Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot Ride

An Uptown Update reader informed us of a CTA bus fire on Lake Shore Drive near Montrose on Sunday evening. Here are photos of the CTA bus fire that closed Lake Shore Drive starting at 8:30 Sunday evening. It looked like everyone scrambled out rather quickly before the flames overtook the rear of the bus. We’ll be waiting forward to news reports to hear what caused the fire.


  1. Damn,

    I bet people got off that bus quick.

  2. Here are the details.

    CTA bus catches fire

    The story said that the driver took a while to pull over, even with other drivers signalling him that there was a problem. Scary!

  3. Yeah the story focused on the negative of it taking "a minute" to pull the bus over.

    Seems to me the driver reacted and did the right thing. He didn't panic, he got all the people off the buss, and nobody got hurt.