Thursday, July 17, 2008

CTA Looking Into Stores On Its Routes

From the Tribune: The Chicago Transit Authority is hoping that some day you will pick up milk and bread or perhaps a six-pack of beer without ever stepping outside an "L" stop.

The CTA wants to investigate having some "L" trains stop inside supermarkets, or perhaps host mini-banks and restaurants on its property, as it seeks to more fully benefit commercially from its far-flung network of rail and bus routes.

"Right off the bat we are going to be looking at the idea of grocery stores right at train stations," said Jeff Ahmadian, deputy general counsel for the CTA.

"People could get off directly inside the grocery store and go shopping without ever going outside," he said.

Ahmadian identified the Red Line's Berwyn, Wilson and North/Clybourn stops as candidates for grocery stores. He said other "L" stops could also host supermarkets.

(Read the rest of the story here.)


  1. I'm sure Aldi and Jewel are thrilled with the news that the Wilson stop made the short list.

    Odds of new L station at Wilson, Sunnyside, or Montrose now 3 to 1.

    I'm getting a TIFfy just thinking about it.

  2. Grocery store, not a bad idea. Selling booze at said grocery, not sure about that one.

    One of the craziest things I ever saw on the El was a homeless guy drinking a six pack during rush hour . All of a sudden he whipped it out right there and started peeing into once of the newly emptied beer cans. The look on the ladies face sitting next to him before she got up and moved was priceless. The entire car was so packed that we all just stood there with blank expressions on our faces. And our friends picked that day to visit Chicago for the first time. Ah the stories they went home with.

  3. This bit of news makes it more likely that we get a new station, I agree. You can exit the L directly into Target. Even assuming all of this, what is going to be done with the existing spaces on Broadway? They are decrepit and I really can't imagine anyone wanting to rent the space for any type of business without some serious investment from CTA to clean them up and 'soundproof' them, as the article says.

  4. I heard a rumor that the CTA Chief, Ron Huberman, lives in the area. Any truth to that so we can ask him his thoughts on the empty, ghettoish storefronts at the Wilson stop?

  5. Huberman does in fact live in Uptown, not far from the Sunnyside Mall.

    At the community meeting re the Truman parking garage, where his cameo appearance was made (many suspect) to distract from the issue at hand, he mentioned there would be community meetings this summer about the Wilson L and that it was, indeed, an eyesore.

    Summer's halfway gone and no meetings. The fact that one part of his statement doesn't seem to be true makes me wonder how sincere he was about the rest of it.

  6. hmmm, what can we do to get his attention on the matter....

  7. Super JJ Peppers under the L-Tracks ... YES

    I bet the new station will have access directly into the Target/Super Target (Super Target has more food options).

    I would love to see a Trader Joes below the tracks except there would need to be some space for parking.

  8. Have you been to the recently rehabbed Southport stop on the Brown Line? They have an f'n wine store (upscale, matching the neighborhood of course) with direct access to the station.

  9. I saw Ron walking down Montrose about a week ago after work... He does in fact live near Sunnyside Mall. I chatted with him for a bit as we were walking, but the conversation was of no real importance. He actually takes the train and busses to and from work sometimes, I would bet he wants a new station at Wilson.

  10. Considering that a lot money and labor is currently being poured into fixing the current Wilson L station, I would not expect a new station anytime soon.

  11. I know for a fact that Huberman takes the Red Line, and uses the Wilson stop almost daily.

    TSOMH, our local Wilson L bookie!

  12. "Considering that a lot money and labor is currently being poured into fixing the current Wilson L station, I would not expect a new station anytime soon."

    This actually increases the likelyhood of the station getting replaced.

    This is Chicago where they tear up a street one summer, lay new pipe on the east side of the street, resurface it, then rip it up again next summer and lay new pipe on the west side of the street and resurface it again.

    Some of these repairs have to be made, but the Wilson L stop still needs handicap accessibility. The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates this now that the City has taken federal funding for the CTA.