Friday, July 11, 2008

Will She Be There?

A reader writes in:

"FYI - I was watching Fox News this morning and a reporter mentioned that Aldermen from around the city are getting together with Police Supt. Jody Weis to discuss the recent up tick in violent crime."

Do you think Alderman Shiller will attend?



    Or, she'll show up to say something about police brutality. Standin' up to the man!

  2. Even if she does attend, will she report back to her ward on the results of the meeting?

  3. Well I have been told several times that “The Alderman is in contact with the 23rd Commander on a daily basis, sometimes day and night” and “she is not part of law enforcement so she has nothing to do with any crime prevention that is taking place in the ward.”

    I only mention these two statements courtesy of her always helpful chief of staff Denise, because it seems to me that she might be the kind of public servant who would be quick to blame the police for their actions. Seems that because she is in such regular contact with them she should have voiced any concerns at any number of her regular conversations over the past several months. But since she leaves law enforcement up to the police I hope she takes this public opportunity to leave it up to them.

    If you don’t want to voice any public concerns when a murder takes place on your doorstep I ask that you stay out of the way at meetings like this.

  4. I love it how they want to blame Jody for the gang problem at taste. I heard today that Daley and Weis had a "heated" conversation.

    I was working at taste two years ago and about 20 gangbangers lined up like a fence around our tent. Not in line for anything mind you, just to intimidate the people who walked by.

    I bet Weis is kicking himself for coming to Chicago. He is taking the brunt from the Mayor and now the Aldermen who have created this crime problem in the first place, with there numerous socialist programs that create a society of thugs and victims.

    If I was Weis I would give the city council and the mayor the finger.

  5. man, you're right on the money uptowndad. i'm just glad Jody called a spade a spade a few weeks ago and held that damn family accountable for the shooting of that child in the van. we need more of that and a lot less of tap dancing around what's really going on in this city....i just love how someone who's only been on the job a few months "created" this problem Chicago has...

    f'ing replace the entire city council, with HER and Daley at the top...f'ing done with all.

    and F Daley with his Olympic dream, that ship has saiiiiillleeeed

  6. Don't know if Shiller was there (doubt it) at the meetings at Police HQ today, but Alderman Gene Schulter was along with several downtown alderman.