Friday, June 20, 2008

40-50% Off At Unique So Chique

Unique So Chique, at Wilson and Magnolia, is having a big sale through the end of June. Customers can get 40-50% off ALL RETAIL (excludes consignment pieces or tea and tea accessories). While you are there, check out their great menu and get a bite to eat.


  1. Check it out. Robert has done a great job turning this place around. My wife loves his tea, and my 3 year old always gets a special little piece of chocolate from Robert.

    Also On Mothers day we were walking home from Starbucks and Robert pulled us inside and treated us to a great breakfast. How cool is that from a local business?

    We will definitely hit up this sale.

    Thanks Robert!

  2. After eating at Alma Pita's the other day, I decided to walk into this place and see what it was all about. The girl working at the time was very friendly to me and we got into a long conversation about coffee. They sell Metropolis Coffee there and I had alway been curious about the brand ever since I noticed that Jay Ryanmade them a poster. She poored me a cup of the Brazil that was recently brewed and we talked for a good 30 min.

    I will be bringing my special lady friend there soon for a meal and some tea; However, I refuse to drink tea with my pinky out. After all, men don't cry and they especially don't drink tea with their pinky out.

    lol Jk :)