Saturday, July 5, 2008

Uptown's Produce-Free "Farmers Market"

A reader writes in: "I read the post [Thursday] about all the vendors at the Edgewater Green Market, so I went over to Truman College to buy some fresh veggies at the Uptown Farmer's Market. When I got there, our 'market' (I use the term loosely) consisted of one -- one! -- booth. And that was selling baked goods!

"I have to admit, they were outstanding baked goods (I scored some great sourdough bread and scones), and I'm grateful that someone was there -- but ONE booth? I felt sorry for the guy, because he had a crowd, about half of whom were asking him where the farmer's market was. The other half were buying his baked goods. So the demand and the potential customers are here.

"After three years of farmer's markets, the best Uptown can do is ONE booth and no produce at all?"

We agree wholeheartedly. We go to Daley Center and other North Side markets and see great products and actual food that's grown in the earth. But this is as good as Uptown gets?

We encourage everyone who'd like to see a real farmers market to contact the Mayor's Office of Special Events, which schedules local markets, and let them know we'd like something more in line with the rest of the city. The email address is The phone number is 312-744-3315. Or you can fax 312-744-8523.

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