Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lawrence Bridge Is Falling Down, Falling...

But not anymore! Thanks to the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Lawrence Avenue bridge has been given crutches to even further delay the decrepit bridge's replacement. At least Skateboarders are now discouraged from playing on the newly-created median.


  1. I'm a structural engineer and did some design work for that bridge and the Wilson Avenue bridge. I have since switched jobs, but don't fret, this is temporary just for a couple weeks. I talked to my contact with CDOT and the beams have already been fabricated, they are just waiting for the permits, etc. They plan on putting in the beams in within the next couple weeks. Of course, with CDOT that could mean months.

  2. I will take skateboarders setting up ramps on our streets and doing sick tricks for our amusement any day over the gangbangers who feel the need to shoot at one another for amusement.