Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ald. Shiller Turns Her Back On Uptown Crime, Literally And Figuratively

Details of the town hall meeting that just took place this evening are still trickling in, but the word from those who attended is that the turnout was phenomenal. We are told that Alderman Shiller sat in the front row with her back to the audience and did not say ONE word to those in attendance, not even commenting on what she is doing to help combat crime in Uptown. Representatives from the 47th and 48th Wards were there and spoke and were even on the panel of speakers, but not one peep from our own alderman. Were you there? Let us know what you saw and heard in the comments. Oh, and Christie Hahn from Uptown Business rock.
Update: Fox Chicago was at the meeting. Their coverage can be seen here. The coverage is great until the end when the anchor mentions that Ald. Shiller was not on the panel but her chief-of-staff was. Another example of people confusing "Shiller" and "Schulter." Dan Luna from Gene Schulter's office was on the panel but Alderman Shiller's own Denise Davis was sitting in the front row. The 46th Ward was NOT represented on the panel.


  1. I was there. Shiller got called out, but there was a fair amount of finger pointing from all sides. I think there was also a great open dialogue and I learned a lot.

    I'm going to my first CAPS meeting next month. I learned that I need to get involved and I hope that others will do the same!

  2. The representative was from Schulter's office, Ward 47. No one on the panel was from Ward 46.

  3. Turnout was great - every seat was filled and even the standing areas were packed. The Alderman from the 47th Ward (thanks Marathonman, I thought they said SHILLER, not Shulter) had a representative speak on the panel, along with a few members of the CPD. Why the Alderman herself wasnt up there, baffled me (and the entire crowd when one person asked the question himself).

    Overall I thought the meeting was good for Uptown -- a lot of positive ideas and information were shared.

  4. Shiller should be embarrassed! How can she not see the mediocre (at best) job she is doing!? The guy in the yellow shirt that called her out is my hero. Well done!

  5. Actually, there were no aldermen/representatives on the panel. The panel consisted of Rep. Harris, Sen. Steans (sp?), and several representatives of the Chicago Police.

  6. great turnout! I was in the row behind Shiller to her right in a gray polo shirt.


    1) She was there!
    2) Taking notes when speakers were making suggestions.


    1) Didn't address the audience
    2) The girl sitting to her left was making lots of snarky comments about speakers.

  7. Our numbers and determination will inevitably win. If not sooner, in 2011.

  8. Brad,
    You may have arrived late, a representitive from the 47th ward sat on the panel for a while but had to leave because of other commitments.

  9. There was a representative (forget his name) from the 47th Ward Aldermans office -- he sat next to State Senator Heather Stearns and he spoke briefly but had to leave early. His advice to the crowd was to attend CAPS meetings (he practically scolded the crowd), get "we call police" signs, and to put addresses on garages in the alleys.

  10. Alderman Schulter's representative was Dan Luna.

    I could not believe that Alderman Shiller was not sitting at the table. Was she EVEN invited to be up there? I actually think Harris and Steans were sending an immediate public message to residents that Alderman Shiller is left out of the process until she starts showing up and speaking out.

  11. It appeared the two empty chairs on the panel were there for Shiller and a rep., but not sure if that was really the case. For her to not say one word was pretty ridiculous. I would have thought she was a no-show if she hadn't been pointed out.

  12. Great event. My count was 400 plus probably exceeding 450 when tallying the standing room only attendees.

  13. I was there, for about 45 minutes, and didn't even
    realize Shiller was there!

    One interesting thing I noticed, was that after the
    (only?) pro-Shiller comment was made at the open-mic time, the speaker and her entourage left abruptly.
    Almost as if the speaker was a 'planted' performer.

    I'm stunned our own alderman said nothing

  14. The self righteous woman next to Shiller, making the snide comments, and answering her cellphone obnoxiously throughout the meeting is in this photo/link below.
    Shows the mentality you're dealing with when you get a woman loudly taking her phone calls in front of the Senators. LINK BELOW:

  15. hope in uptown, I noticed the same thing. As soon as that commenter was finished, they all exited en masse. I also noticed they were the same ones trying to shout down the guy from 1100 Montrose who was asking where Shiller was and why she wasn't up front with the other meeting organizers.

  16. All in all, a very positive meeting. I have been inspired to go to a CAPS meeting soon, and to try to contribute in one way or another to some of the local charities that are trying to work with at-risk youth in our area. One part of the meeting that made me laugh... when the police officer who was talking about cycling groups that met at night and cycled together as a deterrent to criminals cited as effective a group at Halsted and Roscoe! I would let my grandmother walk around alone at 3 in the morning at Halsted and Roscoe! Not exactly uptown, that.

    But all in all, a great meeting.

  17. Um, the sleeveless JESUS PEOPLE guy with the ear ring calling a "hate site" was an interesting moment. Most of the crime victems had pretty coherent comments. Seems you can lump much of the pro-Shiller histrionic comments into one general comments about us all being responsible for the kids not having opportunites. Then Shillers clowns in back saying "amen." Some predicatble stuff from her goonsquad. A couple of her clowns throwing out some pretty baseless praises about how much shes done of us all. Must say Im shocked at how gutless she was in not even showing her FACE to the crowd- much less her saying even one word. Beyond pathetic.

  18. Scott, check that link.

    I sat directly behind Ald. Shiller, and I think it is encouraging that she was there, took notes and paid attention to her constituents and what was said. There were some who spoke to her or her office directly as being out of touch, non-cooperative and opaque (as opposed to transparent, as I believe ALL government should be), but overall I am totally optimistic and excited about the show of support and ideas shared at the meeting.

    Stephanie, our Uptown resident who posted the open note to Ald. Shiller about her horrible experience with the staff, walked up to Shiller before the meeting began and shook her hand, and asked to have an appointment with her, and also said hello to the "snarky" black woman sitting next to her, who I can only assume is a member of the staff. When she walked away the woman said to Shiller "that's the crazy lady". Crazy, I assume, for asking to have a meeting with her elected public representative and becoming emotional when verbally attacked.

    I don't know all of the circumstances surrounding the reason why she was not on the panel, but she was there and I think that is a step in the right direction. I am a bit apprehensive to see this blog become "hateful" as Mr. Trotter of the "Jesus People" put it, but I think there is nothing wrong with holding a public servant accountable for her actions; this is PROFESSIONAL criticism, so please let's keep it that way and not make it personal.

    That said, great job to everyone who worked to publicize this event and what a turnout! I am so proud to take an active role as a citizen in this community and realize we all have to do our part to ensure security and an improved quality of life in Uptown.

    Keep the encouragement and comments coming, friends and neighbors!


  19. i was unable to make the meeting this evening. sounds like it was a great success.

    what were the demographics like? did it seem like a good cross section of the area? i was just curious knowing what schiller's "go to response" for complaints in the neighborhood is typically.

  20. I saw Shiller walk in from the far side of the room before the meeting officially began.

    Mary Ann Smith had a represesntative there as well - but they werent on the panel and didn't talk.

    But you know it's pretty sad that the chief of staff for Alderman Schulter is on the panel and speaks - and Schulter only represents a small sliver of Uptown and our own Alderman is silent.

    I was so happy when I saw the attendance. When I arrived there was a small group of chairs down. But as more and more people came in, the Truman people kept taking more down till it was SRO.

    Lets keep the momentum going!

  21. YES Scott!
    And the same woman that praised the alderman's work, and dispensed the sweet stories about saving the young children of Uptown, later hissed and boo'ed
    and yelled 'Quit Complaining!' to the other speakers.

    Unfortunately, she was standing next to me in the back.....

  22. While I agree Shiller was spineless, I think most of us our overlooking the point of the meeting. The topic was made clear: Public Safety in Uptown. The panel wouldn't address other issues; one man started on Wilson Yard and Greg Harris asked if his question 'pertained to public safety?.'
    The crowd was itching for a reason to boo Shiller (nice) but we can't forget key items.

    I took minutes (that I plan on posting in my building hall)and the most common message I heard is we should all join CAPS. Aside from election issues, to help Uptown crime, people should join CAPS and get our community more involved.

  23. I thought the meeting was much more civil than expected. I did not agree with that man in the front row who told the guy in the yellow shirt to not "make it personal" when he questioned why our Alderman was not seated in front as part of the panel. It was a legitimate question, especially since so much of what is said on this blog has to do with her refusal to directly address the concerns of many of her constituents. Having said that, it was a positive thing that she was even in attendance.

    Also, kudos to the man from Alternatives who said that if even half of the people who turned up at tonight's meeting would volunteer to work with their organization, so much could be accomplished. I believe if we put our time and energy into the kids today, we can effectively reduce the gang crime tomorrow. Not a quick fix, but that's why we have 9-1-1.

  24. I completely agree with the man from alternatives. We have to invest in our youth, they are the future. I know it sounds cliche, but it's the truth. Crime prevention begins with early intervention, the earlier the better.

    I will be taking him up on his offer to volunteer at the various youth organizations in the neighborhood. I hope I'm not the only one.

  25. Wowza! We are about to coast by 8,000 visitors to Uptown Update today and we still have an hour left in the the day.

  26. I see two distinct issues: crime in uptown and the removal of H.S. from office. This effort will take perseverance, the latter until 2011.

  27. Hi, I'm Chris Macsurak, the guy in the yellow shirt who lives at 1100 W Montrose. Thanks for the positive feedback, I was a bit nervous to get up and speak. I certainly didn't know/see that Hellen Shiller was right behind me. I was focused on the panel at the table up front. I just said what I really felt, and I'm glad people agreed. I plan to attend a meeting tomorrow regarding Wilson Yard.

    I believe everyone deserves basic human comforts and no one should be homeless, but I also think a neighborhood should be balanced for all residents and children should be able to grow up, look around, and see things that inspire them to engage in the pursuit of happiness, not the pursuit or gang membership or incarceration. Home owners shouldn’t have to regret purchasing a home in the 46th ward either.

