Friday, June 20, 2008

Crime Blotter from "Inside"

There are some real Einsteins and Eagle Scouts living amongst us. Be careful out there!

‘Gimme your watch’
A 51-year-old was walking June 12 at 5:30 p.m. on the sidewalk on the 900 block of W. Sunnyside when he was approached by a group of five men. One asked “Are you straight?” and then the men started punching and kicking him in the head and body and one yelled “Gimme your watch” before they ran away. The victim was treated and released at Weiss Hospital.

Man, 28, spray paints building, goes into bar for drink
While watching the surveillance camera at 1140 W. Wilson, Nick’s Uptown Bar, observed a man spraying down a building with a can of spray paint. The man then threw the spray bottle into a flower pot at 1136 W. Wilson and went into Nick’s Bar for a drink. Witnesses observed this, called police and the man, 28, of the 4400 block of N. Racine, was arrested. His hands and pants had red paint on them at the time of his arrest.

A 24-year-old from the 1000 block of W. Lawrence was arrested for punching a 31-year-old several times in the face June 10 on the 800 block of W. Waveland. A gang affiliation to the Spanish Cobras street gang was cited. The victim was treated and released at Thorek Hospital. The attacker has a July 28 court date.

Mother punches daughter in face twice
A 50-year-old mother of the 4600 block of N. Sheridan became enraged June 6 at 8:40 a.m. when she learned her daughter, 13, had borrowed $5 from a McDonald’s security guard, 1004 W. Wilson, in order to take the bus home to get to school and retrieve her house keys. She then punched the girl in the face twice with a closed fist. She tried to punch a third time but the girl and her stepfather, 58, exited their vehicle and the woman drove away. A police officer was flagged down at 1050 W. Wilson and the child was taken to Ravenswood School, 4232 N. Paulina. The mother then came to the school where she was arrested for domestic battery and issued a June 16 court date. The mother made an excited utterance to officers saying, “I was just trying to teach her a lesson.”

Driver flashes gun in traffic dispute
A business owner, 38, was driving June 8 on the 4600 block of Broadway when he became involved in a traffic altercation with a man driving a Nissan. The driver, who was in his 20s and had a large Afro haircut, flashed a gun and then drove away when the owner pulled out cell phone and called 911.

Scooters stolen
A blue 2003 Yamaha parked on the street was stolen on the 900 block of Lakeside Place June 9. Also, a 1998 Kawasaki was stolen June 9 also on the 900 block of W. Lakeside Place.

Girlfriend steals $500
A 64-year-old disabled man of the 4500 block of N. Sheridan Road said that on June 4, his occasional girlfriend, 50, who stays with him sometimes, took $500 cash from his drawer as he slept and departed before he woke up the next morning.

Financial dispute leads to choking
An argument about the finances of a grandmother occurred June 9 at 7:53 p.m. on the 900 block of W. Montrose Ave. During the argument, a man, 42, who allegedly took the grandmother’s bankcard and ID, became angered then put his hands around the neck of a woman, 35, and said, “I’m going to choke the sh-t out of you.” The victim called 911 and left an open line. The dispatcher heard a loud man’s voice in the background and sent out emergency responders. The woman suffered an asthma attack during the choking and was treated at Weiss Hospital.

Mechanic attacked at Hotel Chateau
A mechanic, 41, was walking down the hallway of Hotel Chateau, 3838 N. Broadway, June 1 at 3 a.m. when he was stopped by two known offenders who punched him, knocked him down, kicked him and then removed $200 from his pocket. The attackers, of 3838 N. Broadway, 45, and 24, are related.

Gun pulled on taxi driver
A taxi driver, 28, picked up a fare in Evanston June 8 at 2:20 a.m. and drove the man to 4200 N. Broadway. Then, instead of paying, the rider pulled out a gun and told the driver to hand over his money. The driver instead jumped out of the cab and ran away. The rider also ran away then.

Bike robber taped
A man taking a bicycle was videotaped in the act June 9 at 7:21 p.m. at 4950 N. Marine Drive. The camera shows the offender enter the building, walk to the bicycle storage area, look at the bikes, open the door, put on a helmet and drive off on a bike that was not his. The lock to the room was later found damaged.

Motorcycle stolen from street
A 2008 Suzuki motorcycle was stolen June 8 on the 5000 block of Marine Drive.


  1. wow, this poor guy who got beat up was just walking down the street in broad daylight. I used to think we were pretty safe as long as we were all in by dark. Guess not. Think it's time to move.

  2. If there is one thing I have learned living in Chicago, it's that jerk-wads don't give a shit what time a day it is. If there is an opportunity, they take it.

    The other day I was riding my bike in the alley between Racine and Magnolia on my way to a Cubs game. After I crossed Wilson I passed 2 teens dribbling a basketball (probably coming from Bronco Billy) when right as I passed them, the one with the ball yelled "OUCH" as he trew his basketball against my bike. I have no idea if he was trying to knock me off it but he failed to do so. I am a pretty big guy but that doesn't seem to matter since people try to fuck with me often. I have never understood it but I try not to think about it too much.

    Now, there were a number of things that came to mind that I could have done, but I just shook my head (getting used to doing that in Uptown) and kept riding, to excited to be going to a Cubs game on such a beautiful day to scold/fight with a couple of low life good for nothing teens.

    I have a strong feeling they were looking for a fight. I probably pissed'em off more by just riding away.


  3. Grab the basketball and ride off into the sunset. That's my suggestion for next time!

  4. i know the guy who got beat up. he looks a lot older than 51 and the 5 men were teenagers. they broke both his arms... poor guy