Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sunnyside Mall Keeping The Police Busy

We're getting reports from readers that the police are giving both the Sunnyside Mall and Magnolia Street a lot of extra attention recently. In the photo above, the cops are taking weapons "and other fun stuff" away from some Mall occupants. Keep the 911 calls coming, folks! More calls equal more manpower.


  1. So I saw the Cops come back and fourth on Sunnyside all day yesterday. I spoke with my neighbor and he informed me that he called 911 on the group in the photo.

    This is the normal crew that sits and drinks out on the mall area.

    Here is my beef. I saw them pull weapons off these guys, they had open containers in public, one guy had handcuffs and he was locking up his friends to the bench, also as the cops checked these folks they all stated that they didn't have id's.

    Yet not one arrest or ticket issued? That seems a tad odd to me.

  2. uptown_dad, are you serious about this? First of all, it's beyond a tad bit odd. Forget the tickets, they have weapons, last time I checked, illegal in Chicago, and no arrests? Did you speak with the police about this, call a supervisor?

  3. serious.

    I did not call on the police. I do know the reason they rushed over was because my neighbor thought he saw one waving a pistol.

    I do think our crime rate statistics in Uptown are being kept down intentionally with lack of arrest. Not sure why.

  4. I took a walk thrugh the mall around 6 tonight. There were seven kids working on some sort of dance routine. That simple act was keeping the bangers and dealers away from Sunnyside/ Malden for that period of time.

    The kids don't know that their actions have a positive effect on the neighborhood, but their actions should be encouraged by all.

  5. Uptown_dad, I've seen a similar thing happen right in the same spot...the cops showed up, collected obvious illegal substances in plastic baggies, and then let them go after an officer "grilled" them for about 10 minutes. Strategy/information gathering or not, I'm equally suspicious of the intentional under-arresting when blatant crimes (small or large) are just going on in broad daylight.

    At least this time the cops came, the last time I called 911 on the same crowd I waited LITERALLY over an hour to even see an officer drive by. During that hour, I counted no fewer than 8 different drug deals go on. After waiting the first 20 minutes I called 911 again just to make sure the report got in and to let them know that it was STILL occurring. In response I got a curt statement by the operator, who said they already had my call down and would get someone over there when they could.

    I've never felt like such a burden for reporting crime....

  6. Don't feel you are singled out with the lack of response and rude 911 operator. I have called and received the same attitude. Also cops coming by an hour later. Sometimes they don't come at all. Now we are watching the cops letting these punks walk, yet in every dang CAPS meeting they stress calling 911, and it's always the same response from the public. We do, we get attitude and you don't come. Kind of makes you wonder what really is going on around here.

  7. I was robbed a few weeks back. When I called a week later to check on my report, they said it had never been filed. I had to call two more times before they filed the report.

    I agree, there is something fishy with our crime data. Why would they not file a report immediately???

  8. It sounds like the cops make be pocketing the stuff they find. Maybe we should start filming or photographing the cops doing this and then asking at the CAPS meeting why these people aren't be arrested. If it takes video proof to get action or get these guys fired then thats what we must do.

  9. There are some awfully harsh accusations going on here with very little evidence. I'd be more inclined to say that the police know what they're doing and trust them to do it.

    Chris, COURAJ is into filming the police for evidence of wrongdoing. I'm sure you could join them in your quest for dirty cops. I, personally, don't want to align with them in any way.

  10. This is to Lunch Box. YOu stated that "The kids don't know that their actions have a positive effect on the neighborhood, but their actions should be encouraged by all." My question to you is did you encourage them and give them any prasises for what they were doing. Because it's easy to say what needs to be done without doingit. But actually doing it is more challenging.

    I just want you readers to realize that you can complain all day about drug dealers, gang bangers, or people that just hang out on the mall(because that's what the majority of the people on the mall are doing) But if you really cared you would try in some kind of way to change this behavior. IT seems to me like most of you don't want to deal with the problem, you just want to get rid of it. But what good would that really do??

  11. Sorry dacutestmama, I don't buy in to the "It takes a village" mentality.
    It takes a mother and father to raise a kid. Period. The Village has been raising kids to long and the fathers are no where to be found.

    As for the police, Im not going to police them. But something is fishy with the lack off arrest. This is happening. Maybe it is Daley and his Olympic dream? Maybe it is the cops saying FU to the media? Maybe it is the fact according to long term police officers a 5th grader can pass the new entrance exam created for racial diversity.

    I wish I was making this up.

  12. "My question to you is did you encourage them and give them any prasises for what they were doing."

    Yes, I did. I thought about this as I was walking by, so I stopped for a minute. When two of them looked my way, I gave them a small polite gesture of a clap.

  13. "I agree, there is something fishy with our crime data. Why would they not file a report immediately???"