    "no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions." – John Locke

  28. Wilson Yard
    A Call to Action

    The Wilson Yard development has taken many faces over the years. Its latest incarnation and final plan poses an incredible threat to our community:

    • Failed Housing Model: All 200 units in the Wilson Yard development are 100% low-income units. There will be no market rate units for purchase or rent. This development recreates Chicago’s failed housing projects being torn down throughout the city.
    • Criminal Activity: The placement of this proposed housing will act as a beacon for increased criminal activity.
    • Mismanagement of TIF Funds: You’re tax dollars are paying for this - the average construction cost per unit in building 1 is $447,000.
    • Higher Property Taxes: Over $50 million of local property tax revenue is being funneled into this project. Property owners will take on an even greater burden in the future when they’re forced to take up the slack because of the tax breaks given to this public housing project.
    • Lost Economic Development & Community Retail: This plan, which should have been the gateway for Uptown’s commercial district, fails to continue the organic flow of retail along Broadway just north of Leland in the 48th ward. Instead creating dead negative space with high empty walls.
    • Poor Urban Planning: This plan is dramatically out of scale with the neighborhood. Design standards typically used to create safe welcoming spaces were ignored.
    • Traffic Congestion: The City’s traffic study was conducted in September, not during the peak summer months.
    • No Confirmation Target is Included: There is no Letter of Intent from Target, or any other written agreement, per our latest FOIA request.

    What can you do now!
    Join Uptown Neighborhood Council (UNC) in legal action to “FIX WILSON YARD”
    Learn more:
    What: Wilson Yard Litigation Meeting
    Where: Buena Point, 4350 N. Broadway, 2nd floor room
    When: Thursday, July 31th, 7 pm

    A tax deductible check can be made out to GWNA (Graceland-Wilson Neighbors Association and mailed to FixWilsonYard, P.O. Box 13365, Chicago,Il, 60613

  29. She called me "the crazy lady"? I guess it doens't surprise me, I asked to talk to her after the meeting as well, she declined. I thought the meeting was great, very informative and created a lot of very productive dialog. There are lot of people out there who are very interested in working together and working with everyone to get the youth involved in different projects and making our community a better place. We don't need Shiller to do this, but it would be so great to have our local governments support and ear.

  30. Andy,

    That's pathetic about Shiller's staff's commenting to her. After the meeting Stephanie went back to talk to her and Shiller refused to talk to her. Clearly she has surround herself with some staff that are less than helpful in bridging the gap to us mere citizens.

    Despite the very obvious pro- and anti- Shiller sentiment that I noticed at the meeting a few things that really jumped out at me were Zack from Alternatives, Inc. comments about actually getting involved in the community. It's all well and good to ask the police to do more and they clearly need to do something to deal with what is happening now but there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood who need to see the potential for a better life. Squeezing crime out of Uptown doesn't mean that it will go away. It will just be someone else's problem.

  31. stef - I also heard the crazy comment. I didn't realize that was you.

  32. What an amazing turnout, civilized and we stuck to the issue. Personally I would have like to have seen more digs at the b*tch, bit prob best the way it played out.

    Someone confirm, did she really say, "not my issue" when "yellow shirt" asked her to take a seat?

    Regardless of whether or not Harris and Sterns invited her to be on that panel, she should have been up there. Period. I'm just glad to see that the panel got a good idea of what she's really like.

    On a separate but relevant note, I'm still really really worked up over stef's experience at her office.

    I fired off notes to the surrounding alderman as well as the city corruption web site this morning. WHO else can we escalate this too. I'm sorry, 104K a year and her and her staff are treating us like this? I would be fired if I pulled that shit at my job. HELL NO.

    I'm not giving up on this one until someone gives us an answer. I hope you're not giving up stef - demand answers from her boss.

  33. PS stef: don't waste your time trying to "be nice" to her. WE ALL need to start getting MAD ANGRY and FED UP. Sorry, need to fight fire with fire. She doesn't play nice, move on to Plan B.

  34. If we keep making positive change in the neighborhood and the Alderman keeps ignoring the issues, and distancing herself from the progress she will continue to look aloof, ignorant, and irresponsible.

    I'm not sure attacking her outright will accomplish as much as exposing her office's calloused and single-minded view of her constituents and our neighborhood.

  35. 400 community members show up with very little notice, on a weeknight, for a meeting to address crime and safety in our neighborhood.

    Our brand new state representative and brand new state senator are the ones to organize it, not our alderman of 21 years.

    One day after telling a constituent who wanted a meeting with her to "fuck off" and "leave and don't come back" and "move away," Shiller's crack staff (and I do mean "crack") sits at the meeting and makes snarky comments about the speakers ... in full earshot of the citizens sitting around them.

    The alderman herself refuses to meet with the citizen who was told to "fuck off" by her staff and left the office in tears.

    Shiller's staff refers to the citizen -- again in earshot of her constituents -- as a "crazy lady."

    The absolute CONTEMPT she has for those of us who live here and pay her is overwhelming.

    One is reminded of Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat cake."

    (And we all remember her fate.)

    Let's hope Shiller feels the heat for her contempt and loathing of those she has sworn to represent.

  36. Good meeting; I came away from it with a different point of view and some new ideas as to how I can help make Uptown a better place. Happy with the fact that it didn't turn into a Shiller bash. I think that we accomplished a lot more by not doing this. Although it did take someone from the audience to get her to make her presence known. Other than that, she pretty much sat there and listened to what was said. I probably would have gained some respect for her if she had at least acknowledged the fact that so many people turned out for this and had the courage to speak their minds in front of 400+ people. I didn't do it but I sincerely thank the ones who did. A simple comment from her or even one of her reps would have been huge but she dropped the ball on that too. Thanks for nothing Helen.

  37. This meeting was one hell of a step in the right direction. Very few outbursts of negativity which was impressive for a room full of so many people and the emotions that brought us all there. There were a couple of comments that felt a bit Politically Planted but for the most part some amazingly constructive ideas from all sides of the table.

    The fact of the matter is, this meeting proves how much residents of Uptown, no matter what the background, are fed up with current situations that are dragging our community into the toilet and the general consensus that we currently have no real leadership in our community, that it has to change, we need leadership.

    Was it just me or was State Senator Heather Stearns the first to claim that Uptown currently "has no leadership." She basically said, right in front of Shiller, that she is not doing her job. That was a pretty powerful statement and one that I believe was caught on tape. Christie Hahn from Uptown Business Partners had a great speech about the negative effect on the local businesses from all the disrespectful elements in uptown. She ALSO ended her speech calling out the fact that we currently have no leadership (followed by much applause).

    I was saddened by the fact that Shiller did her best to be invisible. It just didn't seem right to just sit there, invisible, silent, unresponsive. I mean, this is her ward and yet it took other politicians to get the ball rolling because she refuses to face her public. Is it because she doesn't have any answers or that she just doesn't care. I just dont get it. She is getting paid $100,000+ a year to have her community do her work for her. Shit, we should take her salary and create youth programs with it. I would love to see what she was writing down, for all we know it was names of people who are gonna make her black list. I hope I am wrong, I really do.

    I am looking forward to many more meetings like this one. It concluded with the idea that this was the first of many like it and that there WILL be follow ups on the ideas discussed. Hopefully next time Shiller will be part of the discussion and use all those great comments productively.


  38. Can you impeach an alderman? Just a thought. 2011 is along time from now. She has no desire for change.

  39. I sincerely doubt meetings of this scope and size were being held in Uptown 10, 20 years ago. There's all this talk about the community "going down the toilet." But in reality, Uptown has been gentrifying, albeit more slowly than the South Loop, the Ukranian Village, Wicker Park, and the North Ashland Ave. corridor.

    Uptown was at one time viewed as primarily a ghetto for poor hillbillies from Appalachia, mental patients, the elderly, political refugees, commies, and criminals. Today, upscale-ish urban professionals/pioneers are part of that mix.

    As an outside observer, the concern seems more about not letting progress slip backwards (fear from the current economy also playing a silent role), rather than the loss of longtime security and safety.

  40. -The self righteous woman next to Shiller, making the snide comments, and answering her cellphone obnoxiously throughout the meeting is in this photo/link below.----

    The woman to the left of Shiller is Denise "fuck you" Davis. She is the alderman's chief of staff. Very professional behavior, eh?

    The man to the right of Shiller is George "baseball bat" Atkins, Shiller's campaign manager and now employee. He's the hired muscle behind the counter when you enter the alderman's office.

  41. I couldn't make the meeting, but am very happy to read about the turnout!

    I have to say, I will find our CAPS program and attend, and I may even walk over to Alternatives and see what they're doing... but my experience is that the majority of those "kids" in gangs, who are causing most of the problems, are not leaving their "family". You may save one or two along the way (which is always wonderful), but these "kids" can't or won't leave.

    I hear all this bull about "racist"... "just move"... "you don't want to help the homeless" and then I look for ANY sign of job training for the homeless, programs to offer a hand up vs. a hand out. Any opportunity to actually lift these people, versus allowing them to suffer and claim you're supporting them?

    I've been here 12 years... I'm raising my own son... working full-time... and still trying to be a part of my neighborhood. I'm willing to find some time, to try and help the youth in our district who are seeking it...and participate in CAPS... but I want this woman replaced in 2011...and I don't want her tenure to use our efforts for her reelection campaign.

    Be diligent. Record what you do. Make sure that anyone who "interviews" or talks to you from the media KNOWS you're doing this because your alderman does NOTHING.

  42. ---Um, the sleeveless JESUS PEOPLE guy with the ear ring calling a "hate site" was an interesting moment.-----

    The guy with the ear ring from JESUS PEOPLE was non other than John "GOD HATES GAYS" Trotter.

    I'm just thinking that folks need a score card so they know the cast of characters at these events.

  43. As an outside observer, the concern seems more about not letting progress slip backwards (fear from the current economy also playing a silent role), rather than the loss of longtime security and safety.

    Clearly you were not at the meeting last night. There was a little old lady whose named I don't remember that summed it up best when she said "We gotta patrol those side streets, thats where the hanky panky goes on"

    I think its the hanky panky that we're all concerned about. This was backed up by the man who tried to bring up Wilson Yard, nobody backed him up, and you know that most of that crowd is irate about whats going on with WY, yet they were there and are most concerned about, safety.

  44. I was a member of CAPS 2311 in the mid-nineties. We never could've drawn 400 plus people together for a meeting about crime.

    10 years later, I'm in Rogers Park experiencing what I did in Uptown (on Wilson) in the 90's.

    Congratulations to Senator Steans and Greg Harris. They seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the community and want to take action against the spike in gang violence. Something Helen Shiller and my current Alderman don't want to touch with a 10-foot pole.

  45. One thing that I'm noticing lately is that a hell of a lot of the crime in Uptown is caused by people who don't live in Uptown. I witnessed a property crime this weekend where I overheard the guys talking and they didn't even know what street they were on. I looked at the May "notable arrests" and half the arrestees were from out of the area.

    All the job training programs and working with local youth won't help if criminals are coming into Uptown from other areas of the city.

