Monday, July 7, 2008

Weiss Weeds

A reader writes in:

Every year it’s the same thing. We have to call 311 to get Weiss Hospital to cut the weeds on their loading dock parkway at 820 West Wilson.

Isn’t it time for Weiss to show this community a little respect? After all, it:
1. received taxpayer’s TIF dollars to renovate its parking garage
2. privatized a public street – a no cost -- to expand its campus
3. uses Clarendon Avenue at no cost for a truck unloading zone.

The least they could do is cut their freaken weeds.


  1. Perhaps this is one of those times when it's easier to just take matter into your own hands. Home Depot and Lowes sell very inexpensive, rechargeable weed trimmers.

    Get busy complaining and waiting for someone else, or get busy doing what you can to change things yourself. What are they going to do, arrest you for cleaning up?

  2. kenny:

    What moxy Kenny!
    Why dont you give that plan a go? While the rest of the neighborhood can say "look, there's Kenny the d*ucheb*g getting arrested for tending to corperate property!"
    And theyd further say, "why does Kenny let the bloated corperation get away with neglect and reinforce their sloth with his ill advised and self-righteous crusade?"
    And lastly theyd say, wow, who names their child Kenny?

  3. I'm with Kenny on this one. If things like this bothered me, I'd just go do something about it or I'd ask Weiss directly instead of posting it on this blog.

  4. I'm here for you yups..
    First take a deep breath. Second, take an extra dose of whatever prescription meds you're on. Third, hold on to your khakis and (simutaneously)release your wedgies. With that being said, you should now have the ability to remove your heads from your arsses in an attempt to think freely.

    This is CHICAGO. A huge, grimy city that has everything from homeless people, to public transit crime, to (you guessed it) WEEDS!!
    Anybody who complains about a hospital's refusal to mow their lawn is quite a joke to the normal person. When people are worrying about how to keep their kids in college, the idea of getting Weiss to tend to their "corperate" property is pretty much non-existent. I get the idea of paying attention to where our tax dollars go, I really do. But do you updaters understnad how freaking far you take things?? Get your own island and take your dogs/kids with you.

    My neighbor has a fire hydrant in the parkway in front of her home. Every so often, taggers (notice I didn't say gangbangers)decide to mark their names on it. Do you think she calls her freakin alderman??? No, she goes outside and does something radical: sprays red paint over it. I know, I know- what if the city punishes her for doing something "illegal" to THEIR property? The city would only find out (and/or would care) if one of you rats called about her.

    Grow some & stop your "my tax dollar" barking. Geez..

  5. Wow. Such angry people.

    I think the hospital should tend to their own property. It's a business, and they should care what the neighbors think.

  6. Speaking as a "rat" Weiss needs to maintain their property.

    End of discussion.

    Now if you will exsqueeze me I need to eat some cheese.

  7. Hye ifyousayso,

    Why is it wrong to care about your neighborhood? I don't get it. You sound suspiciously like another troll working for the Alderbeast.

    I know its fun to characterize people, so I'll do the same.

    ifyousayso, put the bong down. Stop reading chairman mao's little red book and hold of on the communist manifesto. Your lovely dream of a grimey city for the people gave a bunch of my money to Weiss hospital so they could build a parking garage. All I'm asking is that they cut down the weeds to help take care of the neighborhood.

  8. What if your association paid a service to clean up the weeds in front of your place? It's a long-term contract, and the guy who runs it is a cousin of the association president, so you can't fire him. What if the service was leaving foot-tall weeds in front of your place, no matter what?

    Would you go out and cut them yourselves and think, eh, so what if we already paid the guy to do this? Or would you complain?