Friday, June 20, 2008

Wilson Yard: 20 Years In The Making

We were surprised to learn from a long-time Uptowner that the Holsten/Shiller partnership that's bringing Fabulous Wilson Yard to Uptown goes way, way back. One hand's been washing the other practically since the alderman took office, back in the days before Wrigley Field had lights, and Rick Astley and Belinda Carlisle topped the charts. Check out this Sun-Times article from March 13, 1988:

Uptown hotel is now SRO

With a lot of cooperation, the Norman Hotel has been redeveloped as Uptown's largest single-room occupancy building. The Norman Apartments will include 66 sleeping rooms with mini-kitchens, 77 studios, and 11 one-bedroom apartments. Sleeping rooms with private bath will rent for $240 a month, studios for $285 to $300, and one-bedrooms for $400 a month. (Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Developer Peter Holsten of Oakwood Development; Alderman Helen Shiller (46th); a downtown banker, and a neighborhood investment center all pulled together on the project at 1325 W. Wilson. "I already have a waiting list for these SRO units," Holsten said.

And on November 14, 1991, when the Inspiration Cafe opened at 1319 West Wilson:

During opening ceremonies, landlord Peter Holsten tore up next month's rent check. ... Contributions can be mailed to Shiller 's ward office at 1138 W. Montrose, 60613.

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  1. interesting

    Peter M. & Debra A. Holsten acquired the Norman Hotel 1325 W Wilson AKA 4557 N Beacon PIN 14-17-116-001 on 6/1/87 and tapped out 9/29/98 after an atrocious record of more than a decade of water arrears, mechanics liens, and court judgments. Now he is the City's darling subsidized housing contractor.

    I wonder of the Chicago Public Library's most excellent archive of Chicago newspapers had a hand in this post.