    I applaud the ideas of giving our residents training and activities. Certainly a wonderful step in creating a strong and healthy community.

    BUT -- the gorilla in the room is -- why do so many people flock to Uptown for their jollies and dirty work? That, I believe, lies squarely at the feet of the "leadership." Obviously the word is out that crime is tolerated here.

    I have to believe that a strong law-and-order alderman would greatly decrease the attractiveness of our community to criminals coming in from other parts of the city.

  46. Like me, I know that many of you were impressed with the Gentleman from Alternatives last night. He made some great points without actually demeaning the people in the community.

    If you're interested, here is their website


    And here's a YouTube video that goes through what they do

    Alternatives Video

  47. Helen wasn't up there because she's no longer a part of the public discourse. She knows she can't hold public meetings anymore and though she has always blamed the residents for that, others are now placing the accountability of the community's animosity with her and her staff's behavior.

    Any other alderman in this situation would have been highly shamed and insulted. It was more than odd that Helen said nothing at the meeting because that has never happened before. This was a first in her political career. Her staff also said nothing. My bets are that they were all instructed to keep their mouths shut and some outside pressure forced Helen to obey.

    Yesterday was an historic moment.

  48. "I completely agree with the man from alternatives. We have to invest in our youth"

    I can tell you right now that for every person here who puts forth a good faith effort to steer an Uptown youth into a life away from gangs -- there will be the parents of these gang-prone kids who let them stay out all night and passivly enforce their association with gang life. Look at Denise "fuck you" Davis - with her distain for every middle class looking person there last night. She is the type of parent that will over-ride any effort to help these kids. The parents of these youths are just like her and they passivly encourage their kids in the gang lifestyle. There are thousands of Denise Davis's out there who receive enormous pleasure when people like Stef are threatened. And they are delighted when the buildings of middleclass condo owners get graffiti tagged etc. They enjoy the mahem their kids are causing the likes of Stef and anyone that looks like her.

  49. I was just beside myself that Shiller would not address the audience. Sitting in the front row like that was just unacceptable behavior from a public official.

    Maybe she would change her tune if the shootings were taking place inside her office, or outside her apartment window?

  50. my impression that Helen was there to listen. Something that many complain she doesn't do.

    overall i thought it was a good meeting, the large crowd represented a fairly accurate cross section of Uptown, showing that everyone is concerned with public safety.

    there were many calls for communication, cooperation and involvement as well as requests for greater police presence.

    the title of this thread is not very accurate. After all, as many
    noted in other threads, Alderman Schiller canceled other events in her schedule in order to attend the meeting.

  51. Will the minutes from the meeting somehow be posted? I was only able to stay for 20 minutes.

  52. Look at Denise "fuck you" Davis - with her distain for every middle class looking person there last night.

    For every Denise Davis, there is a mom in this community who prays every night that son grows up to be a man. A man that she and the entire community can be proud of.

  53. Who was shooting video last night?

  54. my impression that Helen was there to listen. Something that many complain she doesn't do.

    Sitting in a corner and mocking people is not listening. Its being a douche.

  55. perhaps the person with Helen was being snarky (i wasn't on that side of the room) but i don't believe anyone saying that Helen was behaving that way.

  56. If you sit next to your mouthpiece(Denise Davis) and she is the voice of your office, and that mouthpiece spends the evening being snarky, then you, by extension, are being snarky.

    To be clear, when people call for leadership from Helen Shiller, we really mean, Helen Shiller's office. If Denise Davis leads a charge to wipe out drug dealing on Magnolia, Shiller is going to get the credit. If George Atkins leads the effort to clean up the drunks in front of Graeme, Shiller is going to get the credit.

    But if Shiller is going to bring them to a meeting to be disruptive and snarky, then Shiller gets the blame. No way does she get any credit for sitting silently while her minions did her dirty work.

  57. Couple of things:

    1) I personally heard Helen say something disparaging about the first woman who spoke, I don't remember her name but she was the young gal from Uptown Update with the clip board and legal pad. I didn't catch every word but what I did hear was not nice.

    2) We should all be very happy with Helen's presence. She was there, she listened, she took notes. Baby steps here. We must keep in mind that she did cancel a television appearance that would have been much, much, much kinder to her than was last night's meeting. Helen was truly skewered in front of both CPD and our state representatives, both of whom endorsed her. This definately doesn't pose well for her future.

    On a side note, I think we should all write letters of thanks to the woman from Uptown Business Partners who stood up so bravely to defend the businesses of Uptown. She is almost assured of backlash from the alderman's office. She REALLY needs our support and backing for this gallantry.

  58. bradley,

    I was standing right behind them. FOX News was shooting the video last night. Besides the cameraman they had 2-3 other guys there watching and taking some notes.

    I think they left around 7:45 or so which might have been before Chris aka 'yellow shirt' called out Helen for not being up there.

  59. OK Heather. It is time you remove George Atkins fron your list of Friends.
    OK Greg. It is time for you "Dis-endorse" Hellon.
    Pols need to stand up and be counted.
    Greg and Heather said there would be more meetings. Lisa Madigan needs to attend the next one.

  60. Might it be productive to ask FOX/32 when we will see the coverage? Perhaps if several of us ask...

  61. I am no where near a Shiller supporter, but putting her up on that panel would have been a mistake. She would have clouded the issue and the meeting would not have been as productive as it was. I only hope her sitting there idle watching area politicians intervene can light some type of fire under her to get more active. She is a lame duck alderman.

  62. For you shut-ins and little leaguers out there, here's a recap of last nights game.

    Harris - blamed the republicans but assured us all will change when Obama is elected.

    Stearns - blamed the economy. ditto Obama

    Schiller's (people)- blamed us, and the Iraq war and agreed Obama will change Uptown for the good and also help us get more low income housing units.

  63. Like others here, I feel positive about both the turnout and vibe of the meeting. I think if everyone of those who showed up both goes to a CAPS meeting AND brings one person with them that big things can start to happen. I am eager to be a part of the solution, and was inspired to do that last night. Though I know it's not really possible, I feel tempted to leave Helen Schiller behind. Let's not let her ruffle our feathers, and move forward without her and despite her. I feel giving her attention for the childish, unprofessional behaviors of herself and staff isn't productive.

    I am hoping someone here can guide me towards information about security cameras. I think my building's location would provide an excellent view of alley and park "hanky panky" and would like to do some research and present possibilities to my building.

    Can anyone tell me where to start looking?


  64. Senator Steans mentioned the budget shortfalls in Springfield. She said this as the comments increasingly focused on community development and programs that can flourish AFTER the public safety issues are addressed.

    The Senator was firing a warning shot. There won't be funds from Springfield to do what needs to be done.

    That's fine. There's 54 million dollars in the Wilson Yard TIF. That 54 million is going into the hands of people that yield capital flight.

    From your property taxes, into the TIF, into the hands of Holsten Develpoment, Walsh Construction, and the many employees they have that LIVE OUTSIDE of Uptown. From your land, into the government, departing for the suburbs.

    The next public meeting has to be about WIlson Yard and the 54 million dollars presently being parceled out to people that DON'T LIVE in Uptown.

  65. FYI: FOX 32 has the story about the meeting on their website.

  66. Helen was there because she's a control freak, and she was afraid of losing her grip on the 46th ward to Harris and Steans.

    I hope Harris and Steans stick to their word on holding several of these meetings because this puts the pressure on everyone (police, politicians, and everyday people) to make things better.

    In essence Harris and Steans are putting their politicals live out there, for me it's make or break as far as where my votes go next time around. They took a step in the right direction last night.

    It was also nice to hear the applause for Cappleman, I give him credit as he continues to work to improve Uptown. He is becoming a real leader and voice for the community.

  67. Though I know it's not really possible, I feel tempted to leave Helen Schiller behind.

    I'm with you. I've moved on, and for all intents and purposes, I consider James Cappleman as my Alderman. He has been more than happy to address an questions people have about how to help, he's got plenty of good constructive concrete things you can do to help.

    I'm sure if you contact him, he'd be happy to help.

    FYI, I don't have, nor have I asked for, James' permission to make those comments or take that state of mind. This is all on my own, but I encourage you all to do the same.

  68. For those who think Schiller cancelled her CANTV appearance to addend the Town Hall meeting... Really?


    Schiller cancelled her appearance so that she wouldn't be forced into a situation where she might have to publicly talk about issues concerning Uptown. She took the opportunity instead, to give all residents of Uptown the finger.

    Clearly, her one and only public reply during the meeting: "This (safety for all Uptown residents) is not my issue" shows her true colors. If that's not saying "Fuck You" - point blank -to all 450 residents in attendance, police representatives and state government representatives, then I'm at a loss to why she was there at all.


  69. Looks like Fox News confused "Schulter" and "Shiller" as well. I imagine that similarity can be helpful for Ald. Shiller at times.

  70. I am playing catch-up with the comments but here goes. I think 'the woman with the legal pad' is the same person who stood up at City Hall to help the residents at the Labor Ready hearing. She is now a party in the official case against the City. I didn't hear what Helen said about her but since she is someone so willing to stand up against her you can imagine. But we need more people like this woman in Uptown, not less!

    I also didn't hear Helen say "this is not my issue" but to me that is 100% credible because I can personally attest that is how Helen refers to things she is interested in working on. She calls them her "issues." It is amazing that after 20 years she still doesn't get it that she isn't an agitator. She is an an elected official, paid for by the public, to at least dabble in things that aren't her "issues." But I digress...

    It is Jon Trott (not Trotter as in Charlie!:) No other comments are necessary because his reputation always precedes him and then he shows up and confirms most of it.

    As for BillyJoe, I don't know why you keep wanting to bring this back to some trite gentrification point. So, I'll lay out how I feel in the plainest way I can. As a person of modest means, the equity of my home is important to me. It is part of my financial security now and in the future when I won't be able to work. However, if either myself or my husband were killed or disabled as a result of some random act of street violence it would devastate our family emotionally and financially. (I won't even speak about what it would mean to lose one of our children.)

    I've got to say that nearly all of the people in attendance at the meeting put things in that order and feel the same way. It is just common sense, BillyJoe. When you make the comments you do, the underlying sentiment is that crime is both something that is not serious and something that people are not truly concerned about. Maybe your perch in Evanston allows you to be so cavalier about the concerns of this neighborhood but this is a real issue and our local alderman never has and never will have a plan to address it---even though she would truly be an asset if she were willing to get involved productively.

