Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Up At Wilson Yard?

We -- and a lot of readers -- have noticed a lot of equipment and drilling and land moving at the Wilson Yard site. So what's up? Is it a $52 million secret?

This is the response a reader got when she tried to find out from the workers what they're doing. (That's the foreman slamming the gate in our reader's face rather than answer questions.)

The most detailed information we're aware of comes from a commenter, who says

I believe they are continuing the environmental remediation. Several weeks ago I talked to Illinois EPA (IEPA) and they told me that in a few weeks the remediation will begin the final phase. This entails removing the urban fill that covers the whole site. They have to strip the whole site of about 7 ft.-10ft of the top layer of soil. Also they will install a barrier/retaining wall around the site's perimeter - I believe so the outer perimeter doesn't cave in. This will take about 2-3 weeks. Then ?????

We'd like to find out the "official story" from Alderman Shiller and Peter Holsten, but -- as usual -- "they're unavailable for comment." (You can, however, find out about pedestrian plans, rain barrels, and Cubs game times on her website.)
Pretty sad, to us, when the people running the project refuse to tell the people who are paying for it (that's you and me, pal) what's going on.


  1. I was driving by on my way to work and asked a worker if he was building shiller's new hood, he said "My forman just dropped me off here to direct traffic, I guess were building some condos or some sort of housing"

    Nice that even the workers don't know what they are building.

    Did a worker dare say the word (Condo)that shall not be spoken in Uptown.

  2. I spoke to someone that I know involved in Target new store development, and they confirmed that Target is locked in and it's a done deal. I don't know why it seems so hard to get confirmation from the alderman, but as far as anyone involved in the project that I spoke to knows, it's all a go.

  3. Any word on that awesome movie theater...eeeer..nevermind.

    Thanks for the Update Seabourne.

    Gives me about a year to sell and get the hell out of dodge.

  4. Uptown Dad: How many times a week do you "threaten" to move out of Uptown?

  5. Y'all should read Ben Joravsky's "The Works" column in this week's Chicago Reader (page 8). It's about Obama trying to rewrite his Chicago political history for national consumption, but the real story is how Chicago "works": In short, y'all should be yelling more about Daley than Shiller regarding your litany of complaints about life in Uptown.

  6. Billy Joe

    Do you ever have anything good to say? Seriously, I hope that 10 dollar an hour job for Helen is worth it.
    Yelling more at Daley? Shiller votes the same way.
    God, please let BillyJoe walk in the dark at Sunnyside and Magnolia. Please God.

  7. Hey uptowndad, keep your comments coming, I'm with ya, all the way...trying to sell now...

    Re: the movie theaters, didn't you hear....those may go in on Lawrence Ave. You know, the "entertainment corridor" (as she likes to call it) that she shares with Ald. Smith. I just get a kick out of that...we all know, if it wasn't for Ald. Smith, we wouldn't have a Borders, Fat Cat, Crew, Demera, Marigold, and the soon to be Wilde Pug....

    What she really should be saying is, "you know, the corridors of which I ride the coat tails of my fellow Aldermen to the North and South of me whenever possible...."

    She needs to fix her own damn Ward...

    F'ing Socialist....

    Can you tell it's Monday....

  8. I'm not selling. The only way I will is if Uptown ever gets to the point where people stop trying to make it better and just accept the status quo.

    I particularly look forward to dancing in the streets the day Shiller leaves office. ;-)

  9. PS:

    Caring neighbor - we're really selling cause we're done with high assessments in a high rise ;) .... I'd like to stay in Buena Park, but Edgewater is looking really good right now as well. At least there are places to walk and have a nice breakfast on a Sunday morning in Edgewater.

    I will say this - when we get feedback on our place that's for sale, the number one negative: the neighborhood, each and every time. Had an offer the first week, but the couple took a walk on a Sunday afternoon and I'm sure hit Broadway and Montrose at its best, the offer fell thru. "We didn't really care for the neighborhood."

    Putting in another housing project is only going to make it harder to sell.

    But then again, I'm just the bad Capitalist.

  10. I am very excited that people in the nieghborhood, the poor folks and middle class folks who care for them (that makes us the majority and thats why we voted Hellen back in) are very excited about Wilson Yard, regardless of what they are building! Target, low income housing, and housing for seniors, I could care less what my condo is going to be worth, people in Uptown generally care about each other....except a small minority........