Wednesday, July 9, 2008

'Kahawa House Coffee Lounge' Now Open On Montrose

"Kahawa House Coffee Lounge" is now open at 838 W. Montrose (where Urban Tea Lounge was formerly located). They feature great coffee, tea and pastries, and best of all, free Wi-Fi. The back section of the lounge has a large seating area and a book exchange. You know the drill folks, if you want retail to flourish, you have to keep your money in your neighborhood as much as possible. Check out Kahawa for a great cup of coffee and check "Uptown Update" on your laptop while you're in there. Call 773-275-3700 for hours and info.


  1. I dropped by yesterday for the grand opening. Chatted with the owner, who's from Kenya, so he knows good coffee! I appreciated the a/c (which is why I only went to Urban Tea Lounge once. It was stifling hot in there!)

    I hope the people around Clarendon and Montrose who've been walking up to Starbucks take full advantage of their new neighborhood shop.

  2. I tried this place as well-the owner was incredibly friendly and the environment was *cool* and relaxing. They have good coffee, reasonable prices, and a pastry selection that was tempting. I will be back often!

  3. Kahawa House is Northside's newest treasure. The owners are friendly and welcoming. The environment is low-key and intimate....prices are very reasonable....A nice place to host one of my Girl's Nights Out!!!! Beats Starbucks!!!

  4. on the must visit list for sure.

    anyone know if they have any ethnic drinks of Kenya or just the typical coffee house fare (not that there is anything wrong with that, just curious)

  5. I was in there earlier tonight with a coffee hound friend. She said it is good stuff.

    I didn't notice the coffee choices because I ordered a juice.

    Very attentive owner and what seems to be his American wife or girlfriend.

    Those of you who drink coffee need to check it out. We need to spend some money in this hood.

  6. This place is awesome! I spoke at length with a real nice lady.

    I also found out that they offer maildrop service. I am stoked about that! I was fed up with missing my packages.

    I definitely found myself a new hangout.

    Get this!! They also have an e-mail list serve being offered to notify us about events like spokenword, storytelling, live music etc.

    Great addition to the community. We need it!! Go support this place.

  7. I can't say enough good things about this place! The owner, AJ, was so friendly and welcoming. The coffee was delicious, although I can't wait to try the Kenyan stuff coming soon. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing (Bob Marley was playing). AND the free wi-fi, book exchange and mail dropoff?! This place is a gem and we need to support it. To imnotelmo, AJ said he was probably going to be offering Kenyan chai soon.

  8. typical coffee house fare, but nicely done.

    my kids found the smoothies especially tasty.

    super, super friendly folks and cool jams made for a relaxing and inviting vibe.

  9. Been there multiple times and have nothing but positive things to say.

    Reasonable prices, extremely friendly owner, great environment. Free wifi too.

    They also have a book exchange and I hear they'll be selling sandwiches soon. (Those that live here know it's not easy to get a nice sub/sandwhich around town).

    This place is exactly what Uptown needs more of. Support this place.

  10. cool cozy place. been here a few times and i like everything abt this place. and they now doing sandwiches with a kenyan twist to them. they are fingerlicking good. if only i could say the names right, lol. try saying this; githeri melt or kuku na narzi sandwich. good luck.
    i have actually been to kenya myself and i love how the owners have tried to create the whole kenyan fusion experience in the shop. people, this place is way better than starbucks. you all outta check it out...

  11. The sandwiches are fantastic, the atmosphere is very cozy and chill. The coffee is very good. The owners are very friendly. It is the perfect coffee shop to hang out in, and a great cafe to eat in.