Monday, July 7, 2008

Where Are The Trees?

Have you ever noticed the lack of trees along one of Uptown's main thoroughfares - Lawrence Avenue?

A reader wrote in and said "there are no sidewalk trees on Lawrence from Sheridan to basically Clark if you include the cemetery side. I have also noted a lot of previously planted trees, i.e. in front of 4735 North Sheridan, etc., have died or been cut down. When I called the city, they said it was an alderman's office duty to request them. Can you ask the readers if they have any other ideas how to get them or go around Shiller because.. well..., you know.."

Update readers - let's ask Alderman Shiller why there aren't any trees along Lawrence.


  1. I hate to be a "downer" on this but there are no trees because there is no room! By the time you hit Sheridan walking west on Lawrence the building setbacks become nonexistent. Then, that problem is compounded by the presence of bus stops and people loitering about. While I would love some trees and plantings, where would we put them and how could we keep them from being drenched in urine?!!? We all know that at one time Wilson and Lawrence used to be very pedestrian friendly thoroughfares. I don't see how we can reverse the overcrowding, but I'd like to hear the suggestions.

  2. "While I would love some trees and plantings, where would we put them and how could we keep them from being drenched in urine?!!?"

    Good point. Keeping the Lawrence Ave. rabble from physically molesting and detaching said trees' branches would also be problematic. Craig Gernhardt at the blog MorseHellHole is constantly writing about how the rabble in his area like to abuse freshly planted trees until they die.

  3. There are PLENTY of places trees could be planted on that corridor. And, as it is one of the main gateways to Uptown, there is no reason for it not them not to be planted... there are a number of places where trees were originally planted but have been cut down or died. The playlot on Leland being one..those can easily be replaced..

    And I like to think green space and trees are for all, not just the Lincoln Park group. I look forward to hearing some constructive ideas on this.... I think it is a great idea!

  4. For a lot of clever ideas of what can be done to make the area better, venture on over to the 44th, 47th, and 48th Wards to see what those aldermen did to beautify the public spaces. The ULI study done in 2000, which described some action steps to stimulate stronger retail development, also had some wonderful ideas of what could be done. The possibilities are endless.

    Until we have an alderman that encourages plantings, perhaps some block clubs could adopt areas in need of attention. My partner "adopted" the SE corner of Lawrence/Kenmore a number of years ago and planted rose bushes where people normally slept. It discouraged people from sleeping in the parkway and no doubt made the area less intimidating for shoppers.

  5. Reality show idea--or maybe just plain "reality": Move gay men into sketchy neighborhoods--like parts of Uptown--and have them focus on the "streetscaping" or lack thereof.

    Voila! A few years later, rose garden tours are taking place on both sides of Lawrence east of the el tracks.

    (The bushes on the north side of the street would have an edge in terms of sunlight exposure.)

  6. Wow BJ, I know I won't be the last to call your posting in very bad taste, but happy to be the first.

    Just so you know, not all 'Gay' men are into gardening. We also are not all interior decorators.

  7. Gosh Billy Joe, with your line of reasoning, just think what a gay alderman could do! ;)