Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Montrose Rocks!

There are two community events within a couple blocks of each other tonight, Thursday, July 24. We hope you can make one or the other, or both.

Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association has its Dog Park Fundraiser from 6-9pm at the Driftwood, 1021 W. Montrose. THE SPOT stepped up in big way and gave us fifty $10 gift certificates for their place. We will be giving these away to the first 50 people at the Dog Park Fundraiser tomorrow. We also have free goodies bags for the first 75 people who come, compliments of SOGGY PAWS. THE DRIFTWOOD will be donating a free hour of drinking for you and 19 friends. We will have two of those available. THANK YOU DRIFTWOOD. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Beyond that we have raffle prizes from the good folks at THE HOUNDRY, DANNY'S DOG WALKERS, UPTOWN BIKES, OUT-U-GO, SOGGY PAWS, and KATHERINE DUNCAN CHOCOLATIERS. All this for a suggested donation of $15 to help us build a neighborhood Dog Park. Your time and generosity is always greatly appreciated.

And just a couple blocks east:

FORUM (Friends Organizing to Repair Uptown's Mismanagement) will have its inauguaral meeting at Kahawa Coffee House (838 West Montrose) at 7pm. Meet our newest community group at one of our newest locally owned establishments, a Kenyan coffeehouse. The owner will provide free coffee to meeting attendees. Great way to get in on a grassroots opportunity to help change our neighborhood for the better.

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  1. There is also a meeting scheduled at the McCormack Girls and Boys club at 6. Some lady was walking around the neighborhood telling us about it. The topic of the meeting is specifically to address the gang violence and when I called to find out information (e.g. who organized it, what time, etc...), they told me it was to meet with parents and members of the community. I couldn't get an answer as to whether or not HS organized it or if one of her reps would be there. Just putting it out there.