  71. The turnout at the meeting was tremendous. It truly illustrates how concerned residents of Uptown are about the upsurge in crime in our area. I am excited to be apart of this change process.

    While I appreciated everyone's questions and the police force trying to answer questions to the best of their abilities, there were many things we are still left to think about:

    What about the funds for a second blue light camera in trouble spots? (I was in the very back and did not hear an answer to this)

    What else can we do in addition to attending CAPS meetings?

    Why are housing developments who house gang bangers and drug dealers not being held responsible for this? If we truly want to protect the youth in this neighborhood, providing them a safe place to live is imperative!

    Can we do more to enforce the teen curfew? There are many children out in the streets at ALL hours of the night. I see cops riding by all the time and this is never mentioned.

    What is the next step?

    Than you Uptown residents!!!

  72. My email to Rep. Harris and Sen. Steans:
    Thank you for hosting this long overdue town hall meeting. I’m sorry I was not able to stay and make a statement so I’ll jot down a few concerns here in an email.

    I think the heart of the problem lies in the concentration of low income housing within a one square mile area in Uptown (6000 units to be exact). Unfortunately most if not all of the problems stem from some of these buildings. Attention must be directed towards the management of these buildings and they must be required to responsibly oversee their buildings so illegal activity is eliminated and problem tenants are evicted. It is paramount and evident that every effort must be made to improve the situation within these buildings before more low income units are build in Uptown (specifically the Wilson Yard project).

    The concentration of poverty in one small area is more than any community can bear. Uptown does not have the resources to effectively deal with this concentration and I gather from your assessment last night of the state budget we will not be getting help in the very near future. Sadly last night social service providers were begging for volunteers to work with their clients especially the youth. Many in the community do volunteer but the problem lies in the ratio of people needing service and the number of volunteers available. This is not a heartless community it is just a community stretched to its limits. It was also noted that there is a need for greater police patrol/manpower. Throughout the city there is a similar demand and a shrinking budget. Where is the money going to come from to solve these problems? It is obvious that this community does not have the resources to deal with the issues they currently are struggling with. I t is also crystal clear that the state and the city have very little to spare. My final assessment is simple - Uptown cannot handle the additional burden of adding more low income housing and the numerous social demands it brings. If we are going to heal this community and make it safe for everyone the Wilson Yard project must be stopped.

  73. I just watched the Fox report, and they stated, erroneously, that it was Schiller's, not Schulter's, rep on the panel. It wasn't. Ugh.

  74. Hi I am new here. Just moved from Houston Texas because I was accepted to one of the best law schools in the country, which is in Chicago. Sadly I did not know about Uptown. When I was looking for a place I thought it was great here until my first night living here when sadly the college student was shot. And by the way if you want to talk about racism why was there not more coverage. God forbid, but if a young white girl would have been killed it would have been all over the news.

    Anyways on topic, as a law student I was wondering if there was anyway to impeach the Alderman. She clearly does not care. Last night was political suicide. How hard is it to stand up and say "thanks for coming and supporting your community."

    Also, I come from a nice neighborhood in Houston but there were still cameras everywhere. Why are there not cameras in every alley. I can not think of a business in Houston that does not have a camera watching every inch inside and out of the store. Last night there was a quick drug deal in my alley at 11:45 pm. I saw the deal and the car but it happened to quick to call 911. But with a camera I could point out the dealer and buyer to the police. Just wondering why there are not more cameras.

    Also two questions what is the deal with no concealed handguns, seriously. I have tons of stories of crimes being deterred by law abiding citizens carrying a gun. And how do you get involved with CAPS. Sure would like to know.


  75. I emailed Fox News to issue a correction, telling them it was Schulter's Chief not Shiller's, but I suppose the cat is already out of the bag. However, everyone, take a moment and request a correction.

  76. Beautiful, I wasn't there but I think this sent a messge to HS.

    I think someone should organize a petition for her removal even though there is technically no way to do a recall.

    But it would send a message to her and Daley we are feed up in Uptown.

    It shows how inept she is not even speaking the crowd in her own ward.

    Why would you even want to be Alderman if you can't do the job.

  77. How do I figure out what CAPS meeting I should go to...color me dumb today! :)

  78. Chris, thanks so much for speaking out last night. I lived at 1100 Montrose myself frim 2001-2003. During that time the parking garage and building were broken into at least 4-5 times. Cars were vandalized, the lobby was trashed and most of the building's video surveillance equipment was stolen. It got to be more than a little frustrating as no one did anything about it. That said, I see where you're coming from. What I encountered while living there was clearly just a small sampling of the widespread crime that is rampant in Uptown.

  79. A resident of 1100 W Montrose spoke last night and and said the building was just burglarized this week. Some things never change!

  80. I also sent FOX news a comment, correcting their statement that Shiller's chief of staff addressed the community on last night's panel.

    A link to FOX's feedback form is here:

    If many people show that they're paying attention to the coverage, perhaps FOX will continue to shine a light on Uptown's issues.

  81. I haven't posted in a while because of the no-anon posting on UU. But last night is worth coming out of lurker status.

    I thought the meeting was tremendous. Do not underestimate the value of 400+ people standing in front of a broader array of people from the police department and state government complaining about the problems. I know shiller wasn't up on the panel and that was a problem. It shows a real failure of understanding of her role not to be up there. That said, I actually think it was good she wasn't. It helped keep the meeting very civil and it let her imcompetence be on bold display.

    The one thing that was acknowledged by all, even the pro-shiller folks, is that there is no political leadership taking center-point on this issue. I don't know if the few pro-shiller speakers realize they were giving evidence to this too, but it came through loud and clear.

    While I applaud all of the calls for helping the youth with alternatives, I think they are a touch naive. Most of us, quite simply, do not have the time to devote to raising other people's children. I'm not criticizing trying. I think it's a noble thing and will applaud what good comes out of it. But I don't think the answer to shootings is merely to lament about how more money isn't being spent on after school programs. I think we do need tougher police enforcement.

    But the call for people to do more is a fine one. I for one am going to try and get back to CAPS meetings again, even though it's near impossible for me to do with my job. And I agree we need to be more of a presence. But until somebody in this community becomes willing to devote lots of time to being the center-point of leadership on this issue, we are still going to be a fragmented mess. I'm hopeful that our state rep and state senator might step up. And it would be nice if our police commander set up some communication directly with residents. For example why doesn't the 23rd district have a community relations segment to its home page where it puts out news alerts, information on the caps meetings, court advocacy, calls for help and assistance. The only thing that's up there is one link for a subcomittee meetings list, which is great (although out of date), but if you didn't already know the boundaries of the beats you wouldn't be able to tell what meeting you should go to. Why is it that the first I heard about the block club meeting this weekend was on UU. I would think the 23rd police district could do a heck of a lot to bridge the communication gap. And I know they communicate with some in the community quite well. I'm just saying, if Average Joe went to that meeting and decided he wants to do something, even today after that meeting, he'd still find a hard time learning where to begin.

    But I do have one idea I'd like to toss out there. I'm curious the difference that would be made if, on one night, residents hung out in their front yards rather than on their back porches. Besides potentially a chance to get to know neighbors, just think of how different our streets would be with that many eyes on them all at once. I know a one night event wouldn't change the crime, but I think that might be just as valuable as the other styles of positive loitering people do. And if coordinated, police could patrol the beats, talk with residents that night, etc. Thoughts?

  82. The turnout was great, and I felt that the vibe of the meeting, as well as the comments made there, were positive overall. A few quick observations:

    1. I was happy to see that Shiller attended, although she had little choice. To not be at a meeting of this size that was attended by so many other community representatives (police, state politicians, and staff from other uptown wards) would have been political suicide. It would have been nice for her or one of her staff to have participated in the meeting, but you can only expect so much...

    2. What was the deal with "Anton"? He went on a extended rant about how the Uptown community (by that he meant the residents not the alderman, since he addressed the crowd instead of her) needed provide opportunities for people to stay out of trouble. Greg finally shut him down and as soon as Anton left, the small group that was loudly cheering him abruptly left as well. I suspect this may have been an attempt (COURAJ perhaps?) to derail the meeting. It did not work.

    3. Zack from Alternatives was impressive. After the meeting, I got a chance to talk with a little bit (his name is Zachary Korokto, by the way). I told him that even though I have been living here for for over four years, I did not know anything about the events that Alternatives held. I suggested that the next time that the organization holds an event, they may want to contact uptown update to make an announcement (it's how I find out about what is happening around here). He said that he had not heard of UU until that meeting, but that he would consider it.

    By the way, I missed the first half hour due to my commute. was there anything said about the second police camera?

  83. bm25
    I thought it was great here until my first night living here when sadly the college student was shot. And by the way if you want to talk about racism why was there not more coverage. God forbid, but if a young white girl would have been killed it would have been all over the news.

    I just wanted to point out that the college student that was shot was not an innocent bystander. At the last CAPS meeting the case was brought up and people asked if the police had any leads. They told us that the case is in the hands of the FBI. The student had ties back in Ghana. He pretty much was the target of the whole thing. If what I heard is correct, the gang member was the innocent bystander. I just am thankful it wasn't someone who was really innocent.

    I was there last night. I distinctly remember 2 people's speeches. One guy went way over his time limit and said that CAPS meeting and police fail. That arresting people is not the answer. That we need another solution. The solution he provided? Nothing. He gave no ideas, no alternatives. I guess he just didn't have the courage.

    The man from Alternatives was the other speech. He was exactly what the crowd needed to hear. It seemed like the crowd was split. Half of them want all of the crime and fear to go away, the other half wanted a solutions so people have a way out not to commit crimes. The Alternatives man was the only one to bring up a solution to both problems.

    One person asked, "Why would a kid go to college and earn a living if they can have an easier time making money selling drugs?" All of the services to help kids won't do anything if the gang alternative exists. What we need to do is create a neighborhood that drives out the gangs while at the same time, gives the kids the tools they need to succeed in the real world.

    What I would love to see is more services like Alternatives, I am looking into volunteering myself, and changes in the laws in Chicago. Strike down our handgun ban just like Washington D.C.'s law got struck down. The gangs will have a tougher time opening fire in broad daylight if they knew responsible citizens could answer back. The gangs have the guns, we should have the choice to have one too.

    I have one other thing I would like to see happen, but at this point in time it is a pipe dream. Legalize weed. It is a huge cash in take for gangs and it could be legislated and taxed just like alcohol. That tax money could be filtered into services such as Alternatives and the like to help the kids and clean up the streets.

