Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uptown Man Charged With Rogers Park Rape

An Uptown man whose last known address was a shelter in the 900 block of West Lawrence has been charged with rape. Read all about it at the Chicago Tribune here.


  1. As a point of information, the shelter they are referencing is the R.E.S.T. shelter which has beds for men (only), a meal program, some services and a daytime warming/cooling room.

  2. Good to see DNA being put to use.

  3. The Sun-Times has more details:

    "He has a history of narcotics-related convictions, including one in 2007 that resulted in his current three-year parole sentence."


    "According to Holman's public defender, Armando Sandoval, Holman is married, works at a hotel, and attends Moody Bible Church."

    Thankfully the second assault was foiled.

  4. Good riddance to another fine Uptown resident.

  5. Hey, IrishPirate. Can you tell from that video if he was apprehended on Broadway or Sheridan? I am so bad at identifying locations on film. I'm even fooled by the lincoln park el stops they use for "loop" el stops on ER! :)