    The conspiracy theorist in me says this might be done to "reduce" crime in Uptown and make it attractive to others. No record of the crime, no reason to list it on the official crime states. Wa-la! Lowered crime rate.

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  15. uptown_dad

    You're obviously a "good father". However, all kids aren't as fortunate as yours. So it's okay to give up on these kids and not guide them in the right direction because their parent or parents aren't doing it? No because as you see what these kids aren't taught and what they do affects our community.

    I am a strong believer that "it takes a village to raise a child." If people weren't so stuck in their lives and so self centered, half of these things going on in Uptown or anywhere else wouldn't be happening.

    The only parents that raise their kids alone are those whom never send their kids to school, to a nanny, daycare, over a friends house to visit, never visit family members, never go to any educational facilities, or recreational facilities. How many parents out there do that? Essential these people or places aren't
    "raising" your children. But every where a child goes they pick up some kind of value. And this adds on to the raising process. And if your kids go to school alone that's a great deal of raising and rearing.

    I believe that parents can't raise a child alone with out any help. Because no matter what you teach your children, it still has to be reinforced in some other kind of way whether it be through a places of worship, school or a family member.

    We can debate this all day, but I don't have time for that because today I decided to talk to the youth in the neighborhood about what they are capable of achieving.

    Have a great day!!

  16. "I decided to talk to the youth in the neighborhood about what they are capable of achieving."


    The violence in Uptown would stop if "people weren't so stuck in their lives and so self centered"

    Yeah or how about if people took responsibility for themselves and the kids they bring in to the world? My kid has it well off? Not with me busting his ass everyday.

    I can't even wrap my mind around your thought.

    You believe that parents can't "raise kids alone?" Then please do not have children and pass the word along to the other villagers.

    My wife and I brought our son in to this world so that makes him OUR RESPONSIBILITY! Not his teachers, not the guy downstairs, not a probation officer. Pass that along in your sermon today.

  17. Sorry, I already have children, and no, I do not do it alone. I will not even sit here and lie and say that I do!! Regardless to what you think or say, you and your wife don't raise your kid ALONE either. Wait..... Unless you raise him in a bubble!!! And if that's the case I will certainly inform DCFS of this, being a mandated reporter!

    I never said put the responsibility on anyone!! Please go re-read what I wrote. Cause obviously you have a comprehension deficiency.

    And busting your sons ass is nothing to brag about.(I'm taking that literally since you take everything so literal). I would like to refer you to Truman College because obviously you need Psychology with Dr. Robinson and Race and Ethnic Relations with Dr. Troche-Rodriguez.

    FYI I care about the youth in my neighborhood no matter the ethnicity, sex, status, class, intelligence, or amount of familial support! SO when I say I'm going to do something trust that I will! And yes I did.

    So as for your sarcastic "Riiiiiiiiiiiiight." YOU could of kept that!!

    It's not the children's fault when their parents aren't up to part in raising them. So it's up to people like ME to look after them and not look down on them and just try to eliminate them!!!! These kids are our future. Yours, mine, my kid's and your son's.

    I'll conclude with a question to you. What kind of work do you do?

  18. The day I go to "Truman College because obviously you need Psychology" is the same day I take my car to Earl Sheib for a paint job.

    You keep letting the neighborhood raise your kid Hillary JR.

    Get off your high horse and come on over and start helping riase my son. You assume I don't get involved with the children in Uptown because I don't feel sorry for them? Next time you see a guy out skatboarding with some area kids stop and say hello, then go to Truman and rewrite that race relation text with Mr. Troche-Rodriguez.

    Your the worst kind of racist because you expect less from these kids and you treet them with pitty. They see right through that and it creates shame and resentment.

    Good job! Keep up the good work MOM!

    If it is between me or the cops kicking my son in the ass I choose me.

    Keep up the white guilt. Im done with you.

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  20. Ha! Ha! Ha! What an ass! Don't assume because I'm on Uptown Update I'm white. Before you start throwing out races (actually races don't exist)please know what you're talking about. Nothing about me is white other than my teeth.

    And as your comment I expect less from these kids. Nah, you're wrong, I was these kids. And guess what I'm a college graduate and I know that they can also be one too. I just care about them, unlike you! I want to see them some where besides 26th and California!!!

    YOU call me racist?? I laugh at that, ha ha. I love people. All people. Nothing about me is racist never have been. And now that I think about it, you're the racist because these youth we are talking about who gave them one specific race?? Obviously you're complaining with a stereotype, generalization and bias of these kids. But I'm the racist? UM hump yeah, right!! NO one would believe that!!! SO save that for someone else!

    See ya at the next CAPS meeting. LOL!! Or maybe I'll see you with 3 year old son in the Bronco playlot taking "your" park back from the ganger bangers! LOL

    I'm not mad !! So smile!! I love this!!