    Sorry that I didn't stand up at the meeting, I always like to take information in and think about it for a bit. Also, sorry for going all Tolstoy.

  84. I couldn't agree with Judy more and I've added her comments to my list of what i gathered from last night's meeting. Thank you State Sen. Heather Steans (pronounced Stains) and State Rep. Greg Harris for caring enough to hold this Town Hall and acknowledging that it IS our elected officials job to confront public safety.

    Things we need to work on:
    1. Concentration of Social Services and Clinics. We need our reps to help us have more communities share the responsibility of caring for the poor, homeless, and drug-addicted. Other communities: please take on your fair share of these services! The other Alderman support Shiller at election time because they know she welcomes ALL social services and they won't have to take it on themselves. Representatives: make it legislatively impossible for 1 community to hold the brunt of social services, public housing, and clinics.

    2. Concentration of poverty: Wilson Yard project must be stopped. It's 100% subsidized housing. Extremely low income, very low income and low income. Elected officials, How can you allow this to happen in our already over-saturated community? Shame on you for not looking into this further. It goes against all guidelines the city of Chicago is now following regarding housing. How did this fall through the cracks? Who's palms were greased to allow this to happen. Even the residents that will move in there deserve better. Holsten has contended he won't even do drug testing. Create legislation that makes it impossible for 1 community to carry the brunt of public housing. And do not grandfather in current projects.

    3. Go to CAPS. It's once a month. You can make it. Bring a list of problem buildings and pass it on to the officers. And make sure you've done your share of calling 911. Without calls, there is no record the need of officers for an area. Look at the UCC list James Cappleman spoke of on how to address crime. Also note "hot spots" and share that information. Beat 1922 needs monthly meetings. Get all beats up to speed with monthly meetings.

    4. Misdemeanor only when a weapon is fired? Is that a joke???? OMG, why and how has legislation missed this? Jeez, what no-brainer.

    5. Take pictures and videos. The trouble-makers will get sick of us. But be careful.

    6. Temporary License Plates. Reps need to look into this and see if it is possible for someone to have temp plates for 2 years. What's the limit? Is this something beat cops can address at all? I know they are overwhelmed, but it would help tremendously.

    7. Did I mention Call 911? Yes i did. prostitution, drugs, public drinking. Take away the REASONS the gangs want this territory. If we make it IMPOSSIBLE for them to have a lucrative territory, we may just dry up their business. They want the territory for a reason: MONEY, money, money. It's a business to them. make it your business to stop it from being more than a "hot spot"..

    8. Cameras on all buildings. Get your private building to purchase cameras. And see if the Reps can get the city to give out vouchers. Also address if each beat can get 2 city cameras. With cameras, witnesses may not be as necessary.

    9. Court Advocate. Find out at your CAPS meetings how to become one. If you work down town maybe make it a priority to go to at least 2 cases a year. If we ALL did this, it would help tremendously.

    10. Youth Programs needed. Alternatives, Inc. is a great place. Go volunteer and get involved. Boys and Girls Club is another great option.

    11. Get to know your neighbors.

    12. Organize nightly walks with your neighbors in conjunction with your CAPS. Organize bike rides as well. Take responsibility for your own community. The cops and the state reps can't do it alone.

    13. Look at getting TRU in Uptown more (Tactical Response Units).

    14. Uptown needs more officers WALKING the beat and BIKING the beat. We are begging you!!

    15. If you spoke last night and you get a visit from ANY kind of city inspector in the next 6 months, contact Heather Steans or Greg Harris. It's a typical response in retaliation.

    Helen: The fact that you didn't utter a word, speaks volumes. Wait, you uttered to Yellow Shirt speaker "this isn't my issue"... I was close by and heard it clearly. How is this NOT your issue? Please step down so someone can come in here and care about the ENTIRE community. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, rich, poor, homeless, owner, renter, business. We all deserve an Alderman that will come to work and care about Uptown.

  85. The guy from alternatives must have spoke after I had to leave around 8. Can anyone post a summary of what he said?

  86. What a great turnout and comments. So, what actionable event comes next?

    Ultimately, that is up to us as a community. We need to band together and begin asking for specifics. We can't rely on anyone else to do this for us. Lets figure this out - and not lose the momentum of last evening.

    Uptown is a large area consisting of several different neighborhoods. Although I live in Sheridan Park, I need to be concerned with what is going on in Buena Park, Clarendon Park, etc. And, vice versa. Meaning, if we all support the issues of each others specific neighborhood - we can accomplish much more as a whole than in parts.

    Is there one, unified Uptown group that we should all consider "the driving force?" Perhaps it is the Uptown Chicago Commission. If so, we should all support and get involved.

    With all the block clubs in Uptown, I'm sure we can get together and share information of what's working and what is not. Maybe at least have quarterly block club social events where we can all share block by block "happenings" in order to support each other. If this is already going on, I apologize - was not aware.

    We have great momentum - for once, lets not let it go to waste. Momentum turns to action - action drives change.

  87. Anton Miglietta is a Comrade of Brendan Shiller. They grew up together and while Brendan moved on to become a professional gambler with an addiction, Anton stayed behind and teaches little comrades in training at Prologue. That was his possee last night.

    Perhaps someday he'll earn that GED he has always dreamed of!

  88. Wilson Ave Watcher has a great point. Legalize weed. I think it should go further to legalize all drugs. My logic behind that is that gangs need money, and their way of making money is by selling drugs. You take away their product and they have no money. I have no idea why politicians do not realize this. Also the government could tax it just like they do cigarettes and alcohol.

    Also if your not going to legalize drugs you can not put drug users in jail. They overpopulate the jails. Violent offenders should be going to jail not people trying to escape reality.

    The war on drugs has failed and is evident in uptown.

    Also this is slightly off topic but do Harris and Stearns really beleive Obama is going to fix this. Was'nt he the senator of Illinois, if he was would'nt he have already fixed it. I am not trying to slam Obama (even though I can not stand him, or McCain) but seriously how is Obama going to fix Uptown with so many other larger problems facing America.

  89. It is incredibly sad that our Alderman will not listen to us, will not speak out, will not show concern for the citizens of uptown. So maybe it is time to work on this community with out her. We need to get out and integrate this community, meet your neighbors, mentor the kids, try to help the teenagers apply for community college, try to find resources for the homeless, get them CTA cards and movie passes to get off of the streets every once in a while, find resources for big brother/big sister organizations for the kids, help them get involved. It really does take a village, and civic duty has not been a traditional value of the "American Dream", and that could be a huge reason why we want someone else to fix things, but no one else can do it, or will do it. If we invest in the youth today, right now, then maybe 20 years from now we have less homeless on our streets, a reduced prison population. Institutionalized racism is a mighty, mighty evil, but it is time for us to realize that we are talking about human beings, it is time to realize that they are not bad people, and try to empathize with what it must be like to come from generations of poverty and neglect, and taking the time to care will really make a difference. I understand calling the police on gun fights, that I will do with vigilance. But working with these kids before they turn into gang members has to matter, and maybe you will be able to reach out to 1 out 5, but that is progress. Calling the police to arrest teenagers for smoking pot only gives them an arrest record which kills any chance they might have had to do or become anything other than a criminal. We were all teenagers once, maybe not in this environment, but we have all engaged in some sort of illegal activity when we were young and dumb. Lets try to remember what things were like for us, and how they must be for these kids, and they are just that, kids. Our Alderman might not give a shit, but we can.

  90. The meeting was great and I left with a very positive outlook.

    Please lets not change this into a presidential debate, nor one over gun control or drug legalization. I have no issue discussing any of these, however I don't believe this to be the appropriate venue.

  91. Well I have lived in uptown for 25 years,and have seen it grow and change,in good ways and disappointing ways. Almost every change that has occured has been the direct result of the hard work of Ald.Helen Shiller.I don't worship the woman,but I do honor results.

  92. A few thoughts.

    I think that organization that unites the neighborhoods is the Uptown Neighborhood Council. It's all in the name.

    If you don't know them, get to know them.

    The alderman is not a b*tch. This language helps nobody and hurts Uptown Update. Keep it civil. Words do matter.

    I didn't vote for the alderman, but she IS my alderman. That's our system of government. How can we better work with our elected representatives? We must rise above petty name calling and capitalize on events that bring us together.

    Elected officials cannot afford to ignore a clear issue in the community. If they want to retain their seat, they will listen.

    Be civil. Be cordial. Be kind. Expect the same in return.

  93. I wasn't going to comment because most of the valid points I have, have already been stated.

    But Stef, I need to respond to part of what you said.
    It is not appropriate for anyone to stand on the street and smoke weed, or for that matter drink alcohol. It is simply illegal.
    Everytime I see it happening, I will call 911 and encourage others to do the same.
    If you think it is ok, and/or harmless... invite them over to the privacy of your home.

  94. So, Murray, a while back you mentioned "a government in exile" I think. Shiller seems willing to publicly abdicate any discussion or responsibility about crime because she feels it is a non-issue. Do you think it is possible for some people to step up and take on that role in communicating and coordinating with the police, other elected officials, disseminating information, lobbying for funds/resources and all of the other things that the alderman could be doing but is not? I suppose the biggest thing many of us took away for the meeting is that there is a leadership vacuum on this topic. People working in an official capacity are in a precarious position in that Shiller's non-involvement creates a power vacuum and that requires them to do a balancing act of alternately stepping on her toes but assuming responsibilities she won't.

    So, my question is this: is it possible to really side-step her and attempt to "self-govern" and be taken as a legitimate public voice under these circumstances?

  95. I've heard alot of comments stating that,there is nothing in the community reaching out to lift the homeless up,obviously these folks haven't gotten t close to this community that they care so much about,I am a case worker for one of the many homeless programs in uptown,we offer job finders,housing,and work closely with dhs to,house and feed as many folks as possible.There is alot to do and pointing fingers is a waste of two perfectly capable hands.

  96. I was at the meeting last night and I thought it went very well. I intend to be at the Sunnyside Mall meeting and the TIF Litigation meeting to put in my 2 cents. I agree that the kids in this neighborhood need more attention, and I applaud the Jesus People for helping in that regard, but I also wonder (and it was never mentioned at the meeting...or elsewhere) what are the PARENTS of these kids doing to help? Why, when there is a call for programs/money/volunteers it's always the taxpayers who are confronted and (I felt this last night) blamed for not doing enough? For not supporting more programs, for not volunteering to help kids? Who does he think pays for the programs we do have? Who pays for kids to go to school, and play soccer in Lincoln Park? Subsidize the low-income housing, food stamps, WIC programs, foster care, methadone clinics, Wilson Yard etc. etc. etc? Maybe he can spend his days with the kids in the neighborhood, but I have to go to work 8:30 to 5 Monday through Friday so I can pay property/state/federal taxes that support the programs that already exist.

