Friday, June 27, 2008

CPNA Needs Neighborhood Watch Volunteers

Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association is looking for volunteers to promote safety in their neighborhood:

We are working hard to recruit a diverse group of people from the Clarendon Park neighborhood to commit to walking around the neighborhood in small groups in the evenings (6-9pm) for "positive loitering"-- simply being outside and present to both learn more about all our neighbors and to promote everyone's safety.

Many of us already spend time outside in the evenings, some people need some extra organization to do so. We are developing a schedule that will, hopefully, ask for a committment of one or two times a month at the most.

We need more volunteers! If you are interested in participating in this project, please send your name and email/cell phone contact to:


  1. you are kidding right?? Do we wear t-shirts with targets on our backs too??

    It's a nice thought but why don't the police start walking the beat At least they have weapons to protect themselves.

  2. Seriously, UPSBoy, how do you think the gangs "take over" a neighborhood? They stay outside and make their presence known.

    If you've ever seen programs on how block clubs take back their neighborhoods, there's a lot of neighborhood watch stuff involved.

    The whole idea of positive loitering is for regular folks to do the same thing. Get your ass out in front of your house, water the lawn, pull weeds, talk to neighbors.

    It's one thing to choose to not get involved, but I don't get mocking those who do.

  3. I think it's a great idea. What area will they be walking around? I'm not sure what the borders are for the CPNA, but guess that it might include the area around Clarendon Park??? I live down in Buena Park, but might consider walking around the areas to the North...