Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunnyside Mall: "National Night Out Against Crime"

(click on the image above for a full-size copy)

Sounds like a festival! The beat coordinator tells us there will be a BBQ, a sno-cone machine and fun. She also asks that you print out the flyer and distribute it to your friends and neighbors. If just one person per building prints out the flyers and passes them around, we should be able to cover most of Uptown.

If you have neighbors who don't have internet access, please let them know about it as well.


  1. FYI, this is the 2311 Caps meeting for the month, so if you're in 2311, please plan on attending.

  2. Yes, please attend! After the sting a couple of weeks ago, we had about 5 days of "normal" life. Sunnyside Mall was free of gang bangers, it was peaceful and I, for one, felt safer. But now, what is disturbing is that a whole new group of older, scarier guys seems to have taken the place of the old group.

    What does this tell me:
    1) arrests do not seem to serve as a deterrent to gang activity because they are so determined to conduct their business they WILL go about it one way or another

    2) they have the manpower reserves to do it. Losing members to arrests doesn't affect business too much

    3) Uptown's powers that be tolerate it for the most part. What's one sting operation in 6 months or a year when they have at least 364 other days to do business?

    I would love to see events scheduled for that mall on a regular basis--daily even. Just like the Clarendon Park neighbors organize their positive loitering events and walk around their streets in groups, we could do that at the Mall. These gang bangers are aggressive. We need to be, too. Having a CAPS meeting at the Sunnyside Mall is one thing we as resisdents can do to take that corner away from them.

  3. I'm going to attempt to be there! Bringing my soon-to-be 5 y.o. too! :)

  4. We'll be there too...

    I intentionally walk through there every day on my way home from work. Have to make our presence felt, though I do think we have to be careful to not provoke.