    One other thing Mr. Trotter doesn't seem to realize is that building more low income housing in Wilson Yard is working counter to what he is asking us for: more jobs. How is putting more low-income people in housing units going to create the jobs they're saying young people need to keep from joining gangs? That area on Broadway should be used for job-creating businesses to help the young people who ALREADY live in Uptown. They're doing a disservice to the residents from all demographics by bringing in more people from other neighborhoods to populate housing on land that should be reserved for tax-paying, job-creating retail and business use. I think that Mr. Trotter and the residents of Uptown should stop and consider how Ald. Schiller and Mayor Daley are robbing them of tax money for education, programs and jobs instead of making their lives better.

  97. I was at the meet is was nice lot of people. I like what the one girl said about uptown being diverse but we are not united condo and low-come. we don't talk or inform each other about events why is that? they just walk on by with out saying a word.

    You can not stop the shooting and gangs with out the help of your whole community.

  98. Uptown Neighborhood Council? Never heard of it. I thought that the go-to group for concerned citizens of the neighborhood was ONE (Organization of the Northeast). Has it gone defunct?

  99. You can not stop the shooting and gangs with out the help of your whole community.

    Which is precisely why we need people like Helen Shiller (who has deep roots in this community) to step up and lead by example and start healing the divisions. Even though I blame her (and people like Jon Trott) for fanning the flames lo' these many years I'm willing to forget all of that if they would work productively to get some solutions that will work for everyone. It has always gotta come from the grassroots and they know that.

  100. O.N.E. essentially kicked out or silenced the block clubs (which used to be members) about 10 years ago (?) It is ironic that you should mention them because they were the community org who did Ceasefire for Roger's Park but have said zip-zero-zilch on grassroots solutions crime in Uptown.

  101. saskia: My government in exile suggestion can only form if all attempts at working with the alderman have been exhausted. She was there last night. Again, in the crowd, off to the side, with a three person perimeter of staffers.

    Eh, not a great showing, but a showing.

    My alderman has to grant its residents an audience. She has to at least sit down to meet, greet, and talk to the people that live in this ward. That means EVERYONE in the ward. An elected official cannot just ignore a huge group of people on a whim.

    My alderman's actions discourage community outreach. My alderman should be leading the people to connect to each other. My alderman should be on my block with her staff talking to us.

    However, I need to invite her. I need to give her as much advanced notice as possible.

    For every talk my alderman attends it buys her two weeks. That's two weeks of people trying to work WITH her at a cost of two lost weeks working to oust her. If the talks go well, it buys her a few more weeks.

    A "f*ck you" to my face makes me drop everything, max out my cell phone minutes, email everyone, talk to the press, study the factors, and concentrate 100% of free time on the elections in 2011.

    My alderman and her staff need to choose their "f$ck you"s wisely.

  102. Almost every change that has occured has been the direct result of the hard work of Ald.Helen Shiller.

    Could you please site examples? The only thing positive thing I've ever heard is that she stood up for the gay community when it wasn't the normal thing to do. 99% of the Northside of Chicago has moved beyond those petty differences so thats not very much to hang your hat on anymore.

    Is there anything else? Because I'd like to hear it.

  103. Well, she really has been an advocate for affordable housing and the politically marginalized and that is unique for politicians in general. But, Windy City, you know my usual comments so I don't feel the need to go into an extended critique of why her legacy leaves MUCH to be desired. The Cliffnotes version is simply that she is just a classic Chicago-style ward boss with an extra special twist.

  104. I don't know much about ONE, but comparing it to UNC is wrong.

    ONE focuses on a much larger area. It covers Rogers Park, Edgewater, and Uptown.

    UNC is Foster to Irving park and Ashland to LSD.

    The other issue with ONE is that it is competing for capital from sources that are notoriously unpredictable. That source is government. In the long run, few community organizations can sustain their success rates without playing ball with the political structure. That entails the inevitable conjoining of community development dependent upon the political figures that get the funding for you. The elected official needs the boots and the votes. The community organization needs the municipal capital to exist.

    ONE pretends it doesn't receive government funding. That just isn't true.

    The cycle repeats itself until it dies.

    Furthermore, I see ONE is backed by the United Way. The United Way is one of the worst run organizations in the world. It's a financial pitfall. They're lucky if for every dollar they take in, 50 cents of that exits the organization to help serve in their mission.

  105. Well, she really has been an advocate for affordable housing and the politically marginalized and that is unique for politicians in general.

    We'll just call her previous work on affordable housing a mixed blessing and leave it at that.

  106. There are people pissing on the sidewalks, gangs shooting across Wilson, murders in front of the alderman's office, crack being sold and used on our streets ... and it's all because we don't greet each other on the streets?

    There are divisions and finger-pointing because Helen Shiller is a fucking DaVinci at creating those divisions. They have served her and her political career well.

    Keep on thinking all of Uptown's problems lie at the feet of condo owners who don't say hello to CHA residents. Even if that were true, and it's NOT true on my street, that's illogical and shifting the blame.

    I feel so sorry for all the people who depend on Helen's support and look to her for leadership. She won't be in office much longer and you will be alone. She won't care. She will have used you for her purposes and ... like old tissue, she will leave you behind.

  107. @ Jack (#89) - as others have said, Zach gave one of the more compelling speeches of the evening by focusing on some of the base problems/solutions. He talked about how no one likes the "tall guy" (he used some nice hand gestures) on the corner selling drugs and that he is a police issue now... but that this "tall guy" was once a "short guy" who still has hope of not heading down the path of drugs/guns/gangs. And that there are a whole load of "short guys" out there now who will otherwise turn into "tall guys" without early intervention.

    He went on to discuss multiple youth programs that could really use volunteers -- Alternatives, McCormick Big Brothers/Sisters (those are the two I remember, but there were about six he mentioned). He also said he understands that people are really busy with jobs, etc... so these organizations are also happy to take cash from those who want to help (which got a nice chuckle from the audience). I believe he also gave out his phone number for anyone who wanted to know more.

    Bottom line -- it was a speech that straddled the neighborhood polarization between "Police need to lock up the scary bad guys and get them away from my condo" and "We need to help these people who have had really crappy, disadvantaged lives and put up with the garbage while it gets fixed."

    I believe the positive reaction that he got was that he took a both/and tack rather than just an either/or.

    @ BM25 (#92) - "Steve Stone" (#64) was being a little overly dramatic/sarcastic. Obama was never mentioned, nor did anyone blame republicans or the economy... it was, for the most part, a very constructive meeting.



  109. For those wanting to volunteer for Alternatives, ask the agency a couple of questions first to assess how much of a good neighbor they are to the rest of the community:
    1. Do they send a representative to their local CAPS meeting?
    2. Did they make a written stand on Labor Ready and what was it? If they didn't take a stand, ask why because the opposition to Labor Ready was about making children safe.
    3. How do they feel about Uplift teaching graffiti? Do they believe it's wrong or do they believe residents need to be educated about graffiti being a great way for kids to express themselves.

    I've talked with Alternatives and that's why I won't volunteer for them. But don't take my word, ask them yourself.

  110. tamzen: How does a newcomer to Uptown learn about all these accomplishments?

    What is there that the alderman's office does to communicate with the new residents that arrive in Uptown every day?

    How do they learn about where Uptown has been?

    You say all this has happened. Show us.

  111. Keep on thinking all of Uptown's problems lie at the feet of condo owners who don't say hello to CHA residents. Even if that were true, and it's NOT true on my street, that's illogical and shifting the blame

    It does not but if we do not talk how in the world are we going to help each other. First of all I been living in Uptown 20 year I could careless if we talk. What street do you live on I live magnolia all my life how long have you lived on your block. Please do not get me started. You do not know half of the stuff that goes on low income house. Because we do not talk. tamzen I remember everything your talking about preach on.

  112. tamzen,
    Have you ever hard the phrase "Where there's smoke, there's fire"? Well, many of us are now seeing fire and it's the Alderman holding the match.

  113. After 9/11, everyone flew the Stars and Stripes. I'd like to see an Uptown flag created that we could fly in the same show our support, concern, and determination to end crime and make Uptown meet its potential.

  114. Shiller has proven to me what a complete failure she is as a leader and Alderman because of her non response last night.
    Any other Alderman would have made sure and made a statement and been involved in the meeting. I think she is like a deer in headlights she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t use her old tricks anymore.
    I don’t care what she did in past it’s what is she doing today? What is she working on for Uptown for tomorrow.


    First off, why are you yelling, is that necessary?

    Second, yes, I would argue that in the Northside of Chicago(where Alderman Shiller has power) the problems that GLBT faced are pretty much over. Nationally, there is a long way to go, but Shiller isn't US senator, so thats not really relavent. And while you may want to play the victim card, none of the GLBT friends I have ever want to, so lets not put those words in their mouths.

    Third, What exactly did the Alderman do to get the needles cleaned up and fill the abonded buildings.

    Fourth, how did she work with the police to fix these problems.

    Finally, if she was so damn successful at it then, why won't she do it now? The current incarnation of Alderman Shiller tells her constiuents to "Fuck Off" and "Move Somewhere Else". Thats the Shiller that I know.


    Well, right now Helen stands in the way of most of the GLBT community is looking for. They want safety and retail and thriving business(as do the rest of the non-Shillerites). She's turned her back them and taken their vote for granted. They(as in the voting block) need to be awakened to the fact that Alderman Shiller stands in the way of progress.

    And finally part II, most importantly and in your yelling tone, WHAT IS SHILLER DOING NOW? Can you point to anything she's doing to make the community better? She's working on some recycling initiatives, but thats about all I see.

  116. I understand that it must be frustrating,I only have my 25 yrs of living here,and what I see everyday when I walk out the door as proof that my neighborhood has changed.I now that information is
    available at the aldermans office,I have visited several times and always been well recieved and met by someone eager to help.It's our responsibility too,to work with our leaders.

