUSA. They're just for fun, a way to promote the site and have a laugh, maybe, in the process.

    The person who was seen wearing an anti-UU t-shirt was (mistakenly, according to her) specifically named as a JPUSA member. She says she (and her sister) are being wrongly identified. So, we'll choose to believe her.

    Really, this is for FUN. It's not serious. We're not involved in a flame war with JPUSA (at least, if we are, the administrators aren't aware of it!)

    So we've removed the JPUSA postings here. Order a shirt if you want, know that you've donated a buck towards WAMA in the process, and have fun with it.

  14. Cool!
    just as I thought, this is for a Good cause!


  15. Well at least I know know I'm not crazy. I couldn't figure out what happened to the post to which I wanted to post a reply. Now I know it was sent to the same spot as a post or two of mine were in the past...

    So to confirm, I'm not crazy, but still (and perpetually) confused.

    So who will post the first picture of someone seen wearing a shirt?

  16. Ok, I'm going to be a littler persnickety here, but it looks like the organic cotton T has different slogan on the back "News and Commentary From Chicagos Uptown Neighborhood"

    I mean, its ok, but its not as cool as "Why don't you go BLOG about it" Thats just tasteful and classic. Its mine own little way of saying f-you to Shiller on a shirt.

    In any event, thats the shirt I want, but it doesn't seem to have the blog about it slogan.

  17. We aim to please WindyCityEagle. The organic shirt now has the slogan you want. Enjoy.

  18. We aim to please WindyCityEagle. The organic shirt now has the slogan you want. Enjoy.

    Thanks! Its been ordered. Now hopefully it will look as good on me as it does on the manequin.

  19. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see you all on the streets. Face to screen name. Yay!