Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heavy Police Presence On Wilson

A reader informs us that there's a lot of police out on Wilson Avenue this morning, including at the Wilson L stop. We're not sure if this is in response to the concerns raised at the CAPS meeting last night and/or the involvement of Greg Harris and Heather Steans, but it's good to see so soon after the community had its say last night.


  1. I was on a bike ride and noticed a lot more patrol in the area as well.

    Maybe the the meetings last night worked?

    Maybe they are pissed of at the death of one of their brothers on the north side last night?

    Whatever is the case, it sure is good to see.

  2. His name was Officer Richard Francis, 60 years of age, 27 year veteran of the force, 1 to 2 years from retirement.,0,6898894.story

    We lost another one of our finest.

  3. I bet you that when they do the investigation, she is somehow related to Uptown.... I will be curious to follow this story.

    Some cop, doing his job, trying to protect some innocent folks, gets killed, his family is devasted....

    ..and yet Helen and Courass, sorry Couraj, show nothing but contempt for the police....

  4. Was is a Steans/Harris combo push which got more cops on the beat, or was it Weis?

    Groups of 70 to 80 officers currently assigned to administrative duties at police headquarters will hit the streets for a week at a time throughout the summer. They will be deployed to crime hot-spots to beef up police presence


  5. NOW,, if ONLY they could concentrate on the 10-20 people that hang out at the corner of Lawrence and Broadway EVERY FREEKING DAY that smoke pot, drink beer, piss against the buildings, co-op the bus stop and block pedestrian traffic. Now THAT would impress me...

  6. Uptown_superhero, I assume you mean Lawrence and Sheridan? I haven't noticed much of an issue at Lawrence and Broadway. Lawrence and Sheridan, on the other hand, is about like you describe.

  7. thanks Rising...Yes at SHERIDAN AND LAWRENCE... I figure the people there are breaking the following laws EVERY DAY!

    Public intoxication, open container, possession of a controlled substance, public urination, blocking a public way, loitering

    I am truly at a loss as to why this is tolerated? Can someone please tell me what the heck?

  8. When I first moved here 2 years ago, I thought that corner could get no worse....I WAS WRONG!! It is like a street party on the sidewalk every afternoon.

  9. Oh dear.

    I was SO GLAD to see the police WALKING Magnolia between Montrose and Wilson on Monday. I see them cruise by in their cars and think, "I see more walking half a block to the park than you see all day from your car!" So hooray for that.

    I almost wish the police could act like security guards at the hotspots, like Broncho Billy park around 4:30pm. All the sudden people come out of the woodwork, and guys are rolling blunts in plain sight 3 FEET AWAY from where I'm playing with my toddler. Other gangbangers start walking past really slowly, and it's time for us to leave.

    Come on people, it's EVERY DAY! "My kind" (aka LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS) will never stay here and improve the neighborhood if we don't even feel safe taking our kids to the park in the afternoons. I was walking by Magnolia and Sunnyside on Monday when I saw the group of thugs that hang out there throw something at a car driving by. What did I do? I got the hell out of there. I'll take your criticism, I've got a KID. I know the police are nearby, but why can't they just ENFORCE the hotspots?


  10. Amy,

    You do bring up some good points about Broncho Billy. Its been basically taken over by the lesser elements in Uptown. I say its time to start taking back that park. The park is for the kids, not the thugs.

    If we could get a bunch a parents to bring their kids to Broncho Billy on a given day, say between 4:30-6:00, we'd have the strength in numbers to feel safe calling 911 to report the activity that we see.

  11. Amy & Windy,

    Im in. It is a shame my 3 year old can't enjoy the park that is only a block away from where we live.

    I feel for you Amy, but until they clean up Magnolia I would recomend when it is just the two of you walking to Chase park just for the saftey of your child.

    I do think the community should plan a take back Bronco Billy park day and just have a huge play date there.

  12. lawrence & sheridan - what a sight to see. it does seem to be becoming more popular. serioulsy how can ANY cop in this city drive past there and NOT stop??

    as for the park - a community event is a great idea. but there needs to be consistant support from the city. we should stage a play date and it will make a difference, but without continued support, long term change will be a challenge.

    i believe that uptown is on it's way up, but if we don't get some real traction on issues like gangs, drugs and crime - people will start to move out. there is only so much a parent can tolerate when they have options to move elsewhere.

    is my horse too high? i hope not. i can't imagine ANYONE wants to live in an area with high concentrations of drugs, gangs, empty store fronts, lack of interest from elected officials....

  13. I could be wrong, but I believe that time in the afternoon Amy points to is when the police are changing shifts. When I first moved here nearly 12 years ago, I noticed this and was told at CAPS that the gangs and public loiters knew the police schedule and activity would pick up around those times.

    Organizing a regular play group, dog walking time or positive loitering event regularly helps to reduce things.

  14. For the ones that have kids and go to Broncho Billy or Chase park, the best way to do it is on a DAILY basis or as much as possible around the time the thugs hang out. Having only a few "play dates" will not work. Gather as many people as you can who's around 4:30-6pm.

    I don't have kids but I'm willing to be there if you all need some reinforcement.

  15. I would ask ALL residents of Uptown to complain about the folks at the corner of Sheridan and Broadway. Like it or not, that is one of the gateways to all of our homes.... and you are kidding yourself if you do not think it does not affect property values when someone is coming of Lakeshore Drive

    PLEASE bring it up to your CAPS meetings, REGARDLESS of where it is in Uptown.. as it affects us all