  117. All you need to do is walk south, west or north of the 46th ward to see what a failure Shiller is.

  118. Tamzen,

    Congratulations on living in the neighborhood for 25 years. Some of us only have a decade of experience. But where you might have the benefit of knowing how far the neighborhood has come, let's not overstate the case for Shiller in that regard. First, the neighborhood has improved a lot because it was an even worse hell hole. I'm constantly telling people how much the neighborhood has changed in the decade I've been here. And most people keep reminding me (rightly) that it hasn't changed enough.

    Second, even if Shiller should get credit for changes in the past, we can't live on past successes. So I'm happy (if it's true) to applaud whatever she accomplished in the past, but it bears little relevance to the now.

  119. I have only lived here for about four years, but I have heard stories from long time residents of how bad this neighborhood used to be.

    While it may be better here than twenty five years ago, the crime is now worse than it was four years ago (or even two years ago, for that matter). I think this is part of the reason why there are so many concerned residents.

    Things have improved here, and I want to keep that momentum going. The last thing that I want is for things to back slide, which is what has been happening lately.

  120. Here's a link to a study/news article that correlates Section 8 housing vouchers with crime incidents. Draw your own conclusions.

    Original article from Atlantic Magazine Online

    Commentary on article

  121. I've lived in it for 12 years now. Even without Shiller, this neighborhood was bound to change and grow, as Lakeview & Wrigleyville became unaffordable. That wasn't any great task she led. That was economics. The communities to the North (Andersonville), West (North Center/Linc. Sq) and South (the aforementioned) of us have all sorts of new businesses, growing communities, and even with their own crime issues... NONE of these have the rampant filth, crime and dehumanizing living conditions that parts of Uptown have.

    I see Christian busses out there, feeding people... or the Baptist church on Sheridan/Wilson helping people... but those are private groups.

    In my 12 years here, I've seen it get better, only to go back to what it was originally and now get even worse.

    My family is stuck here til the housing market turns, and I've tried in the past and will continue to try and make my "HOME" a safer place.

    But don't blow smoke up my fanny with this "Shiller's responsible for good things"... she didn't bring us up here... other areas around her did.

  122. Hey Uptown_Rising 10:13 PM, find your own nickname! I am the poster who goes by "UptownRising" at the BPN board, and that comment is not mine.

  123. I asked Tac Commander Stasch about the arrests made in the recent narcotics sweep. They had 8 people targeted for arrest. They located 6. They're searching for the other 2. Among the arrested 6, all of them gave either present addresses in the community or previously lived in the community.

    FYI: This narcotics sweep was at 4500 N Magnolia.


    Does that include the staff that likes to reply with a "fuck you" to mothers who are concerned about drugs and garbage on the streets as they walk down them today?

  125. I see the COURAJ and JPUSA type trolls are out in force on this topic.

    Why worry about crime? After all it is better than it was. My suggestion is you tell that to the family of the dead Truman student. Tell that to the folks worried about walking down the street.

    Yea, I remember Uptown back when the buses around here were still electrified. That goes back to around 1970 or so. It is better now. So what? It isn't good enough. This neighborhood belongs to the good people who live here irregardless of their ethnicity or income. It doesn't belong to the gang scum and I do mean scum. It doesn't belong to alderman who refuse to mention the word "crime" because it is not "my issue". It is your issue and the one thing that is good about the Shiller stupidity regarding Wilson Yard and Labor Ready and all the rest is that it makes her defeat all the more likely.

    Uptown belongs to the future. Know Hope!

  126. One question to the posters about how much Shiller has done for Uptown.

    At your job, at review time do you talk about what you did 5 years ago for the company or what you did last year and are going to do for next year?

    Besides she should have been organizing this meeting not sitting in the damn audience. That is what we pay her salary for.

    Also she won't need a big staff is she actally worked the job.

  127. katie concerned you are so funny those cubs fans are something else LOL

  128. Call the cops on pissing drunk Cubs fans for all I care, "katie concerned." It is not like our police resources don't get deployed over there for games anyway. You'll surely get a quick response. The law is the law and appropriate behavior in public should be expected of all citizens.

  129. Consumption of alcohol in public spaces, public urination, disorderly conduct: these actions are no more tolerable in Uptown than they are in Wrigleyville.

    You're not going to find many supporters of this activity whether it's outside Wrigley or Truman.

  130. "I understand that it must be frustrating,I only have my 25 yrs of living here,and what I see everyday when I walk out the door as proof that my neighborhood has changed.I now that information is
    available at the alderman's office,I have visited several times and always been well received and met by someone eager to help.It's our responsibility too,to work with our leaders."

    I really wish I had the same experience as you. I went to the alderman's office, asking to meet with her so that I could share some ideas I had about getting the community together to clean up the litter and broken glass, and to work together on youth initiatives we have been thinking about. I was told to move if I didn't like, that this wasn't my college campus sweetie, and "fuck you" by Denise. That is a very loud and clear message to me that our alderman and her staff don't care about the current conditions of our neighborhood. What they were like in the past frankly scares me, because I know that they are still dirty and unsafe, and that people deserve better. Buena Park gets cleaned up by the city, so does Andersonville. Why is the central part of uptown so neglected? The alderman refused to talk to me last night, and refuses to return my phone call and email. Maybe she did some good things in the past, but her term is not over, she is still alderman, she still has a responsibility to sit down and meet with her constituents. For whatever reason her office will talk to you, and that is great, but there are a lot of people here that they will not talk to, that they call racist becasue the want streets free of litter for everyone. This is totally unacceptable.

    This neighborhood may have changed, but it still has a long way to go, and in no way is our alderman's job even close to being done. As long as this city continues to treat stray dogs better than homeless human beings, as long as people are getting shot on our streets, as long as there are drug deals occurring in front of our children, as long as our yards and parks are strewn with litter and broken glass, as long as there are street lights out, fences falling down, gang graffiti, boarded up buildings, torn up basketball hoops, our alderman should be working her ass off, she should be out in the streets with us picking up the trash and going to the park with our kids, and hanging out on the corners talking to the kids, letting them know about services her office provides for them. But she doesn't do any of these things, she is totally absent, she doesn't care about you or me or anyone here, at least not anymore. She is a completely negligent alderman, I know people here deserve better, 75% of this community knows it, but somehow the small amount of work she has done in the past has somehow lead you to believe is somehow an angel becasue she made these streets barely livable and slightly safe to walk down. That is not even near close to be good enough for any human being who lives here. You can come talk a walk with me into Lincoln Square some time if you want to see a good example of a safe clean mixed income community, and what streets with out litter strewn about them look like. You can come play with me and my baby in Welles park if you want to see what a true neighborhood park looks like, one that has working facilities and is in more than acceptable condition for all of its residents. Yes, there are homeless people there too, sleeping on benches, not publicly drinking and pissing and harassing people walking down the street. Helen might have done a few things in the past but she sure as hell does not care anymore; and no one in any political office anywhere should ever tell a constituent "fuck you". Ever.


    Tamzen - are you saying you have been here from the start? WOW, that makes you 114 years old, as the first residential settlement in Uptown was built in 1894. Oh that's right, you've been here 23 years....

    Not to discount the amount of time you have lived here, but you are not "indeginous" to Uptown (no one is), so cut the crap about knowing better than others what this community needs. We all have a stake in this community - not just the people who have lived here 114 years...

  132. For being a "crazy lady" stef, you sure do speak the truth. Tell it.

  133. Thanks Saskia for your advice. I will definitely hope for a speedy arrival by the Chicago police. I will also be praying to my universal god at the Baha'i temple.

    To all you drunk cub fans, my digital camera is locked and loaded. I can't live this way anymore.

  134. Katie, be sure to send those photos to the Cubs and to whatever blog covers Wrigleyville.

    As the alderman likes to say, "Not our issue."

  135. I'm beyond sorry that I was unable to attend last night! Sounds like quite a meeting!
    Stephanie: I know others have suggested you contact the media with your story, but more specifically-- have you thought about contacting the "Problem Solver/what's your problem" column in the Trib? Just a thought! A little different than John Kass, maybe they might respond. Info below:

    E-mail us your story, providing as many details as possible, to or write to What's Your Problem, Newsroom, Chicago Tribune, 435 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. Please include your name and a way to contact you. We cannot respond to everyone, but we'll get to as many as we can and publish the results on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  136. There are Cubs fans illegally drinking on the sidewalks, urinating in the alleys, laying in the streets drunk. We should do something about the CUBS fans!!!!

    I've been a Cubs season ticket holder and I find that offensive. I have never seen a Cubs fan urinate in an alley(although I'm sure its happened), and I have never seen Cubs fans drinking on the sidewalks. you're just asking to get arrested if you're walking around with an open container. I'm sure some little sorority girls are actually drinking spiked coke, but my wife won't let me talk to them, so I can't say for sure.

    And I have never seen a Cubs fan passed out on the street.

    Here comes something thats going to blow your mind, but the Cubs work together with the 44th Ward Alderman and the entire 44th ward to make sure the impact from Cubs games is as minimal as possible. Its a wonderful example of polticial leaders working with the community to solve problems. Hard to believe that it ever happens, but its true.

  137. The author deleted my comment! I'm being treated just like Stef! How dare you not let my voice be heard!

    I totally here you Annie about the gunshots. I wasn't talking about that. I empathise with you concerning violence.

    I'm just upset about those darn Cub fans.

  138. Ahem...

    The topic here is crime and safety in Uptown and what we as a community can do to make it a safer and healthier neighborhood.

    NOT what Cubs fans are doing in the 44th Ward.

    NOT who's got bragging rights about the number of years you've lived here.

    NOT slinging mud at neighbors who have differing views.

    Let's keep it civil and move on to what we can do together to help Uptown be a better community.

  139. WindyCityEagle: Have you really never seen Cubs fans drinking alcohol on public property?

    I've taken many a bike trip down Sheffield to avoid Broadway as Cubs gams just are ending. There are plenty of people drinking beer all over the place. The last trip I took I saw the sidewalk taken over by a two saw horses, a piece of plywood, and four people playing beer pong.

    There was a party in the courtyard next to the sidewalk, so they may have had permits and whatnot, but there was definitely public consumption of alcohol all over the place.

  140. On my way home tonight, I pull off LSD and onto Montrose. The usual group that hangs in the Dearborn lot had taken refuge under the overpass, and drnking alcohol out in the open. I was getting ready to dial 911 when I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a police car. I thought to myself, okay, no need to call the cops. The light turned green and I proceeded west on Montrose, as did the cop car....How can we as citizens of this neighborhood have any faith in our police, when they simply ignore things? Yeah, drinking in public is a rather harmless offense, but still....if any of you have read the uptown crime blotter lately, it appears that they ignoerd the 911 calls regarding the hit and run(to a vehicle) on Sunday night by an obviously intoxicated driver. If the police ignore us and our concerns, how can we ever expect for some of these issues to be resolved.

  141. Well remember, we're talking about people drinking beer in public, so if they're in their buildings courtyard or on their front lawn, they're allowed to do that. You also can't count the massive throngs of people at Murphey's either.

    So basically that leaves a few people playing Cornhole on the sidewalk.

    The beerpong was a bold step, I've never seen that, maybe things are getting worse. I haven't walked home up Sheffield since I live on Kenmore a couple years ago(I live on Dover now), so things may have gotten worse.

  142. What's wrong with Beerpong? That is a safe family game that has been passed down from generation to generation. I'd much rather see innocent college kids playing Beerpong,than deal with the hanky panky on the side streets.

    Im recording an album in the studio and have titled one of my songs "Uptown Hanky Panky".

  143. j2c: The Chicago Police addressed your concern last night.

    If you see activity, REPORT IT. Even if you see squad cars that seemingly 'ignore' what they see, REPORT IT.

    Many squad cars that you see moving may be en route to a scene. They may be tasked with another responsibility. Never assume the police you see will merely see the same things you do.

    Report everything. Call 911.

  144. J2C: Don't forget that a number of officers are practicing "de-policing" right now because of the turmoil in the Department and with City Hall. I am not saying that is what that officer did (or any of the Uptown officers) but it is at least what some officers who write into secondcitycop are saying about how they are working these days---nothing proactive only responding to calls. In addition, everyone knows that the Alderman has made it widely known that she doesn't want poor people "harassed" so long as she is still Alderman. (Again, I am not saying that our officers do or don't do that...only that is her longstanding stance on it.)

  145. I was looking for a place to belong...I thought Uptown Update would be the place. I guess you guys don't like me because you delete my comments.

    I like the title of your song Uptown girl.

  146. After the meeting last night I felt empowered. All the talk about positive loitering and calling 911 if anything looked suspicious. I decided to do so.

    For one hour I stood at the corner of Leland and Malden. Near the site of the recent shooting. Positive loitering all by myself.

    While standing there - a fight broke out at the corner between a group of girls and a gangbanger looking type. I was propositioned twice by prostitutes the were clearly coming and going out of the Miriam Apartment SRO.

    I called 911 - after about 15 minutes, a police car rolled through the intersection while barely slowing down and kept going.

    Once again, I feel like giving up. What's the point? After a while - you get beat down by nothing ever happening when calling 911.

  147. Katie,

    Alderman Shiller's office is open until 7:00 during night cub's games, I suggest you go talk to her, and then you can complain about being treated like me. Meanwhile, this is the uptown update, not the wrigleyville complaint center. I don't mean that to be disrespectful, but this is not the right place to talk about a bunch of drunken frat boys who linger around after a baseball game, uptown residents could be so lucky. Why don't you come hang around Wilson and Broadway a while if you want to see what happens all day, every day in our lives. If your posts are getting deleted, well, in all honesty, it is because they are way out of place one this forum. Cubs fans are not packing, they will not shoot you, they will not rob you. They will play corn hole, drink shitty bear and probably say lewd things to any female passing by...hardly a crime by our standards. I am sure it is a pain in your ass for an hour every once in while, but pales in comparison to the actual real crime that occurs on our streets every day.

  148. Stef!


    My problems are real to me. Are you belittling my problems? Do you think they aren't real?

    You aren't the only one with problems in the neighborhood, and I am aloud to speak my mind. You are disrespectful! You are treating me exactly how you feltl you were treated at the Alderman's office.

    I will go in that office and talk to them with respect. Maybe I'll get more respect.

    You don't know me. You don't know my address. I live in Uptown, rIght near you! In case you didn't notice a lot of "Wrigleyville " people live in Uptown now.

    Cubs fans have jumped on my car while I'm driving, blocked my alleys with stupid beer games, and verbally abused me! Are you telling me my pain isn't real? How dare you!

  149. I look forward to reading "Wrigleyville Update".

    Sounds a lot like here.

  150. If I do positive loitering as a african american they would probably try to arrests me for standing on corner think am Drug dealer or one of you would call the police since you have no idea how I look. so no am not going to be "positive loitering" but you can.

  151. north magnolia, stop playing the victim. Many of us aren't buying it anymore. Yes there's prejudice in the world. Yes it's not fair. Yes we all should be addressing it. Yes many of us are addressing it.

    I know many African-Americans who participate in positive loitering and they have not experienced any problems from the police or the community.

    As Cher would say, "Snap out of it!"

  152. Hey All, let's keep it constructive. Forward!

  153. I felt it was a great gathering for reasons that many of you have already shared. But I do need to state that Ald. H. Shiller did answer a question. When asked by Yellow-shirt Chris, standing at a mic directly in front of her, where she was, Helen answered clearly, “I’m right behind you.”

    Our ‘leader’s’ pathetically accurate response was all I really needed to hear her mutter.

    That being said, it’s time for me to move forward and redirect the energy I’ve been wasting on anger and frustration. I need to get active and involved again.

    As a fairly recent transplant from the 49th, I need to get back to my old routine of attending my CAPS meetings regularly. At the very least they provide an opportunity to come together as neighbors. It’s been my experience that CAPS can be very effective but only if residents attend.

    I also need to rearm myself with my camera; snapping anyone and everything that appears suspicious (bigger and brighter the flash the better). Gang members and criminals get really uncomfortable having their pictures taken.

    I’m also committed to stepping up my volunteer work at an Uptown in-patient rehab facility. It’s not really work mind you; the rewards for me are priceless. Volunteering feels good.

    So anyway, these are a few of the things I plan to do. I hope I meet some of you, my new neighbors along the way.

    Just to be very clear though, I do plan to save some of this energy to help fire our alderman in 2011.

  154. Irishpirate.

    I don't think you should call katie a troll, you also called her an idiot. This isn't a hateful site! We need to be uplifting.

    I know pirates are usually rude, but you should break the stereotype.

  155. *Sigh* Well, IrishPirate is right in that you shouldn't feed the trolls. Remember what you mother taught you: "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all (especially to trolls)" And, if you are taking advice on what is hateful from one Jon Trott then...well...I have no nice response to that.

  156. Just wondering am not play game if I was you would know stop playing the victim who said I was you; do not know what I go throught on a daily bases NO. Police look at think something when you not. All because you know some African American friends who "positive loitering" pleases. come over to the mall we can positive loitering together. like a big happy uptown community unity.You should Snap out of it. Like we say on my block "you don't know me".

    I know many African-Americans who participate in positive loitering and they have not experienced any problems from the police or the community.

    Are these "African American" young or old because it does make a difference and where they with

    FYI I go to CAPS every month.

  157. I'm late to the party, but couldn't believe it when it was on news radio 780wbbm this morning. Probably about 40 seconds long during the news period. That's pretty darn big since they are one of the most popular stations in Chicago. Wish I could have attended, but hope to make the next one.

  158. You people have to get out the vote in 2001. Get the young bar-hoppers who live there to register!

  159. I mean 2011 and to clarify, 'young bar-hoppers' are all the 'yuppies' who moved to the city for 'nightlife and action'. They should get registered and vote. They got to realize the city isn't all about bars and partying on the weekends, if they want to live there.

  160. northmagnolia, if you are involved in being a part of the solution, then you will quickly be recognized by your neighbors and the police as one who is interested in making Uptown safer. Had Missy Helen been just a little bit more proactive, she wouldn't be needing to play victim either.

  161. Hey everyone,
    Since we are all interested in solving problems,what better than the Unity Fest and Sun Fest,in clarendon park,this sat.Show your face,meet some neighbors,show your serious.Clarendon Park is on WILSON and CLARENDON.SEE YOU THERE

  162. So, Alderman Shiller says violence in the 46th Ward isn't her "issue". How quickly she forgets .... it was just 1 month before last year's election when she and Mayor Daley were celebrating how crime free Uptown is. This is from CBS 2 on January 27, 2007.

    Uptown Residents Want Alderman Out
    Anti-Crime Rally Protestors Claim Alderman Is Soft On Area Crime
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    by Suzanne Le Mignot

    CHICAGO (CBS) ― An anti-crime rally in Chicago's uptown neighborhood turned political Saturday morning.

    Some were praising area's turnaround, but CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports others claimed it was all for show.

    Protestors say they want Ald. Helen Shiller (46th) out of office.

    Those who live in the ward, gathered outside a CAPS anti-crime rally. They claim Ald. Shiller is "soft on crime, until election time."

    "We have had two murders. A building here had a major drug ring bust this summer and another major drug ring bust in our neighborhood and we've had multiple gang shootings and our alderman has turned her back and been totally silent until now, until election time," said Uptown resident Katharine Boyda.

    In response to her constituents, Ald. Shiller said she's always been proactive when it comes to violence in her community.

    "I find issues that relate to sexual assault, that relate to domestic violence, that relate to gun violence are unacceptable," said Shiller. "We have to address them; we have to ensure that our young people have a future and have the potential to realize their fullest potential."

    Speaking at the CAPS anti-crime rally, Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline said police in the Uptown community have made positive changes.

    "Violent crime was driven down 18 percent last year in the 23rd District and property crime was driven down also, so I'm real proud of the job they've done up here," Cline said.

    Cline said the drop in crime is happening because police and the community are working together.

    Mayor Daley offered his own response to the protest. He says people will say a lot of things in an election year and insists violence prevention programs in Uptown are making a difference.

    Just goes to show that those of us who braved the cold that Saturday to protest were right, Shiller is soft on crime until election time!

  163. Here's a link to my earlier post.

  164. i think we all agree that for things to change we need to work together. Regardless of how one feels about Schiller, it is obvious that in the current situation there is a lot of divisiveness surrounding her. i think we need more input from Harris, Stearns, and other leaders as they provide a moderating effect that helps us to be able to get along and have productive meetings and work toward productive solutions.
    Also, getting to know each other and participating in community events is something we all seem to agree is a good step.

  165. Our alderman should be ashamed of herself. It's time for change in Uptown and removing Shiller from her position will be the first step in the right direction! We need an alderman who CARES for Uptown and wants to make it a cleaner and safer neighborhood! I also completely agree with imnotelmo, we need to have community events to get to know our all of our neighbors.

  166. I just tried to subscribe to the Wilson Yards e-newsletter, but keep getting a failure notice back from my e-mail.

    Is this happening to anyone else?